Jennifer Camp

Your fingers envelope my palm, crunch of pebble on pavement, –—exhale.

Courtnaye Richard
Managing Motherhood and Ministry

Managing the home-life and the work that we do for the Lord can be managed and managed, well. Read more...

Anchored Voices
Realizing the Boldness of Faith

Karly Grant recognizes that faith requires boldness, but that doesn't mean it always comes easy.

Jolene Underwood
What You Need to Help You Sustain Faith Beyond Mountain Top Experiences

When you see the goodness of God in a moment, and then you descend from the heights into the challenges around you, choose remembrance.

Jolene Underwood
How Spiritual Pliability Transforms Brokenness Into Beauty

Choosing spiritual pliability over resistance means allowing the master to create beauty from our brokenness.

Emily Massey
EMANUEL- Upcoming documentary releases this weekend

Documentary about the tragic shooting at EMANUEL AME Church in Charleston, SC

Jennifer Camp

Where do you go when resentment, its steely grip a vise around your mind, your heart, tells you you are safe here protected here, and love, a brilliant thing, lies covered, discarded on the floor?

Jennifer Camp
desert wandering

She thought she was falling apart into landscape unfamiliar and strange.

Courtnaye Richard
Standing On the Promises of God

No matter where you are today, remember to hold firm to what God's Word says. Read more...

Jolene Underwood
When You Need New Dreams to Breathe Life Into Your Soul

Have you given up long ago? That your dreams could come true and your life be made new? In order to see life ahead, choose to dream instead.

Anchored Voices
Raising Disciples (Free Printable)

Sarah Dohman reminds readers of the beauty of home and the importance of training the next generation in the ways of Jesus.

Jennifer Camp
i don’t know how

I don’t know how to get to you, where you are buried invisible and small. Your voice not a whisper, but the perfect volume oh, despite what the other voices say.

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