Courtnaye Richard
What Are You Working On?

I would love to know. But more importantly, Jesus would like to know. Read on...

Jennifer Camp
the author of fear: who is it going to be?

We got tested for the Corona-19 virus on Friday. Three of the five of us–with the other two going in soon. And now we await results.

Courtnaye Richard
A Lesson on Producing Fruit

Dig in deeper to see how you can produce more godly character in your life and beyond! Read more...

Inside iBelieve
July Scripture Writing Guide (2020)

Scripture writing plans are incredibly simple, yet incredibly effective for helping us read, interpret and absorb the Word of God. Rather than simply letting our eyes pass over a verse and perhaps miss its full meaning, writing Scripture down helps us absorb each word and really think through what the passage before us is saying.

Each day in July you'll have the opportunity to write down a verse. We suggest using a journal where you can add any additional mediations or prayers that the verse brings to mind.

Click here to download the July Scripture Writing Guide!

Noelle Kirchner
Interview on Race with ABC's Linsey Davis

If you're hungry for healing, unity, and practical steps for change, watch this!

Jennifer Camp
measuring a moment: how your relationship with Time affects your life

I rose early on my birthday last week, stepping outside into air cool and quiet. All was still. No breeze rustling the bamboo fronds. No birds bouncing from branches. No squirrels catapulting from the highest tree limbs to the wooden fence and back up to the studio roof.

Courtnaye Richard
The Best is Yet to Come

Are you waiting on God to do something amazing in your life? If so, read on.

Anchored Voices
If Only

Linda L. Kruschke shares a poem about how God met her in the midst of healing from sexual assault.

Anchored Voices
Wrestling with Shoes

Sarah Sanderson was reminded of God's faithfulness by a pile of shoes. She shares about that experience here.

Anchored Voices
The God Who Sees

Kara Williams shares how knowing God sees her helps her walk faithfully through the pandemic.

Jennifer Camp
pick up your pen: don’t miss what your heart is saying

I read older poems I’ve written and try to find myself in them. They feel vaguely foreign, memories of writing faded and far away. It makes me feel strange to read them, making me wonder about the intersection of heart and mind and truth and imagination when we write.

Christina Patterson
Be Still and Know

If we want to rest in stillness and experience the peace of Christ we must understand it is not our job to be in control, but it is our job to know Who is

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