Courtnaye Richard
Handling Your Struggles

Are you dealing with some tough stuff right now? If so, read more...

Christina Patterson
6 Signs God is Telling You to Rest

God knows we can’t function on empty so He sends signs and pop-up notifications to remind us when we need to recharge.

Emily Massey
Prayers for Boldness to Testify...

God is opening up doors for my husband and I to testify of coming out of deception from false teaching...we are asking for prayers.

Anchored Voices
The Missionary's New Song: A Legacy Worth Leaving

Chara Donahue reflects on the life of her great uncle who served as a missionary is South Korea.

Courtnaye Richard
Pressing Through Ministry Responsibilities

Feeling stressed, over-worked, overcommitted? If so, read this week's post.

Christina Patterson
5 Ways to Recognize God's Voice

Turn off all the noise that may be drowning out God’s voice and let him speak to your soul.

Courtnaye Richard
Studying the Letters of the Bible

Ready to dive deeper into the Word of God. Grab some great practical and wise tips on how to do it effectively here in this post.

Anchored Voices
5 Reasons I Read Scripture Daily

Sarah Dohman discusses the transformative power of daily scripture reading.

Christina Patterson
3 Biblical Reminders on the Importance of Rest

Busy is what we do on our own, in the flesh. Being fruitful is a result of leaning on God and abiding in Him.

Courtnaye Richard
Keeping Your Feelings in Check

Do you ever struggle with responding properly under pressure? If so, read this post!

Nylse Esahc
Quit your Whining

Whining wears you and others out

Jennifer Camp
park bench: exposition

Swaying giants conduct orchestra of green, rustle-flutter blue breeze, notes crunching in scratches between limb and limb above . . .

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