Anchored Voices
Listening for Truth

Sarah Moreau longs to hear from God, and she is finding truth to be more powerful than she imagined.

Jennifer Camp
talk that heals: using poetry to have a conversation with your muse

Some writing comes from a place deep within you. And sometimes the words aren’t ones you are looking for. They struggle out upon the page in an undignified mess.

Courtnaye Richard
How to REALLY Go and Make Disciples

Do you ever struggle with making disciples or finding the right way to share the gospel? If so, read more...

Jennifer Camp
poetry as an entryway to prayer: encountering the mysteries of God

He tells me something hard to hear. But necessary. And true. It feels true–so I don’t cry. And I am not scared. He’s sitting there, one leg crossed over the other, eyes seeing me and looking into a place deeper still.

Courtnaye Richard
Finding Rest in This Season

Do you need rest, sister? If so,

Anchored Voices
Truth Illuminates (A Poem)

Linda L. Kruschke praises God for his healing truth in this poem.

Jennifer Camp
Poetry in Sacred Space

I’m not going to lie to you. Some days of writing poetry are not easy. It can look like staring at the blank page, willing it to say something.

Courtnaye Richard
How to Live with No Regrets

Would you like to live a life with no regrets? Would you like to live life to the fullest? If so, read more...

Jennifer Camp
Loop Poetry Project: writing poetry together to hear/heal our hearts

I got a new notebook. It’s orange and floppy, with two orangeish threaded bookmarks embedded in the top of the spine. I write in it most days.

Anchored Voices
Seeking Gratitude: Finding the Way When God Lets Dreams Fail

Jacqi Kambish has seen how God continues to remain good even when dreams fail. Gratitude helps her remember the goodness.

Courtnaye Richard
Waiting on the Lord

Are you waiting on God for something right now? If so, read more...

Jennifer Maggio
What To Do When Your Child's Friend is Struggling

how to help your child's friend in need

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