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Jennifer Camp
in these strange days: the importance of giving voice to your moments and emotions

Week two of shelter in place. A strange existence. All five of us in this bungalow every day except for walks with the dog. Things are both simpler and more complicated. A focusing inward while also looking outward. How are we doing? How are our hearts? How is the world hurting and how do we respond? What do we do? How do we pray?

Courtnaye Richard
Quarantined - How Are You Doing in There?

This week we're in quarantine. Grab some helpful tips in this post...

Anchored Voices
Against the Odds—A Reflection on Gideon and Covid-19

Sarah Clews reflects on how God is a God who can beat the odds in any situation—including the aftermath of COVID-19.

Noelle Kirchner
On-Demand Interview with Sally Lloyd-Jones of the Jesus Storybook Bible

Hear from the New York Times bestselling author of the Jesus Storybook Bible in this captivating interview.

Jennifer Camp
what hope looks like: poetry in a pandemic

Light is shining. I can see it. Covering my skin, entering my heart. I breathe deep. Let air move these lungs. Day five of shelter in place and every one of these days I leave my house and walk. The dog needing to get out is my excuse–but really, I need the walk too. My heart needs solace.

Anchored Voices
Novel Coronavirus: My Thoughts as a Registered Nurse and a Jesus Follower

Sarah Dohman offers both scientific and biblical advice for dealing with the coronavirus.

Noelle Kirchner
A Prayer for the Coronavirus to Pray with Your Family

We don't have to live scared—the power of prayer can help.

Jennifer Camp
there is good here, I can see it: how poetry invites truth

It is a hard time. Fear sweeping hold of hearts. Disease and disaster. Pain and loss. We suffer and we worry. We stumble and lift up our heads, our hands–our hearts weary and hungry for change.

Christina Patterson
Trusting God During the Coronavirus Pandemic

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, we have the power to choose our response. When we choose faith over fear, wisdom over worry, and prayer over panic, we can experience the “peace of God, which surpasses all understanding.”

Anchored Voices
Jesus, the Face of Love

Linda L. Kruschke writes a beautiful poem about the love of Jesus

Jennifer Camp
pushing against the lie of lack–using poetry + beauty + conversations with Jesus

It bubbles up within me, and I recognize the lie–the lie that there is lack everywhere, that there is not enough love all around. It takes a simple look to creation to set me straight: the miracle of huge buzzing bees, the zooming of hummingbirds kissing the plants in the pots just outside the window.

Inside iBelieve
March Scripture Writing Guide (2020)

Scripture writing plans are incredibly simple, yet incredibly effective for helping us read, interpret and absorb the Word of God. Rather than simply letting our eyes pass over a verse and perhaps miss its full meaning, writing Scripture down helps us absorb each word and really think through what the passage before us is saying.

Each day in March you'll have the opportunity to write down a verse. We suggest using a journal where you can add any additional mediations or prayers that the verse brings to mind.

Click here to download the March Scripture Writing Guide!

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