Courtnaye Richard
Suicide: Let's Talk About It

Join me for this thought-provoking post.

Anchored Voices
Fasting to Fill Up

Kayla Anderson discusses how fasting is not a regular practice for her. She also reveals how different biblical accounts have challenged her to make it one.

Jennifer Camp
Our Warring Hearts

You call my name, and I hear you. I am not pressed too hard, I am not overwhelmed and forgotten. You are here now, Jesus. I can see you.

Jennifer Camp
When Self-Contempt and Jesus Collide

“I came back for you.” I hear you say it, your hand at the small of my back, your arms holding me. For years it was my Father’s voice I recognized. Opening my imagination. Cracking open my heart. When I see me with him. When I hear his voice.

Jennifer Camp
Why I Can’t Trust Myself, and Why That Has to Stop

It is time for me to admit I have no answers. To admit that I am not yet free. Confession: I hurt people around me. And I do this by idolizing myself. And success. And being right.

Jennifer Camp
Preparing for Confession

It took about a half hour, but I wonder if I’m not done yet. Searching my heart. Writing down the things never confessed. Preparing to share them with a friend.

Jennifer Camp
Lying is No Way to Impress Anyone

I dreamt last night. And in the dreaming I was lying, manipulating. It was a group setting–people I know from different parts of my life–and we were each asked to share what it means to us to be vulnerable.

Jennifer Maggio
Why Money Management Matters

We are blessed to be a blessing. When we don't have anything, we can't give anything. It takes money to move the Kingdom forward. The "why" is important.

Christina Fox
When You Need A Fresh Reminder

When all we see is sin and darkness around us, we need a fresh reminder of who God is and what he is doing.

#trust #God's Kingdom
Courtnaye Richard
How to Have A Productive Week

Got a lot on your plate that you need to get done? Find out some great tips on how to be more productive in your work week. Read more...

Nylse Esahc
Choosing Faith Over Fear

How to choose faith over fear

#faith #devotional #encouragement
Anchored Voices
Does God Care? Diagnosing Fear and Reclaiming Peace in Life's Scariest Moments

When news comes you never wanted to hear, where do you turn? Kate Franken got a phone call from a doctor that included words no one welcomes, but saw God meet her in the midst of it.

#prayer #healing #health

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