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December Scripture Writing Guide (2020)

Scripture writing plans are incredibly simple, yet incredibly effective for helping us read, interpret and absorb the Word of God. Rather than simply letting our eyes pass over a verse and perhaps miss its full meaning, writing Scripture down helps us absorb each word and really think through what the passage before us is saying.

Each day in December you'll have the opportunity to write down a verse. We suggest using a journal where you can add any additional mediations or prayers that the verse brings to mind.

Click here to download the December Scripture Writing Guide!

Courtnaye Richard
How to Know When God is Speaking to You

Find out how in this week's post.

Courtnaye Richard
10 Ideas for Thanksgiving Day During a Pandemic

Dive into these life-giving ideas this holiday season.

Jennifer Camp
the week of hell: imagining life without God

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Justin gave me warning: Hell week was going to be tough. And I’m not talking about the hell week of college. No, this hell week was going to be different. Hell week for the St. Ignatius exercises is a week of imagining yourself in hell, with all the smells and sounds and textures and torture that come with being completely removed from the presence of God.

Jennifer Camp
to be emptied: a prayer

Here is the blank page, Father, where I need you to come and write on me. Let there be no boundaries here for the love you want to show me–wrapping me up like the girl I am, transcribing the Word of Life on my heart, holding me in your words, the Life of the words that makes me sing.

Emily Massey
The Blessing in Suffering

When a tragic, unexpected death happens, do you shake your fist and proclaim “Not today, Satan! We will make the devil pay!” or do you trust God’s ways are higher than yours and say like our Lord, Jesus, “Not my will, Lord, but Yours be done” and trust that He will use that trial for your good and for His glory?

Jennifer Camp
trauma, the body, and what to “go deeper” might mean

I had heard God tell me to go deeper. I had heard him say this for years. I believed him; at least I believed in the value of the idea. But what I didn’t know is what it meant, not really. And I also didn’t know that the outcome of going deeper is an experience, an inhabitance of a place that has always been within me. A place real. A place tangible. But a place not so easily explained with words.

Nylse Esahc
A Thread of Unity

Thread joins, unifies. Do you?

Lisa Appelo
Self-Care in Grief and Difficulty

Self-care in grief and difficulty is vital to help us process the intense emotions and stress that come in those seasons.

Anchored Voices
Which Tale Should I Tell?

Linda L. Kruschke poetically reflects on how God can turn our tales of trauma into stories of grace.

Anchored Voices
Weariness and Renewal

Sarah Sanderson shares how God revealed the truths of Isaiah 40:28 to her when weariness pressed in.

Anchored Voices
Finding Renewal While Wasting Away

Kara Williams discusses how God meets us with beauty even as our bodies age.

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