Anchored Voices
5 Ways to Cultivate One Another Friendship

Holly Hawes knows that friendship is a gift, but how do we bring a godly focus to friendship? This post offers five ways to make it happen.

Laurie Coombs
Grace Disguised

What if the very thing we thought would destroy us is the thing God intends to use to strengthen us and allow us to live more fully?

Christina Fox
6 Ways the Church Can Help Those Struggling with Depression

Those who struggle with depression need their church community. Here are six specific ways your church can help you or others in your congregation who struggle with depression.

Nylse Esahc
Check Your Vison

Check Your Vision

Jennifer Maggio
8 Ways to Find Healing From Hurt

Finding healing from a trauma or hurt can be difficult, but the Lord can do the miraculous. Here are some practical steps.

Anchored Voices
Peace is Our Home

Kimberley Mulder explores the perfect peace found in the rest of the Heavenly Father.

Christina Fox
The Prayer God Always Answers

Do you pray that you would have eyes to see God's glory?

Courtnaye Richard
When You Feel Like Flipping Out

In reality, sometimes this emotion happens. Let's talk about it in this week's post.

Nylse Esahc
Undeterred by Distractions

Don't let distractions deter you

Inside iBelieve
Don't Let What You Don't Know Hurt You

<p>There is always more than meets the eye. Yet often we fail to realize this. Instead we notice . . . A “look” from another woman. She is angry at me because I didn’t sympathize enough with her problems. The lack of texts from a friend. She doesn’t really think I add that much to our relationship. The expressions on our kids’ faces at dinnertime. They hate all my food and think I am a horrible mother. </p>

Inside iBelieve
July Scripture Writing Guide

Our daily Scripture writing plan to walk you through the month of July.

Christina Fox
Why We Need Face to Face Friendships

Online friendships cannot fill all our needs for community. There are some needs only a face to face, IRL friend can meet.

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