Anchored Voices
How to Thrive in Change and Uncertainty

Rachel Olson explores scripture that helps her to thrive in times of uncertainty.

#fear #Bible meditation
Emily Massey
BEYOND THE SUN: A message of hope

BEYOND THE SUN, is a modern-day tale of hope, faith and courage based on stories from the Bible.

#movies #hope
Courtnaye Richard
Nothing Is Impossible with God

Be encouraged and further enlightened on this very popular verse! Read more!

Nylse Esahc
Motherhood Mentors

Mentors for Mothers

Inside iBelieve
A 22-Day Scripture Writing Guide for Encouragement

It can be hard to take time to study God's word when we are feeling defeated or downcast, but it's in those seasons that time with the Lord is more important than ever.

Anchored Voices
Finding Confident Faith in the Face of Fear

Have you ever been afraid to fail? Today at Anchored Voices Karly Grant explores how she has wrestled with this common fear, and how she faces it when life looks differently than she thought it would.

#faith #failure
Courtnaye Richard
Finding Joy Through Hardship

This can be quite hard to do, but nothing is impossible with God. Read this week's post!

Christina Fox
Our Fully Present God

We are always, at all time and in all places, in the presence of God.

#God's presence
Nylse Esahc
The Purpose of Our Faith

Knowing the value of our Christian Faith

#christian living
Jennifer Maggio
Top Warning Signs that Mr. Right is Mr. Wrong

How can we identify if we are dating Mr. Wrong?

Anchored Voices
Unsatisfied Thirst

When we feel the thirst to fill the ache in our souls, we must remember only one thing can quench such an intense craving—Jesus. Sarah Clews reminds us of where true satisfaction comes from in her latest post.

#Bible #Believing God
Inside iBelieve
Scripture Writing Guide for Healing

Take time each day to spend in prayer and meditation before God with his Word, and ask for his healing hand to be on your life and the lives of your loved ones.

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