Anchored Voices
The Thanksgiving Phone Call that Changed Our Lives

Keri Nikkel longed to be a mother, and a phone call on Thanksgiving delivered news that was an answer to prayer.

Noelle Kirchner
11 Affirmations to Build Your Faith

Arm yourself with scriptural strength for every battle.

Courtnaye Richard
When Others Mistreat You

It's not easy being mistreated. But how do you handle it? Find out how in this post!

Anchored Voices
Free to Live at Peace

Britney Bradley has felt the chaos of the world close in upon her heart, but she knows Jesus has more.

Nylse Esahc
The Incredible Power of Psalm 1 and Why It Matters Today

Let's look at Psalm 1 in detail to discover the incredible power behind this short chapter of the Bible.

Jolene Underwood
Does God Care about the Details?

Does God care about the details down to what I wear or which job I take? Maybe this is the wrong question. Let's explore why.

Anchored Voices
When Conviction Leads to the Less Traveled Path

Rachel Olson knows that convictions sometimes lead us into places others understand, but thankfully we follow the God who knows it all.

Emily Massey
Disney's "The Nutcracker and the Four Realms" Opens Today!

A wonderful kick-off to the holiday season and has themes of courage, love and family throughout it.

Inside iBelieve
November Scripture Writing Guide (2018)

Our daily Scripture writing plan to walk you through the month of November.

Nylse Esahc
High Stakes or Low Stakes

Handling the inevitable pressures of life

Anchored Voices
Finding Home

Karly Grant explores where our ideas about home come from and what it really is.

Courtnaye Richard
Waiting is Not Wasting

Have you been waiting on God for awhile, but feel like you're not getting anywhere? Read more...

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