Nylse Esahc
Quit your Whining

Whining wears you and others out

Courtnaye Richard
Following God's Direction

Need to know what next steps to take in your life? If so, read this week's post.

Anchored Voices
Little Steps to Big Change

Sarah Clews reminds us that we won't get anywhere if we don't start moving, and that when we move we can create beautiful things.

Jennifer Camp
park bench: exposition

Swaying giants conduct orchestra of green, rustle-flutter blue breeze, notes crunching in scratches between limb and limb above . . .

Jennifer Camp

I will play hide-and-seek with you if that’s the game you want to play.

Jennifer Camp

I like that about you the way you pause, your eyes crinkled and bright.

Jennifer Camp

It stretches out, this space between the quiet, layered with chiming bells, clip-clopping horses and cars rumbling over cobblestones.

Jennifer Camp
i stand here

I stand here — the kitchen counter an altar where words come and prayers in opened hand.

Anchored Voices
Gathering like Grandma

Britney Bradley was shown a beautiful example of hospitality by the graciousness of her grandmother. She reflects on how to show Christ through gathering people.

Anchored Voices
The Pruning Work of Perseverence

Perseverance isn't always pleasant, but it can create beautiful things. Kayla Anderson discusses why it is worth it to persevere.

Jennifer Camp

It isn’t long before sunlight trickles in, glass-orbed particles bouncing, percolating like stars in rain.

Jennifer Camp
third floor Airbnb in Belgium

When will it begin, the ability to stay present without wistfulness or striving?

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