Kelly Balarie
The Simple Way to Strength

"He gives strength to the weary , And to him who lacks might He increases power." (Is. 40:29) When I read these verses, do you know what I think?

#hope #grace #love
Kelly Balarie
Do you Need God's Saving Power?

My biggest fear came true, the exact one I couldn't stop mulling over as I lay on my shaking, rattling bed.

#faith #hope #love
Courtnaye Richard
When People Are Cold to You

Discover how to deal with them in the right way...God's way. Grab these helpful biblical and practical nuggets in this week's post.

Kelly Balarie
7 Tips for Powerful Fellowship Time with God

Do you desire more powerful fellowship time with God?

#faith #hope #love
Kelly Balarie
Do you speak under your breath?

Do you ever utter words under your breath?

#faith #hope #love
Emily Massey

Are you getting into the Christmas spirit yet?

#movies #chrismas
Kelly Balarie
When Your Mouth Speaks Stupid

What do you do when you speak what you never meant to say?

#faith #hope #fear
Christina Patterson
Experiencing the Joy of the Lord

The beautiful thing about joy is that it does not come from what we do or what we have.

Emily Massey
From Suffering to Glory

Are you or a loved one experiencing suffering right now? Hold onto hope, for that is not the end of the story!

#hope #loss #suffering
Kelly Balarie
How to Stand Strong in the Face of Attack

Do you ever wonder how to stand strong in the face of attack?

#faith #grace
Kelly Balarie
5 Steps to a Clean Heart

Do you desire to have a clean heart? A pure heart? Here are 5 steps to get there.

#faith #hope #grace
Kelly Balarie
What Voice Speaks In You?

What voice do you hear in your head? Compassion or condemnation?

#faith #love #fear

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