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The Protests Continue—A Call to Pray for Haiti

Chara Donahue left Haiti days before the latest humanitarian crisis broke out in Haiti. In this post she discusses some of the why behind the protests and some suggestions for how to pray.

Anchored Voices
Calming the Chaos with 3 Focused Routines

Karly Grant is hoping for more routine in 2019, and these three practices are helping her find it.

Courtnaye Richard
Deep Cleaning the Heart

Don't miss this life-changing post!

Anchored Voices
God's Plan in My One Word

Sarah Dohman reflects on how she has seen God work in amazing ways over the years.

Emily Massey
JESUS: HIS LIFE- A New TV Series Coming to the History Channel


Anchored Voices
Jesus in the Waiting

Brittney Closner has faced waiting she never anticipated as her husband and she seek to grow their family. These truths have kept her heart afloat.

Anchored Voices
3 Truths I Need When I Doubt Myself

Sarah Clews knows that lies can keep her from living out God's purpose for her life. She explores three truths that help her combat the lies.

Courtnaye Richard
Finding New Christian Friends

We all could use some iron sharpening friendships. Don't miss this week's post!

Nylse Esahc
Forgiving Often

Little Forgivenesses

Noelle Kirchner
Five Powerful Blessings to Speak over Your Child

Bless your child in less than a minute with benefits for a lifetime.

Anchored Voices
5 Areas to Grow in Intentionality

Britney Bradley was asked, "What kind of woman do you want to be?" This made her decide to intentionally grow in five specific areas.

Nylse Esahc
How Does God See You?

How does God See you

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