Kelly Balarie
Behind the Scenes of "Difficult"

Difficult Situations

#faith #fear #doubt
Kelly Balarie
Is God Far?

Why does God feel so far away?

#faith #Contentment #doubt
Kelly Balarie
Do You Cast Stones at Yourself?

Run into his arms today.

#faith #fear
Emily Massey
FREE Printable Thanksgiving Psalms

With Thanksgiving coming up in just a couple days, let us take time to reflect on all God has given us and remember to give Him thanks!

#Thanksgiving #glorifying God #giving thanks
Kelly Balarie
Today, is your day of "Turn-Around"

Do you need to turn around? To turn a new way?

#Forgiveness #joy #peace
Christina Patterson
Create In Me A Clean Heart

The more that we seek God, the more our hearts will align with His will.

Courtnaye Richard
A Heart of Contentment

I know this can be a tough one at times, but amazing things can happen on the other side of it. Read more...

Kelly Balarie
Why you Can't Fix Yourself

Do you always try to improve, fix yourself or get better?

#faith #hope #love
Kelly Balarie
The Simple Way to Strength

"He gives strength to the weary , And to him who lacks might He increases power." (Is. 40:29) When I read these verses, do you know what I think?

#hope #grace #love
Kelly Balarie
Do you Need God's Saving Power?

My biggest fear came true, the exact one I couldn't stop mulling over as I lay on my shaking, rattling bed.

#faith #hope #love
Courtnaye Richard
When People Are Cold to You

Discover how to deal with them in the right way...God's way. Grab these helpful biblical and practical nuggets in this week's post.

Kelly Balarie
7 Tips for Powerful Fellowship Time with God

Do you desire more powerful fellowship time with God?

#faith #hope #love

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