Kelly Balarie
The Trainwreck Called, “My Mouth”

A way of forgiveness.

Nylse Esahc
Lessons in Faith

What Faith Teaches You

#discipleship #Christian Life
Nylse Esahc
About Nylse

About Nylse

Kelly Balarie
When You Give Your Best Away

Keep God close to you!

#hope #Jesus #Contentment
Kelly Balarie
Really, Do Not Worry

Do you feel you cannot keep up?

#blessings #Contentment #truth
Lisa Appelo
When Valentine's Day Hurts

Encouragement when Valentines Day Hurts

#grief #valentines #singleness
Kelly Balarie
When To End a Friendship?

Are you a good friend?

#blessings #Contentment #birth
Christina Patterson
Run With Endurance

Our goal is not to only run fast but to finish strong.

Kelly Balarie
Invite More of Jesus In

Do you feel hurt?

#Contentment #doubt #attack
Janelle Alberts
One Thing God Never Said About Pain (So Christians Shouldn't Either)

In 1939, before Corrie ten Boom hid Jewish neighbors from the Nazis, Prime Minister Chamberlain told Holland that there would be no war. He was asking Corrie to close her eyes to the reality around her. Corrie’s political leader asked her to pretend this was not going to hurt. Corrie’s God, did not. One thing God never says about pain? Pretend it doesn’t hurt.

Courtnaye Richard
When, If, and How to Confront Someone

Would you like to grab some helpful tips on this issue? If so, check out this week's new blog post!

Kelly Balarie
This Person Taught Me a Huge Lesson

Do you feel you need to be recognized?

#Contentment #doubt #birth

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