Good Things Take Time

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Not too long ago, a friend and I visited a brand breathtaking winery in Oregon’s incredible wine country. As soon as we arrived in the tasting room, a nice man at the counter poured us some wine and explained to us a little bit to us about how the winery came to into being.

I wish I remember all the details of what he told us, but the truth is that the first words out of his mouth distracted me.

photo: mikeshelby, Creative Commons

“Ten years ago…” he began. And I couldn’t help but think to myself: Ten years? As in…yearsTen of them?

That is a really really long time!

It made me think about the patience and gumption and diligence and commitment and persistence that it takes to propel us in a single direction—despite resistance, cost, investment, or setbacks. It made me think about how good things, like the really satisfying, mouth-watering, soul-warming Pinot Noir I was enjoying, take time.

It made me think about how sometimes we have to wait a really, really long time to see the “fruit” of our labor.

I don’t know what your dream is but maybe you’ve been waiting a long time for it to come true.

Maybe it feels like forever. Maybe you’re waiting for a relationship to begin or a career to begin or a relationship to change or a career to change. Maybe you’ve been waiting to adopt a child or to finish a degree. Maybe someone you love is sick, and you’ve been praying for him/her to get better.

I don’t know.

What I do know is that most things that matter take time. Most things that are good don’t happen overnight. And most of the time the things that are worth waiting for really will require you to wait, to persist.

Don’t give up. Don’t walk away. If you don’t tend to your vines who will?