finding Purpose | a poem

I can see her - my dear Purpose,

bobbing frantic in blackened waters as I skip rocks

on the shore. I’m afraid

to care so I settle in

to pass time with empty lungs, aimless hands.

After all, here on the sidelines

without her it’s safer and more

safe, really.

But, I still see her – my dear Purpose,

hanging on out there, straining

because she believes there is meaning in it all.

Minutes or days or years wear on but

I don’t count and don’t define because

without knowing, it’s simpler and more

simple, really.

And then

this Lifeline – too powerful to dismiss, too gentle

to dread - speaks Himself into existence beside her where

He was from the beginning.

And Purpose breathes again, breaths that move

me to my knees and startle my heart into belief.

For she has found salvation

and will not drown. Or, I should say, it

has found her and does not let her go.

I can see her – my dear Purpose,

rising up, stronger now

than the waters that afflicted her,

stepping out of the pit with grace that defies

her past disaster and muddied dress.

I can see her – my dear Purpose,

lifting up her arms in victory,

face, once filthy, now sanctified in the light.

She turns to gaze fully at me. And

I recognize her, finally.

She brushes away my skipping

rocks, dusts me off, embraces me –

“You never lost me, Child,” whispers Purpose. “In the presence

of fear and despair, you abandoned me.”

I feel her now - her hands on my shoulders, pushing me

toward the path. Her voice repeating the words

I had failed to remember

when those deep waters loomed before us:

“forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead,

you      press       on

toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3:13-14)


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