Lisa Appelo
Praising God In the Storm

A story of praising God in the storm and of miracles, loss & gratitude.

#gratitude #worship #miracles
Emily Massey
Discovering My (Mis)Identification

On a journey to finding out who I am not it much harder than I thought.

#identity #questions
Courtnaye Richard
Creating a Good Schedule

Ready to make your week more productive? If so, check out this week's blog post.

Kelly Balarie
How Christians Live Grace All Wrong

Do you live grace all wrong? It is easy to go through life dejected, down and demoralized, feeling you are never enough? Learn the source of real progress.

#faith #hope #love
Renee Davis
Saying Goodbye to Our Dream Home

When I told my husband that all I really wanted wasn’t, in fact, a dream home but for him to be less stressed and at home with us more (which means changing careers and most definitely means a much lower paying job), the relief was evident. It was as if I had unloaded a truck from his shoulders. In the sweetest voice ever, my husband thanked me. That big wrinkle in his forehead instantly seemed to fade...

#family #freedom #fresh perspective
Jennifer Camp
this Advent get pulled in by God and fight fear

It can be awkward, fighting fear. The times when your mind is too full and your heart is too aching and–when it is time to speak–tears come instead.

Kelly Balarie
What's Blocking you from Christ?

What is blocking you from life? What is getting you down? Holding you back and keeping you from the fullness of joy. Break through it today.

#faith #hope #grace
Jennifer Maggio
5 Reasons Your Church Should Do Single Moms Ministry

There are many reasons why single moms outreach and ministry is important. Here are a few.

Kelly Balarie
Have You Lost Peace?

Have you lost peace? Do you feel lost, out of place, unsure or a little bit off kilter? Find out how to rest in peace that always endures.

#hope #grace #love
Lisa Appelo
Grief when the Rest of the World is Celebrating

Even in the midst of hard, finding the good and gratitude opens our eyes to the immeasurable, infinite, inescapable love of our God.

Courtnaye Richard
When You Feel Helpless

Have you ever been there before? Read this week's post to discover what to do.

Advent Prayers to Pray with Your Children

Here are three tips for navigating Advent with kids, plus three prayers you can pray during Advent to help your children understand the power of prayer.

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