Anne Dahlhauser
when she saw that he was a fine child

When Moses' mom identified God’s beautiful hand on her son’s life, she was compelled into obedience.

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10 Biblical Truths to Overcome Sinful Anger

As God’s children, we can all make this journey of change together. Here are some things I have learned over the years in my fight against sinful anger. Understanding and applying these truths to your own life will help you overcome sinful anger and see sustained fruit.

Courtnaye Richard
How to Hear, "Well done!"

Find out how to hear these beautiful words one day! It's pretty enlightening! Read it here...

Kelly Balarie
10 Bible Verses for Those Who Closet Emotions

It is okay to hit sad days. God cares. He knows. He understands. Read 10 verses to comfort sad day feelings. Let your heart not be troubled.

#hope #guilt #friends
Katie M. Reid
The Cords of Control

Our fear-filled fists can clench tightly when there are limited answers to hold onto.

#control #surrender #motherhood
Janelle Keith
Why we feel like we can't be fixed

Guilt says we did something, Shame says we are something

Jennifer Kostick
The Ugly "S" Word

How a word the world considers ugly is one of the most beautiful to God...

#spiritual growth #encouragement #submission
Anne Dahlhauser
but the midwives feared God

These nameless women were perfectly situated to receive what God was about to birth.

#humility #purpose #inspiration
Kelly Balarie
If you are saying, "It's Not My Fault"

Ever done wrong? It's easy to say, "It is not my fault." Yet, God gives us one benefit that changes so much when we admit our wrongs.

#guilt #glory #giving
Anne Dahlhauser
31 Days of Purpose: Devotions from the early life of Moses

Join me for 31 days of devotions on Purpose.

#purpose #surrender #seeking God
Jennifer Kostick
The Struggle to Live a Still Life (An October Series)

How to live still in Christ while using your gifts to serve Him through grief, discontent, and all of life's disturbances... .

#spiritual gifts #community, fears, healing, encouragement #talent
Christina Fox
Praying for Eyes that See

The prayer that has blown me away the most is the prayer that I would have eyes that see more of God's glory.

#prayer #spiritual growth

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