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Kelly Balarie
Loving the Annoying Unlocks Joy

Have you ever had one person who drives you nuts? Who annoys? Learn to see past their issues.

#love #peace #love for people
Christina Fox
Accepting all of God's Gifts

If we are in Christ, may we accept all God's gifts with open hands, whether they are wrapped in pretty bows or not.

#trials #suffering #grace
Courtney Stanford
The Back Yard Mission Field

How many times has a neigh-sayer asked, "...but what are you doing in your own backyard?" when I have spoken of a mission trip?? ...but then there was this garden and a dream that God placed in my heart. Today, I am answering that question once and for all.

#outreach #hospitality #community
Anne Dahlhauser
5 Qualities to pursue in intercultural ministry

Here is a short list of characteristics to value, as God leads you to cross cultural barriers (as well as socioeconomic, generational, religious, etc) for His glory.

#culture #missions #Relationships
Kelly Balarie
Following Jesus When you Feel Unsure

Do you ever feel less than? Unsure? Scared? God has some valuable words to speak to you.

#hope #fear #freedom
Laurie Coombs
Twenty-One Days

A glimpse behind the curtain into the heavenlies.

Jennifer Kostick
For When All the Little Things Go Wrong

For when you need to think about perspective, big mistakes, and little mistakes...

#encouragement #mistakes
Anne Dahlhauser
because Loneliness can be a blessing

Yes, there is a blessing of loneliness – not just in the midst of loneliness but because of loneliness.

#God #blessing #Believing God
Wendy van Eyck
How to remember the hard places God meets us in

There is so much I want to forget about the last few years but I never want to forget how faithful my God was through it all.

Courtnaye Richard
Overcoming Fear One THOUGHT at a Time

No matter where you are today, I strongly believe that you can grow from this topic. I'm pretty transparent in this week's post. Don't miss it!

Brooke Cooney
Because They Call Me Mom

Motherhood brings blessings and responsibilities. A more intament look at each of these gifts.

Kelly Balarie
A Quick-Fix When Your Worries Appear Insurmountable

Does worry grip you? Do you fear the unknown? Beat the enemy of worry.

#faith #Worship #fear
Emily Massey
You Are Worth More

I looked for my worth in how men could treat me, and I settled for dirt. Now, I see my worth in Christ's love for me. You should too!

#marriage #dreams #the cross
Bonnie Gray
Life 2.0: When You Want To Start Over but Feel Afraid

Sometimes we want to start over, but we're scared to make the changes. Jesus offers us Life 2.0 and it's not what you might expected.

Jennifer Kostick
Jesus Said There Would Be Days Like This... (And A Giveaway!)

Wanting God and pushing away grief regardless of how we feel...

#giveaway #grief #encouragement


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