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Sarah Martin
Day 9 Above All Else

Not One Excluded

Bonnie Gray
Sparkle Again: When You Want To Find the Spark You Once Had

What do you do when you've lost your spark, but you long to shine? It's time to nurture and recapture your heart with rest.

Brooke Cooney
A Daily Reminder

Importance of Reading God's Word Daily

Kate Motaung
Should Parents have Children of a Different Skin Color?

Should parents have children of a different skin color?

#adoption #parenting choices #diversity
Courtnaye Richard
How to Let Go of Worry

Are you tired of being weighed down with thoughts of the unknown or what could be? If so, then learn how to get free by these biblical and practical tips in this week's post!

Chelsea Cote
There She Is? Thoughts on the Miss America Legacy

I used to look up to Miss America. To say this year's pageant has come a long way since the days of my youth is an understatement.

#empowering women #self worth #beauty
Renee Fisher
Confessions of a Fix-a-Holic

Hi, my name is Renee Fisher and I have a confession to make: I am a fix-a-holic. I struggle with just listening because I like to take action and fix things.

Sarah Martin
Above All Else Day 8: He Loves Us Regardless

Learning to grasp that He is both just AND abounding in love

Cleere Cherry
Skillful Sailor, Take Heart.

Life with Jesus is more about refinement than it is about relaxation. It is more about character than it is about comfort. It is more about the development along the way than it is about the actual destination.

#doubt #broken #decisions
Asheritah Ciuciu
The Whisper of God

When you feel like you can't hear the voice of God, the best thing you can do is to obey what He's already revealed to you.

Sarah Martin
Above All Else: Weekend Declaration

A Walk Through Psalm 145

Sarah Martin
Day 5: How To Be Captivated

A Walk Through Psalm 145

Asheritah Ciuciu
When You Feel Like You're Not Ready

Maybe God isn't calling us to be wildly successful. Maybe He's simply calling us to be obedient where we are and leave the rest to Him.

#dreams #obedience #encouragement
Kate Motaung
Surprised by Motherhood Book Club - Week 1

A summary of the first week of Surprised by Motherhood online book club with Lisa-Jo Baker

#parenting #encouragement #books
Sarah Martin
Above All Else Day 4: Be That Generation

Worship Him in action and not just in theory


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