Janelle Keith
When You Feel Invisible

Cathedrals are built by many invisible workers.

Anne Dahlhauser
when you thought you knew how to do this thing

If God puts our hands to a work, be assured that He won't leave us fumbling or failing at it.

#devotions #encouragement #grace
Jennifer Kostick
Just Be Willing

For when you feel guilt about not doing enough and missing the point of what God is calling you to do...

#empowering women #encouragement #inspiration
Asheritah Ciuciu
How to Find Rest Amid the Holiday Chaos

Rushed by the Holidays? Here's how tof find rest even when there's chaos all around you...

Anne Dahlhauser
May Thanksgiving be our everyday (not just a holiday)

May we be a thankful people, a grateful people, and not just full people.

#gratitude #Thanksgiving #thankfulness
Kelly Balarie
Are you living your Possibilities or God's Impossibilities?

How do you go about living encouraged not discouraged? How do you fire up your faith to endure the test of the furnace of life? Stand firm and stand strong.

#family #fear #encouragement
Asheritah Ciuciu
15 Inspirational Bible Verses to Help You Say Thank You

Looking for the perfect words to say "Thank You"? Here are a few Bible verses to help...

Noelle Kirchner
Today I Choose Thankfulness

Why is choosing thankfulness the secret to contentment?

Kelly Balarie
Overcome Like Jesus: 7 Ways He Proves You Can

How do you overcome like Jesus when your life is mangled? How do you climb like him? Find encouragement in the seven ways he endured - and you can too.

#grief #hardship #grace
April Motl
Thanksgiving: A Safeguard for Your Marriage

How seeing your spouse as a provision from God is a safeguard for your love

#marriage #women #Thanksgiving
Wendy van Eyck
One surprising thing I often forget to do in the good times

I’m learning to give thanks to God even when I’m confused about why and who God heals. I’m learning to thank God when something really cool happens like having a bible with 5 devotionals I wrote get delivered to my doorstep by Zondervan. And I’m stopping and saying thank you for love that never quits when I see flowers opening after days of rain.

#Thankful, blessings, prayer #Thanksgiving #thankfulness
April Motl
The Thanksgiving List

As we count our blessings this Thanksgiving, we count you! Here's a list of Thanksgiving goodies we hope will be a blessing to you


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