Kelly Balarie
5 Lies You Likely Believe (and Don't Realize)

There are lies you believe and may not even realize. They impact your faith, rule your mind and steer your actions. Find out what holds you back.

#Satan #lies #life
Jennifer Camp
The One Question We Get Answered in Community

We meet once a week on Tuesdays, the seven of us. It isn’t always easy, encouraging and loving another person, being support for each other as sisters and friends. We have loved each other and fought with each other; we’ve hurt each other’s feelings and we’ve tried to keep coming together, even when we don’t feel like it.

Inside iBelieve
10 Signals That Say "You Are Not Welcome In This Church"

Here are ten ways churches signal newcomers that they are not wanted.

Jennifer Kostick
Because Sometimes We Want to Clobber Somebody

What we need to do when someone hurts us

#Relationships #encouragement
Emily Massey
Worry and Faith: Releasing It All to God

How many times do we hang onto our situations to feel like we have some control over what is going on?

#faith #feelings #Believing God
Philippa Smyth
The Pause that Refreshes

Learning to pause, to take moments for our soul to breathe

Inside iBelieve
The Most Disturbing Trend Happening in Your Church in 2015

This one disturbing trend has hit churches of nearly every denomination, every size, and every location—probably yours, too. But we can do something about it.

Kelly Balarie
Making the Christian Best of Bad

Do you ever feel like you are running around trying to dodge the arrows of life? Do you feel like you always might be hurt? Let God heal you up.

#hope #fear #trials
April Motl
10 Scriptures to Pray over your children

This month's downloadable freebie

#prayer, children, scripture #parenting
Jennifer Camp
When You Need to Hear Welcome Home

I grab a pen and sheet of wrinkled notebook paper with a red smear on the side where it bled from the water on the counter. “All together now, after being apart. . . a family . . Does God feel disjointed when the church, His children, are divided? Does He sadden when daughters and sons turn away?”

Janelle Keith
When God listens to your prayers

Think about the Lord

Christina Fox
A Prayer for the Homeschool Mom

May Christ be our source, our hope, our guide, and the purpose for everything we do.

#prayer #teaching

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