Kelly Balarie
When You're the Only One Not Giftted

Some days, I don't feel gifted. I feel - far from it. My mind tells me I can't get anywhere, I won't get far and I am bound to fail. You too?

#faith #fear #doubt
Kelly Balarie
How God is Problem-Fixer

Did you know God is helping you in ways far greater than you even know? This truth will stun and encourage you. Gain new hope.

#hope #grace #peace
Jennifer Maggio
The Danger of Isolation

We often isolate, because we feel alone. The loneliness causes more isolation. And the dangers that lie ahead are often overlooked.

Renee Davis
Truth to Remember When the New Year Brings New Fear

So at the risk of being labeled a hypocritical scaredy-cat, I’m going to be bold and fully transparent, confessing to you that this encourager of yours feels fear as I stick a toe in the choppy waters of 2017.

#fear #feelings #Believing God
Emily Massey
Take Me Back

God speaks to us in extremely personal ways to get our attention. Are you too distracted to hear His voice?

#distraction #Christian Life
Jennifer Maggio
Learning to Refocus in the New Year

There is never a better time to embrace a new season than the new year.

Kelly Balarie
1 Sure Strategy to Stay Strong in Christ

Do you feel like you are strong in Christ or is it a struggle to stay close to God? Find new strength, perspective and insight on how to stay with God.

#hope #love #fear
Lisa Appelo
Is Your Bible Study Self-Centered?

How to move from self-centered to God-centered Bible study.

#devotions #Bible Study #Bible, Bible Study, Bible interpretation
Christina Fox
Helplessness in Motherhood

Moms, though we are helpless, in Christ we are never hopeless.

#hope #gospel #motherhood
Courtnaye Richard
It's Okay to Slow Down

Do you ever feel like you're moving too fast, and something inside of you knows you need to slow down? If so, read on...

Kelly Balarie
With Just 3 Words, Cut the Negative Power of Fear

Did you know there is a way to cut the negative power of fear and to replace it with the positive force of peace? Find 3 words that will help you.

#hope #love #fear
Kelly Balarie
When People Let you Down

It is easy to blame others - to say it's their fault and to write off the best parts of you as long gone. What if you could recover what was stolen?

#faith #love #freedom

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