Asheritah Ciuciu
8 Simple Bible Reading Plans for Overwhelmed Moms

Discover the key to becoming consistent in your Bible-reading with these 8 plans

#Bible Study #God's word
Kelly Balarie
Can you Change God's Mind with Prayer?

Can you change God's mind in prayer? How do you really get what you want? Learn 5 effective ways to pray better.

#love for God #prayers #pray
Jennifer Kostick
Because The World Needs You

Why your life is important in the midst of darkness...

#light #darkness #encouragement
Wendy van Eyck
What you need to know if you're having one tough week

I’ve had one of those weeks. It’s been a week when I’m not sure where the to-do list starts or what to tackle next. Seven days of early mornings, long days, and late nights. Deadlines. Meetings. Launches. On top of that the email server crashed. And I got a stomach bug.

Christina Fox
The Wilderness of Grief

There are many important lessons to learn in the wilderness of grief.

#grief #sorrow
Kelly Balarie
Does Facebook Get You Frustrated?

Does Facebook make you frustrated? Does it make you compare, judge or size up others in ways that leave you feeling icky? Find a new way to approach it.

#faith #fear #failure
Courtnaye Richard
Choose to Stand on God's Word

When in doubt, keep the faith and choose to stand on His word. Read more here...

Katie M. Reid
You are a Radiant Bloom

Too often we let the weeds of criticism choke out our joy. Let's turn our ears towards the love that our Master Gardner has for us—His beautiful blossoms of grace.

#grace #love #beauty
Kelly Balarie
7 Biblical Benefits: Why You Must Get Quiet

There are 7 amazing benefits of getting quiet. Find out why you must get quiet and how your life will start to be transformed by this small discipline.

#love #Bible Study #Bible meditation
Jennifer Maggio
Handling Church Hurt

Most of us have been the victim of church hurt. How we handle it matters.

Janelle Keith
When you need a new beginning

Faith brings answers, but enduring faith brings answers with character. - Bill Johnson

Kelly Balarie
Seeing More of God: Beauty, Vision & Stitches

Do you see God in your day? Do you find yourself snapping beauty with your eyes or are you stuck focusing on the mundane of life? Find more.

#love #peace #love for God

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