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April Motl
When God Calls You To Kick Off Your Shoes

What might God want to remove from your walk?

#women #following Christ
Renee Fisher
The Heartbreak of Losing My Bestie

All this time I was too busy guarding my heart with my male friends, while being reckless with my female friends. I never expected I’d be losing my bestie because I got married.

Laurie Coombs
Choose Life

Let's start doing life God's way.

Renee Fisher
When Your Need For Approval Isn't Met

What happens when your need for approval isn't met? Recently, I have been asked this question multiple times by multiple people since I started Dream Coaching.

Kate Motaung
Packing Perspective

Keeping an eternal perspective in light of earthly treasures

#eternity #heaven
Noelle Kirchner
Imprinting Holy Moments onto Busy Schedules

Slow the rush, turn from weariness, and capture God's refreshment in daily living.

#restore #motherhood #scheduling
Christina Fox
Why We Don't Spend Time With God

There are many things we can do in our day but only one thing is necessary.

#prayer #time #worry
Brooke Cooney
Priscilla and Aquila: Following Their Faithful Steps

What can women of today learn from this woman of the past?

Brett Wilson
God Cares About Online Dating

Life changes. Big moves. Career shifts. Family planning. Bill paying. All of these adulthood relays seem so overwhelming. Especially when we are tempted to forego faith and hang onto stress.

Wendy van Eyck
When you need someone to fight for you

The other night my husband and I were praying and I kept using the phrase, “the One who fights for me”. I'm not sure why.

Courtnaye Richard
“Help Lord, I Don’t Want to Be Religious!”

Catch yourself before you fall into this trap. Find out how to avoid this pitfall today. Check out this week's post!

April Motl
Hearing God's Song of Love Over You

In Christ there is freedom to choose what tune will play through your life.

Julianna Morlet
I Gave Up My Husband's Holiness

I was faking forgiveness as best I could. I tried to control situations and circumstances as "preventative" measures for this man of God I'd married. And while I liked to think it was all for him, it was actually because I was terrified of losing my fairytale. My Christian fairytale.

Laurie Coombs
Fail Fast and Forget about It

If God wanted us to be perfect, I think He would have made us perfect.

Christina Fox
Your Voice Is Important

Whatever our voice, loud or quiet, gentle or strong, academic or practical, God will use us to reach the heart's of his children.

#gospel #ministry #comparison


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