Jennifer Maggio
Sex and Singles

Sex and singles - the things they wont' tell you.

Emily Massey

Book Review for Dr. Juli Slattery's 25 QUESTIONS...

#marriage #Christian women #Book Review
Jennifer Kostick
Because Stillness Doesn't Always Feel Still

For when you're hurt in ministry and don't want to go on... You're closer to the still life than you think!

#community, fears, healing, encouragement #pain #ministry
Inside iBelieve
Easy and Inexpensive Centerpiece Ideas for Fall 

Want to decorate for fall but don't want to spend a fortune or don't have a lot of time? Here are some of the best inexpensive and easy fall centerpieces around!

#fall #craft #pumpkins
Courtnaye Richard
How to Give and Take Correction

How well do you handle correction? Have you ever had to correct someone? Check out this week's post!

April Motl
What to do with Anger

Practical Points for Processing Anger

Janelle Keith
This helps to get past your past

Hurt people hurt people

Kelly Balarie
Uncovering the Central Lie Lining Your Life

There is one grain of untruth that runs through the fabric of your life. Do you see it? Know it? Find out so that you can amp up your life in purpose.

#love #love for God #deception
Katie M. Reid
Does Your Clutter Make You Cry?

Our clutter can make us cry as it overwhelmes our homes. Throw away stress and live with less excess.

#Stress #home #materialism
Anne Dahlhauser
behold the baby was crying

When God's purpose is at stake, no rapid or current can harm your humble basket. Life will win

#security #purpose #Resting in the Lord
Jennifer Kostick
Stillness Begins in the Heart

We must deal with what hurts us in order to find stillness

Brooke Cooney
Mountain Grandeur Of Feet and In Faith

Patience and faith along the journey to the summit.

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