Christina Patterson
Developing a Grateful Heart

It's simple really; a grateful heart leads to a happier life. But how can we stay grateful when we wish things were different? Learn 5 simple ways to develop a grateful heart that will change your perspective even if your situation doesn't.

Jennifer Kostick
There is Promise in Pain (Week Seven)

The Righteous One gave us the ability to become righteous.

#Bible Study #grief #pain
Courtnaye Richard
Don't Know What to Do?

Need direction? Need answers? Find out how to get them today. Read more...

Christina Fox
Remembering our Smallness

In our daily lives, it's easy to think that we are bigger than we are, that we rule our own kingdoms. But the truth is, we are small.

#spiritual growth #God's power
Christina Patterson
What Does the Bible Say About Anger?

How to respond to this passionate emotion.

Jennifer Camp

“You think you’re a victim. But you’re not. You’re actually okay. Everything’s okay.” Justin tells me this, in the maddening and awesome way that he does. My heart whispers, “Listen,”even though my first impulse is to wish this all away.

Jennifer Camp

Four eleven-year-old girls running around the house. Hiding and shrieking. Sneaking up on each other and laughing. First half-day of school. Middle school orientation in the books. Tweens going on teens. Not yet wearing make-up. Giggly. Ukulele playing. Hide and seek. Dressing up the dog.

Jennifer Kostick
There is Promise in Pain (Week Six)

He understands our suffering and He is our Comforter.

#Bible Study #pain #promises
Jennifer Maggio
When Fear Suffocates You

Fear immobilizes, subtracts, and suffocates. How we battle fear becomes key to future freedom.

Courtnaye Richard
Starting a Small Group

Have you ever considered starting one? If so, read more!

Christina Patterson
A Woman's Secret Superpower

Emotions don't make a woman weak. They make her strong.

Jolene Underwood
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