Kelly Balarie
What God Gave - Stinks!

Have you ever felt like what God gave - stinks? Have you ever felt angry, disappointed by his answer? What he is teaching will blow you away.

#hope #blessings #inspiration
April Motl
Waiting for God - Part 4

Full of Expectation, Yet Free of Expectations

#prayer #women #faith
Philippa Smyth
Linger Discover

Detours can take us to surprising and lovely discoveries. Whether the detour is as we explore a new city, or even in our Bible readings.

Courtney Stanford
Ancient Words of Hope and Truth

How does our faith and belief in God's word compare to others on a global scale? Do we place our trust in Jesus?

#Bible #Believing God #Christian faith
Kelly Balarie
Accessing All of God

How do you develop a heart of God over a heart of fear. How do you bring God into the innermost places so his power works out? Find out.

#prayer #fear #pride
Anne Dahlhauser
10 ways to love your neighbor

Here are 10 short - but never simple - ways to love well

#challenge #love for God #love for people
Janelle Keith
When you need a victory

Every battle can be victorious

Emily Massey
The Freedom of Forgiveness

As the US celebrates freedom this weekend, let us not forget about the ultimate freedom that Jesus so passionately laid down His life for you to have. Don't let unforgiveness to hold you back from it!

#Forgiveness #freedom #forgiving the unforgivable
Christina Fox
Hope for When Life Changes

Things in our life will continue to change. Some of those changes will feel like a tiny ripple and others will crash into our life and turn it inside out. But we don't have to fear.

#hope #change #God's word
Kelly Balarie
What to Do When Everyone is Better Than You

What do you do when you are drowning in inadequacy? When you feel like feelings are pulling you under. Discover 3 truths to remember when you feel down.

#humility #idolatry #comparison
Noelle Kirchner
In the Event of Miscarriage

Here is a healing liturgy composed of scripture and prayer for those who have been touched by miscarriage.

#grief #loss #miscarriage
Courtnaye Richard
The MOUTH…Think Before You Speak

Do you ever get in trouble with your mouth? Do you ever wish you could take back a statement you made? Read today's post and overcome this!

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