Christina Fox
Habakkuk's Lament (and ours)

Habakkuk's lament reminds me that my faith rests not in what he provides or doesn't provide, not in whether he moves in my life the way I desire or whether he rescues me from hard things. My joy is found in God, who is my salvation and my strength.

#prayer #suffering
Courtnaye Richard
Don't Go It Alone

Whatever you're dealing with right now or this week, be empowered by this week's post! Read more...

Jennifer Maggio
Embracing Gratitude in Every Season

It's much easier to say we are thankful than to actually be. Learn to embrace gratitude in every season.

Kelly Balarie
When You Feel Less Than

What do you do when someone is clearly better than you? How do you handle yourself? How do you cope? Discover what makes you great!

#hope #fear #jealousy
Courtnaye Richard
Recognizing the Season You're In

Where are you in this current season? How are you getting through it? Read more in this week's post...

Christina Fox
Traveling and the Christian Journey

Our life on earth is a journey to the Celestial City, to our home, the place where we belong.

#faith #Christian Life
Christina Patterson
How the Gospel Frees Us From Our Past

One of our greatest struggles is to break free from the pain, guilt, and hurt of our past. But because of the work of Jesus Christ on the cross we have a forgiven past and an even better future.

Jennifer Camp

Coffeeshop counters are filled with felted cupids and red glittered hearts. Men walk the streets of Palo Alto with bunches of flowers pressed into hands.

Kelly Balarie
10 Ways: Be there for Someone Dealing With Hard Times

Are you dealing with hard times? Is someone you know? Learn 10 ways to be there for someone struggling. Draw near in love that encourages them.

#faith #hope #love
Lisa Appelo
There Are No If's with God

We all want more faith. When we cry "Lord I believe. Help my unbelief!" we need to know there are no if's with God.

#faith #faith, encouragement, healing, fears #faith crisis
Jessica Galán
When Wisdom Speaks Through Roses

Slowing down to listen to the voice of God

#fatigue #comfort #God's presence
Courtnaye Richard
How to Overcome Disappointments

Ever felt disappointed? Want to know how to get through them better? Read on...

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