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Laurie Coombs
A Story of Hope

A video of my story illustrating the fact that there is hope on the other side of tragedy.

Bonnie Gray
Why Single-Tasking is Good for Your Soul: Your Daily Good

Be present. Multi-tasking not only lowers your IQ, it keeps you need the most: joy, rest and intimacy with others and God.

Jennifer Camp
Why I Don't Love the Term "Quiet Time"

One thing I want to throw out the window is an expectation of what time with God is supposed to look like. I'd love to start a conversation here about how creativity and imagination and goodness and beauty feels stifled, unreachable, unattainable, when we feel we just aren't any good at being quiet with God.

April Motl
Finding Good Counsel

Litmus test verse to know if the counsel you're getting is solid

Kate Motaung
The Hardest Peace

A post dedicated to Kara Tippetts, author of The Hardest Peace

#death #cancer #peace
Christina Fox
Ghost Lines on the Portrait of Our Lives

How do we look at the beauty of our portraits as they unfold without being distracted by the ghost lines?

#suffering #Gospel Grace #Christian Life
Brett Wilson
Am I Single Because I'm Fat?

We're not defined by who we are, but by who God says we are.

#body image #dating
Jennifer Maggio
Blessed to be a Blessing

Receive blessings not so they stop with you, but so that God can work through you to bless others.

Brooke Cooney
Getting Ready as in the Days of Noah

How Noah's Day and the Return of Jesus Converge

Laurie Coombs
The "Parable" of the Lost Keys

God often uses story to illustrate His truths to us, which was the case in my life recently through some lost keys.

Noelle Kirchner
What I Learned from a Staircase

Following through on God's call has its rewards. Find out how I learned that lesson - on a staircase.

#blessing #callings
Courtnaye Richard
When Forgiving Others is Hard…Learning How to Break Through It

This is not always an easy thing to do, but somebody's got to do it. Get free today through today's post!

Wendy van Eyck
When it’s hard to believe that hope is coming

At that moment, in the dark, it felt hard to imagine that we would ever be driving in the light. I thought about the long dark days when Xylon had chemo every other week. How those days felt like they would never end.

Chelsea Cote
day sixteen : top 20 declarations

i'm saying NO to complacency and YES to letting The Lord take hold of my future. it's not about positive thinking or motivational self-talk. it's about focusing on Jesus in everything and giving Him complete control in every part of my life.

#young adults #intentionality #20-somethings
Laurie Coombs
My Book Cover Has Been Released!

Letters from My Father's Murderer: A Journey of Forgiveness won't be released until June 27, 2015, but I wanted to take a moment to share the newly released cover with you!


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