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Bonnie Gray
This Might Sound Crazy: God Actually Loves To Spend Time With You

We often worry about how to spend time with God, struggling with how we can reach him. But, what if it was the other way around? What if God was the one longing for you -- to let Him into your world -- to explore what moves your heart and feeds your soul?

Janelle Keith
About Janelle

Courtnaye Richard
Watch and Pray...

We're definitely living in the last days ladies. That's why it's so critical that we stay alert and prayerful in every area of lives. Don't miss this timely post!

Asheritah Ciuciu
Why America's Abortions Are My Fault, Too

If we champion for the sanctity of life, then we need to own up to our part in America's abortions, too.

Jennifer Camp
California Interstate 5: A Road Trip Watching

There are trees uprooted next to the freeway. Mounds of dirt clod clumps clinging to thick roots sticking up, awkward, misplaced. I want to get a better look at them, but I am driving on California Interstate 5 to Los Angeles. Husband and kids and bags and I journeying to friends who said, please come. It is overcast, gray sky low, arms stretching out in embrace.

Kate Motaung
Feel the Love

How might God be using you to show love to another?

#love #encouragement
Laurie Coombs
A Strange Dichotomy

Not my will, but yours..." I whisper, wanting the will of God to reign in my life while struggling to let go of plans I planned long ago.

Christina Fox
How to Read

Many of us are not cautious or on guard in our reading. We need to read like the Bereans.

#spiritual growth #books
Wendy van Eyck
How does God see me?

I’ve always struggled to be perfect. I’ve pushed and strained to mold myself into the image that I think everyone else wants me to be.

Nicole Unice
Your Life

This is the most encouraging news of your life and a truth to hang your new year on: we’ve all been given the extraordinary capacity to grow.

Jennifer Camp
What To Do When God Feels Far Away

When you feel far away from God, it can feel like forever until you find your way back. You don’t feel like you’re home. It’s an uncomfortable feeling, darker than loneliness for its emptiness. For you feel hollow, forgotten even. Your head knows you are not forgotten by God, but the ache of your heart tells you something different. Your heart tells you it is what you can trust, not your head.

April Motl
When the New Year is Filled with the Old

Encouragement for when it feels like you can't get "out with the old and on with the new" in your prayer life

#women #New Year #waiting on God
Jennifer Maggio
Dating And The Single Mom

Should a single mom date? Shouldn't she? What rules should be followed, if she does?

Noelle Kirchner
How God Speaks through a Sniffle

What hope-filled lesson can you learn about God when your children are sick? As you wipe runny noses, read this to find out.

Inside iBelieve
A True and Faithful Sisterhood

Sharing a small bit in Sudan's suffering helped my move beyond simple compassion for God’s broken creatures – to admitting I am one also.


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