Christina Patterson
3 Simple Ways to Maintain Your Mental Wellness

As I become more aware of the need to take more care of myself mentally, I can look back on my life and see seasons where I didn't. I just simply didn't know how and I don't want that to be you.

Jennifer Kostick
The Kingdom Building Call (Part Five)

Crisis! Why must we deal with it, and what do we do when it begins to shake our entire foundation, threatening to extinguish the fire in our bones?

#Bible Study #purpose #crisis
Emily Massey
Red Nose Day: An Opportunity to Lend to the Lord

What is one simple way to be Jesus' hands and feet to the poor and needy? Get your red nose on!

#poverty #children #charity
Courtnaye Richard
Casting Your Cares Upon the Lord

Worried, afraid, discouraged, or need strength this week? Find out to overcome these overwhelming feelings. Read more...

Christina Patterson
How to Recognize False Teaching

Throughout the New Testament we find multiple warnings against false teaching. False teaching is any teaching that does not align with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is this type of teaching that leads us further from God and not closer to Him no matter how religious it looks.

Emily Massey
Why I Love My Red Nose

Red Nose Day is May 25! Check out this blog for more info on how you can get involved and support this great cause!

#poverty #children #awareness
Jennifer Maggio
Managing Time for Busy Moms

All of us are busy, but moms are makers of the world go 'round. We are especially busy. How can we learn to manage our time most effectively?

Jennifer Kostick
The Kingdom Building Call (Part Four)

The fire in our bones doesn’t always feel good, but it will always be for good.

#Bible Study #purpose
Jennifer Camp
Invention: the new book for men that will change everything

Justin Camp is a guy I want you to meet. I kind of like him. I kind of like listening to what he has to say.

Janelle Alberts
Does God Even Care?

There are bread-multiplying, cancer-curing, miraculous moments in life, but they come and go. The emotion we feel in their absence reveals what we believe about this God. It reveals whether we really believe Him at all.

Christina Fox
When You are Waiting

Are you in a season of waiting? That season of waiting is a good season as we look to the One who is our hope and salvation.

#waiting on God #trials
Janelle Keith
My Dad was Right, Fish Do Have Ears

Faithfully serve "now" and cast your "hows" upon God

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