Jennifer Camp

Her room smells of sweetness. Fruit soap, from her shower. Citrus-sugar, from the pink candle, unlit, on her dresser. She is a tangled lump, a mound of cotton comforter and sheets.

Jolene Underwood
When You're Waiting and Praying but Nothing Changes

We can pray for years, waiting for God to do something different. What if God is asking us to do something?

Laurie Coombs
Who do you say that Jesus is?

What you say about Jesus is the most important thing about you.

Jennifer Maggio
To the Working Mom

Moms, sometimes, we battle guilt for those of us who have to work outside the home. Here's why you shouldn't.

Jennifer Kostick
There is Promise in Pain (Week Eleven)

I believe it is perfectly okay to ask God questions, as long as we don’t stay in that place expecting to receive and understand all the answers.

#questions #Bible Study #grief
Jennifer Camp

She’s the wise, indefatigable friend you wished lived right next door. The friend who loves God.

Courtnaye Richard
Getting a Handle On Anger

We all struggle a tad bit in this area at time or another. Yet, there are ways to control this God-given emotion. Read more...

Jolene Underwood
How to Stop the Never Ending Game of Approval

The approval way of living becomes a crushing weight of dying. Thankfully, with Christ, death precedes life. There is hope.

#faith, encouragement, healing, fears #insecurity #rejection
Jennifer Kostick
There is Promise in Pain (Week Ten)

Even before the cross, Job knew his Redeemer lived!

#Bible Study #grief #pain
Christina Patterson
Trusting God With the Desires of Your Heart

The key to managing our desire is not to simply seek what we want but to seek God and to delight ourselves in Him.

Christina Patterson
God's Promise For a Broken Heart

No matter what you may be going through, you are never alone.

Courtnaye Richard
In a Battle?

Get through whatever it is you're facing today, and be encouraged. Read more...

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