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Wendy van Eyck
When I Need Courage to be Myself

I’ve been hiding all the ugly. Shaking out cushions that have lost their life, putting bins in the cupboard to open up the space, placing shampoo out of sight and appliances in cupboards.

Brooke Cooney
A Letter to My Younger Self--Concerning Adoption

What I would tell my younger pre-foster mom self.

Lindsay Morgan Snyder
God’s Precious Thoughts about YOU!

How precious are the thoughts of God (Creator of the Universe) towards me? Towards you?

Inside iBelieve
Quiz: How Well Do You Know Thanksgiving?

How well do you know American Thanksgiving trivia? Take this quiz and find out!

Bonnie Gray
My Real Thanksgiving List: Courage To Be Broken

Being thankful goes beyond how things appear. It takes greater courage to be broken and be real.

Noelle Kirchner
Special Interview: Moms Helping Moms Foundation

I met my first CNN Hero. And here's what she's doing for moms. We can all take away something from her example.

#serving #motherhood
Mara Rose
Pregnancy is a Journey

It is a blessing and miracle to carry a child. Here are the 14 stages you may experience through your pregnancy.

Christina Fox
For When Your Faith is Weak

It's who my faith is in and not how strong it is that matters.

#faith #spiritual growth #Gospel Grace
Brooke Cooney
100 Little Gratitudes

Thank you--two simple words with a significant impact.

Laurie Coombs
Victim Identity

I never intended to be a victim. But somehow, my dad's murder became the defining moment of my life. I didn't want to be defined by this tragedy, but I was. I became the girl whose dad was murdered.

Courtnaye Richard
Believe What GOD Has Said to You

It's time to be inspired through today's post! Don't wait any longer...dive right in and get the push that you need to keep believing what God has said to you!

Wendy van Eyck
When you're going through a deep, dark valley

I had asked a friend of mine, a college student at the time, to share her story. She stood up to the podium, and the microphone amplified her voice throughout the church hall. She told us how her mom had died recently.

Lindsay Morgan Snyder
What if God {is} in fact LOVE

What if God really IS LOVE. The Bible says: God IS Love (1 John 4:8) Not God is the best at love, not God loves a lot, not God gives love, not God wants you to know He loves you. NO, it says GOD is LOVE.

Jennifer Camp
You Think You Have No Voice? Listen Carefully Now

Listen to how it is fullness within you, the way it gestures, and encourages, the way it tantalizes and promises only what is true: you are special, here, in this place, with Me.

#empowering women #
Inside iBelieve
The Thankfulness Quiz

You've probably heard these stories a time or two. But can you identify these details and prayers when it comes to biblical figures giving thanks to God?


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