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Jennifer Kostick
Faith is a Fight

For when doubt seeps inside and you need to find faith...

#faith #dreams #doubt
Brett Wilson
Please, Stop Chasing Your Dreams

What do you do when you finally get what you've wanted your whole life? You thank God.

#20-somethings #Change the World
Bonnie Gray
Move Out of Autopilot Mode: Choose Your Worth By Choosing to Rest

As encouragers, we are often shy about voicing our needs. Do you often live in “autopilot” mode & put yourself to the side when life gets frantic? God longs to love us, but we need to make choices to receive that love.

Courtnaye Richard
How to Handle Disappointments

Have you ever been disappointed before? If so, how did you handle it? Check out this week's post on some great ways on how to deal with it when it strikes!

Jennifer Kostick
What Everyone Needs to Hear

Have you ever thought about how powerful the mention of a name can be?

Anne Dahlhauser
When its courage that you need

Because courage is just humility, armor-clad in strong belief.

#humility #Believing God #courage
Noelle Kirchner
Full Schedules, Thin Souls

Ever feel like there is too much competition among parents today? Have you been living with a full schedule and a thin soul just trying to keep up?

#schools #parents #scheduling
Janelle Keith
Looking for Life Under Winter's Cover

Awaken our souls under the Spirit’s cover.

Jennifer Camp
Saying No to Living in Fear

How often do you turn your thoughts over to God? How regularly do you choose to live in freedom, surrendering every doubt, every fear–immediately–over to Him?

Wendy van Eyck
What to remember when God is silent

"Shoulds” don't hold a lot of weight when it comes to cancer.

Courtney Stanford
Motherhood Memoirs: A Mile in Her Shoes

As women, we are plagued with Mommy guilt and thrown into Mommy Wars where parental options abound and experts contradict one another. Perhaps we can become grace-givers, to one another and even to ourselves.

#christian parenting #motherhood #womanhood
Wynter Pitts
5 Days of Mother/Daughter Devotional Time!

A free 5 Day Devotional series for you and your daughter! Each day will have a devotional, a scripture to study, conversation starters and a prayer for both you and her!

#devotions #mothers #daughters
Anne Dahlhauser
How will the People of the Cross respond?

People of the Cross was their identity - and it is ours as well. May we live up to the name called out over us.

#persecution #prayer #Christian
Jennifer Kostick
Two Steps in Helping Overcome Shame and Condemnation

Encouragement for when you think you'll never be enough...

Christina Fox
God Makes Us Who He Says We Are

What God calls us, he makes us. He makes us become what he says that we are

#identity #In Christ,


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