Jennifer Camp
“I am overwhelmed.” Am I okay?

The dog let out a howl in his sleep this morning at 4 a.m. Low. Weird. Totally annoying. I awoke, startled, but fell back to sleep, dreaming that our oldest, who just started high school, was attending my university alma mater’s rival school across town. No, he can’t go to school there!

Courtnaye Richard
Growing Weary in Well Doing

Are you feeling tired or exhausted as you do what you know God is calling you to do right now? If so, read this week's post and get refreshed!

April Motl
Walking in the Spirit with Your Family: Part Five

Pursuing a Faith-Filled Perspective

Jennifer Maggio
There is No Competition in the Kingdom of God

Are you pressing in to see God's presence in your ministry or to out-perform another one?

Renee Fisher
Do You Need a Reason to Celebrate?

Today, do you need a reason to celebrate? What would be on your list of gratitude? Why?

Renee Davis
3 Truths to Remember When You Can't Find Peace

Some days I just need a little peaceful time, you know, like maybe some time for myself or maybe the need for peace and quiet when the walls of this tiny house close in tight and magnify every little peep. There have been times when I’ve needed the peace of God–that type that surpasses all understanding. And there’ve been days when no matter how hard I cry, how much time I spend on my knees, how many miles I walk while pacing my cage–peace seems far from me. But…

#prayer #hope #peace
Kelly Balarie
When You Feel Faulty

What do you do when you hate who you are? When there is something from your past that holds you back? How do you heal past it?

#faith #identity #hope
April Motl
Book Give-Away - Woman of Confidence

Friday Fun Stuff - Book Give-Away

#women #confidence
Janelle Keith
Joy at the Cross

How to have joy unto death

Jennifer Kostick
Why Surrender Doesn't Always Mean What You Think it Does...

In our culture, surrender can be shameful, but in Christianity it's vital to becoming victorious...

#purpose #surrender
Kelly Balarie
25 Ways: To Let Jesus Reign & to Be Less Vain

Are you trying to be seen? Working to be loved? Trying to climb higher? Maybe, it's not time to do more, but to be less vain. 25 ways to let Jesus reign...

#faith #Worship #blessings
Jennifer Camp
Join the Launch Team and Declare With Me #IAmBreathingEden

I am breathing Eden. Let’s declare this together, shall we?

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