Emily Massey
Max Lucado’s GLORY DAYS- A Review

Book Review for Max Lucado's GLORY DAYS

#Christianity #Bible Study #blessing
Jennifer Kostick
Stillness Requires Vision

Why you must dream in the face of the waiting, and how being still in God depends on it...

#hope #dreams #Believing God
Jennifer Kostick
Finding the "Still" Inside the Storm

For when the storm is raging around you...

#community, fears, healing, encouragement #Christian Life #storms
Kelly Balarie
10 Things The Devil Doesn't Want You To Know

There are five things the devil doesn't want you to know. Do you know what they are? How he tricks you and what you might actually be believing?

#repentance #regret #Satan
Christina Fox
Things I Hate About the Fall of Man

The only thing that comforts me in the midst of this dark and fallen world is the fact that God hates sin and evil even more than I.

#gospel #sin #suffering
Anne Dahlhauser
among the reeds

Take heart, and remember that one day God will transform what was placed among the reeds into royalty.

Anne Dahlhauser
when she saw that he was a fine child

When Moses' mom identified God’s beautiful hand on her son’s life, she was compelled into obedience.

Inside iBelieve
10 Biblical Truths to Overcome Sinful Anger

As God’s children, we can all make this journey of change together. Here are some things I have learned over the years in my fight against sinful anger. Understanding and applying these truths to your own life will help you overcome sinful anger and see sustained fruit.

Courtnaye Richard
How to Hear, "Well done!"

Find out how to hear these beautiful words one day! It's pretty enlightening! Read it here...

Kelly Balarie
10 Bible Verses for Those Who Closet Emotions

It is okay to hit sad days. God cares. He knows. He understands. Read 10 verses to comfort sad day feelings. Let your heart not be troubled.

#hope #guilt #friends
Katie M. Reid
The Cords of Control

Our fear-filled fists can clench tightly when there are limited answers to hold onto.

#control #surrender #motherhood
Janelle Keith
Why we feel like we can't be fixed

Guilt says we did something, Shame says we are something

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