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Wendy van Eyck
One thing to remember when you are afraid of what lies ahead

I’m not alone in this. I’m not the only one who fears an unknown future. It’s not even something that only affects cancer survivors and their families.

Lindsay Morgan Snyder
Your Heavenly Father IS interested

I use to send Him emails and text messages too, especially when I was desperate for Him and felt He was far.

Courtnaye Richard
Becoming A Worthy Vessel That God Can Use

Hey ladies! It's here! It's a fresh new post...and it's real! Get these spiritual nuggets today so you'll be ready for what God has in store for you!

Christina Fox
A Reason for Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, there is much to be thankful for.

#gratitude #Thanksgiving #thankfulness
April Motl
The Flavors of Thanksgiving

No matter what season of life we find ourself in, God is honored by the gratitude we bring Him

Asheritah Ciuciu
What We're Missing on Thanksgiving Day

The truth is, we don't really need a Thanksgiving Day as much as we need a thanksgiving heart. A heart that will continue to give thanks even after the meal is over.

#gratitude #Thanksgiving #devotional
Noelle Kirchner
The Key Difference between Surviving and Thriving

Move from overwhelmed and stressed to empowered and thankful by cultivating this habit.

#thankfulness #christian living
Asheritah Ciuciu
For the Busy Mom: A Special Invitation This Holiday Season

How many times have you reached Christmas Eve only to have the meal ready and the stockings stuffed but your heart unprepared to celebrate Jesus? Let's change that this year.

#devotions #Christmas #advent
Philippa Smyth
Be You!

You are an original! Dare to be you - just you!

#identity #body image #
Brooke Cooney
A Letter to My Younger Self--Concerning Adoption

What I would tell my younger pre-foster mom self.

Cara Joyner
The Temptation to Isolate

How often do we retreat because it is easier than the work of being present? I wonder how many mornings Jesus wanted to hide and how many days he resisted the temptation to isolate himself, because he knew how much we needed his life. We didn't need to just hear about it. We needed to experience it.

Wendy van Eyck
When I Need Courage to be Myself

I’ve been hiding all the ugly. Shaking out cushions that have lost their life, putting bins in the cupboard to open up the space, placing shampoo out of sight and appliances in cupboards.

Lindsay Morgan Snyder
God’s Precious Thoughts about YOU!

How precious are the thoughts of God (Creator of the Universe) towards me? Towards you?

Inside iBelieve
Quiz: How Well Do You Know Thanksgiving?

How well do you know American Thanksgiving trivia? Take this quiz and find out!

Bonnie Gray
My Real Thanksgiving List: Courage To Be Broken

Being thankful goes beyond how things appear. It takes greater courage to be broken and be real.


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