Kelly Balarie
5 Ways to Dismantle Doubt

Are you faced with uncertainty and fear? Do you know how to go about dismantling doubt when it shows up? Learn 5 tips that bring great faith.

#fear #doubt #grace
Jennifer Camp
what happens on wide-open shore

We grasp hands and lean back, digging our toes as deep as we can into wet sand.

Courtnaye Richard
Journal It

Grab this great tips on why this is so vital to your spiritual health. Check out this week's blog post!

Christina Fox
A Prayer for When You Fear the Future

Whatever you fear this day, go before the throne of grace in confidence because Christ has made the way for you.

#prayer #fear
Kelly Balarie
Has Your Prayer Gone Unanswered?

What do you do when prayer goes unanswered? How do you move forward? How do you view God? Discover 5 reasons why God might not answer.

#prayer #hope #love
Anne Dahlhauser
when loving Jesus more means loving ministry less

Never let your heart be moved by causes more than by Christ.

#Christianity #Jesus #love for God
Kelly Balarie
Do You See God Wrong? (1 Encouraging Attribute That Changes So Much)

Do you see God wrong? Did you know this one small change in how you see him can change so much in your heart?

#faith #grace #Contentment
Inside iBelieve
November Scripture Writing Plan

Our daily Scripture writing plan to walk you through the month of November.

Kelly Balarie
How to Discover the Holy in Ordinary Trials

How do you find the holy in ordinary trials, days and happenings? How do you grow when you feel like your days aren't important or very valuable? Find out.

#grace #fear #doubt
Jennifer Maggio
The Mom I Yearn to Be

There is a mom I want to be, hope to be, yearn to be. And she's just around the corner.

Laurie Coombs
Weakness Does Not Negate Strength

Leaving everything behind, all alone in Africa, Jesus speaks to my weaknesses.

Jennifer Camp
what we miss when “doing” is everything

It is empty space I need more than anything. Not another latte. Not a list of things to do. Jesus, will you come into this space? Will You convince my heart it is big enough for You?

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