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Jennifer Kostick
What I Won't Say In Front of My Daughter

This is for every woman who has ever been tempted to belittle herself in front of her daughter.

#children #mothers #body image
Jennifer Camp
Questions in the Night and Wondering if God is Near

He stands in the hallway, back pressed up against the wall. Baby pictures, black and white, with cherry-wood frames, hang behind him. His little brother, cowboy hat tipped down, cock-eyed grin. His little sister, eyes wide and shiny, hair a fluff on her head. The photos of him, four of them, in a single frame like the others, were knocked down two months ago by bedtime ruckus.

Wynter Pitts
3 Things I Want My Girls To Know About Boys

Teaching our daughters what God says about boys.

Jennifer Kostick
Because Mothers Have a Hard Time Letting Go

To know that I can't shield them forever is a mother's burden. But to understand that God is their shield is a mother's reward.

Nicole Unice
3 Ways to Love People Who Don't Like You

So this funny thing happens when you decide to really be you. Sometimes people don’t like it.

Christina Fox
We Are Safer Together

Doing life on our own is not part of God's design. We need community.

#friendship #body of Christ #community
Laurie Coombs
It Is for Freedom That We Are Set Free

We have been set free, and so why do we so often live like slaves?

Philippa Smyth
The Aspirational Life (or Handbag!)

Things like handbags and pink running shoes are good for the soul, they motivate and inspire. But worship takes us even further.

#Worship #beauty #life
Jennifer Kostick
About Jennifer

Jennifer Camp
When your friend compares you to your dog

My friend and I sit in chairs pulled up close, under a red umbrella, in the shade. Chubby frog statues spit water into a lily pad shaped pond behind us, and I sip my lemonade happily (the best drink in the entire world). My insecure dog tucks himself tight underneath my legs until I pull him to the side, his leash tethered to a hook on the fence.

Wendy van Eyck
When you need Jesus to be your peace

I don't think I realised as a child how hard life can be: how many problems, troubles and disasters can come a person’s way.

Brooke Cooney
Performance Pressure

Have you ever experienced stage fright in an off stage moment?

Bonnie Gray
This Might Sound Crazy: God Actually Loves to Spend Time with You

We often worry about how to spend time with God, struggling with how we can reach him. But, what if it was the other way around? What if God was the one longing for you -- to let Him into your world -- to explore what moves your heart and feeds your soul?

Janelle Keith
About Janelle

Courtnaye Richard
Watch and Pray...

We're definitely living in the last days ladies. That's why it's so critical that we stay alert and prayerful in every area of lives. Don't miss this timely post!


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