Jennifer Camp

When you feel far away from God, it can feel like forever until you find your way back. You don’t feel like you’re home. It’s an uncomfortable feeling, darker than loneliness for its emptiness. For you feel hollow, forgotten even. Your head knows you are not forgotten by God, but the ache of your heart tells you something different.

Kelly Balarie
Breaking the Distance between You and God

ere are my confessions. They aren't pretty, but I know God heals. He is ready to heal you too. Dive into his love and let his grace soothe your sore areas.

#love #loving your enemy #love for people
Christina Fox
A Prayer for the Disappointed Heart

There is gospel hope in the midst of our disappointments.

#prayer #hope #disappointment
Anne Dahlhauser
the truth about the darkness and how to join a holy rebellion for Light

Darkness can’t defeat us; it can only enhance the Light within us.

#Jesus #light #darkness
Wendy van Eyck
When you need someone to acknowledge it happened (and it hurt!)

She ordered a cappuccino and I ordered water. Then my friend asked how my foot is. And out poured this story. This story of why I didn't get stitches when I should have. How I didn't get stitches because the last time I was sick in December I was told I was dramatic. And I didn't want to be dramatic.

Katie M. Reid
The One Thing You Need Today

Like Martha, we modern women are worried and distracted about many things. One thing only is needed—let's learn to put that One Thing at the top of priority list.

#Jesus #priorities #relationship
Kelly Balarie
Are you Missing the Point of God's Word?

Did you know that you can read the bible and miss the entire point of it? God has some deep work to do in you. Are you receiving it or prohibiting it?

#love #Bible, Bible Study, Bible interpretation #love for God
Asheritah Ciuciu
My 6 Favorite Quiet Time Resources

Do you want to go deeper in your quiet time? These resources will help.

Asheritah Ciuciu
8 Simple Bible Reading Plans for Overwhelmed Moms

Discover the key to becoming consistent in your Bible-reading with these 8 plans

#Bible Study #God's word
Kelly Balarie
Can you Change God's Mind with Prayer?

Can you change God's mind in prayer? How do you really get what you want? Learn 5 effective ways to pray better.

#love for God #prayers #pray
Jennifer Kostick
Because The World Needs You

Why your life is important in the midst of darkness...

#light #darkness #encouragement
Wendy van Eyck
What you need to know if you're having one tough week

I’ve had one of those weeks. It’s been a week when I’m not sure where the to-do list starts or what to tackle next. Seven days of early mornings, long days, and late nights. Deadlines. Meetings. Launches. On top of that the email server crashed. And I got a stomach bug.

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