Kristen Leigh Wetherell @ The Identity Project
From Slow of Heart to Burning Hearts

Seasons of spiritual dryness can be alarming and exhausting...

Kelly Balarie
Tapping into the Hidden Power of Grace

Angry people act angry. What would happen if we responded to the frustrated, annoying and irritated person differently. Find out how grace changes hearts.

#hope #grace #God's grace
Jennifer Maggio
5 Ways Every Parent Should Love Their Kids

There are many things every parent should know, but here are the top five things I wish someone would have told me years ago.

Jennifer Kostick
We Aren't Meant To Do Life Alone

What every heart and soul longs for...

#Holy Spirit #encouragement #loneliness
Inside iBelieve
5 Birthmarks of the Christian: How to be Certain of Your Salvation

While the entire Bible stresses certainty and assurance, there's one section of Scripture that stakes out this theme as its central focus—the letter of 1 John.

Courtnaye Richard
How to Make Things Right with Others

We can all grow in this area. Check it out ladies!

Kelly Balarie
Being a Perfect Christian

Do you try to be a near perfect Christian, but find yourself judging, critiquing or standing above others? Take a pride test to see where you stand.

#Believing God #acceptance #attitude
Bonnie Gray
Is Your Joy Safe? 3 Misconceptions about Joy

Do you have safe joy? Sometimes choosing joy feels risky, but joy is actually God-centered. There are three misconceptions about joy that we should unpack.

#faith #fear #joy
Inside iBelieve
7 Reasons Waiting Helps Us Grow

I don’t like to wait. No, let’s be completely honest: I despise waiting. Yet waiting on the Lord is essential for our growth. Here are 7 reasons why.

Jennifer Kostick
You Were Made for Completion

encouragement for when you need to remember what you were made for.

#encouragement #inspiration
Kelly Balarie
Need A Rescuing?

Do you need rescuing? A saving power in your life? Find the power that will hold things together when everything seems to be falling apart.

#hope #hardship #heartache
Christina Fox
A Prayer for When You Feel All Alone

So many people are lonely and seek to fill that loneliness in ways that could never fill their need. This prayer is for the lonely at heart to seek God in their loneliness.

#prayer #loneliness

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