Janelle Keith
When God listens to your prayers

Think about the Lord

Christina Fox
A Prayer for Homeschool

May Christ be our source, our hope, our guide, and the purpose for everything we do.

#prayer #teaching
Courtnaye Richard
Heavenly Questions...Take the Test

Go beyond the title and see what this test is all about!

Kelly Balarie
The Transformational Truth you Know, But Don't Believe

There is one foundational truth that you likely know in your heart but do not believe. It makes all the difference. Take it from head to heart knowledge.

#love #trials #trusting God
April Motl
Managing Your Anger Before It Manages You

Join us for this new blog series

Laurie Coombs
While We Wait

No one likes to wait, but while we wait, God carved out the path He intends for us to take.

Kelly Balarie
Filling your Discouragement Hole

Do you feel discouraged, down or depleted? Find out the secret to filling your discouragement hole. God calls us forward in a great purpose.

#faith #doubting #discouragement
Jennifer Kostick
Write the Vision

What we need to do when we are waiting forever and not sure if our dream is from Him...

#empowering women #dreams #writing
Inside iBelieve
Never Read a Bible Verse

Kelly Balarie
5 Points of Grace When you Feel Wrecked

Have you ever felt beholden to trying to win God's love? Find out how I went about wrecking trying and the one thing that changed it all for me.

#hope #grace #love
Jennifer Camp
How to Chase Down Blue Moons

My daughter sends me a message on my phone on Friday night. She is at her grandparent’s house, my mom and dad’s, spending a week in the same house where I grew up, with the almond tree boughs bending heavy for harvest.

Kelly Balarie
Finding Holiness in The Messiness

How do you go about finding holiness when you feel entirely unholy? What is the one key that will transform this process? God has a tip waiting to help you.

#hope #holiness #future

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