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Jennifer Maggio
Offense in Ministry

Sometimes, we simply need to recognize offense for what it is, get over it, and get busy about our Father's business.

Brooke Cooney
Theistic Evolution, Genesis Gap, or Six Literal Days?

Did God use evolution to create the earth and its creatures?

Kate Motaung
A Screwtape Letter on Racial Diversity

A Screwtape Letter on Racial Diversity

Courtnaye Richard
Faith, Friendship, and Fellowship…Read More

Want to grow stronger in your faith, strengthen or develop new friendships, and take fellowship to a whole new level? If so, then get some great spiritual and practical tips from this week's post!

Wendy van Eyck
One way to experience God's grace

Last week, in the doctors office, I was reminded that it is through prayer God’s grace can breathe light into the darkest situations.

Renee Fisher
Do Not Grieve

Are you depressed? Are you facing transition? Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength (Nehemiah 8:10).

Wynter Pitts
Living With An Identity Crisis

Second Samuel chapter 4 tells us that Mephibosheth was royalty and the son of a prince. Yet, his daily existence was not one of privilege or excitement. Instead he lived crippled, damaged and full of fear. Ever been there?

Jennifer Camp
Because You Need to Be Free

What we choose to do with our time reveals to us more than just what we love and what we hate to do. What we choose to do with our moments, our days, indicates our response to God's blueprint when He made us--our living out who we are, who God made us to be. When we say yes to do the things we are made to do, things we do that bring us joy and help us feel the joy of God, in us, we are making the choice to be ourselves.

#identity #dreams #encouragement
Renee Fisher
Don't Shrink Back from Shame

What is currently causing you to shrink back from shame? What would it take to move forward in faith?

Asheritah Ciuciu
What's Your Impossible Possibility?

Sometimes God calls us to dreams that are downright scary. But the Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead lives in every believer with great power.

#videos #boldness #Change the World
Brett Wilson
We Think, Therefore We're Fearful

It's become a habit to drag, drop, cut and pasted the items on the twenty-five year-old checklist. The things we think we should have accomplished by now. And it's making what should be a joyful season a complete struggle.

Sarah Martin
Ferguson in Our Own Backyard

Pray first, then BE THE CHURCH

Wendy van Eyck
5 things to do when life is hard

The last few weeks have been weird. We have been trying to live in celebration of his healing but at the same time weighted down by the big decisions we have to make about my husband’s health. Life has felt heavy and hard to take. I have lacked hope.

Christina Fox
The God of All Comfort

We all need comfort and we'll never outgrow our need for it.

#community #Gospel Grace #comfort
Renee Fisher
Announcing #QLC2014 On Dating & Dreams

Join us on September 13th for #QLC2014, an online and free conference with a dynamic speaker line up on dating & dreams!


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