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Stories Around the Web - October 31

Here are some of our favorite stories and articles from around the web this week.

Brett Wilson
You're Not Getting into Heaven

We couldn't get into Heaven no more than we could get into a club before we turned 18. We had to trust that our salvation was enough. We had to trust that God's grace was sufficient for us. Even when we messed up.

Nicole Unice
Because We Can Change Things

Before you stop reading, I want you to this in: there are mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters all around us who cannot be safe.

April Motl
Beyond the Surface

Righteousness that goes beyond the surface

#women #Wisdom
Wendy van Eyck
When you want to start over (and a free printable)

Welcome to our beginning. Four words that imply so much: the start of a new story, forgiveness of the past, hope for the future.

Christina Fox
He Will Never Leave You

God is always at work in us.

#gospel #spiritual growth #depression
Wynter Pitts
30 Ways to Date Your Daughter

Date your daughter. It is not a new concept but if you are anything like me, then you too can always use a few new ideas (and some reminders) on how to spend some quality time with your growing girls!

Brooke Cooney
Celebrate His Coming

Be eager in anticipation of Christ's return.

Inside iBelieve
Terminal Cancer and Finding the "Hardest Peace"

Kara Tippetts is the author of The Hardest Peace, a book which pulls back the veil on her terminal cancer diagnosis and how it has affected her faith, marriage and young children.

Julianna Morlet
It's Time to Stop with Good Intentions

When Jesus left this earth, He sent “one who is greater” so that we, His Church, could be empowered to do as He did. He started something so we could finish it. You are the verb, the action upon Jesus’ word, to somebody in your life. (Click it to tweet it!) You are the hands that bring healing as you tend to their wounds. You mouth the words that bring life into someone’s desperate circumstance.

#Bible #faith #Bible Study
Courtnaye Richard
Are You Still Believing God for Something?

Be encouraged by today's post to trust God a little bit further.

Noelle Kirchner

Here's how to get the 5 scriptural affirmations no child (or adult) should be without.

Sarah Martin
When My God Shows Off

Seeing God's Big-ness

Wendy van Eyck
What Mother Theresa taught me about love

Ever since I started praying, “Lord, show me how to love” God has been revealing the parts of my heart and mind that need to change.

Laurie Coombs
A Story of Hope

A video of my story illustrating the fact that there is hope on the other side of tragedy.


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