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Wendy van Eyck
When it’s hard to believe that hope is coming

At that moment, in the dark, it felt hard to imagine that we would ever be driving in the light. I thought about the long dark days when Xylon had chemo every other week. How those days felt like they would never end.

Chelsea Cote
day sixteen : top 20 declarations

i'm saying NO to complacency and YES to letting The Lord take hold of my future. it's not about positive thinking or motivational self-talk. it's about focusing on Jesus in everything and giving Him complete control in every part of my life.

#young adults #intentionality #20-somethings
Inside iBelieve
Quiz: Which Old Testament Figure are You?

Would you say you're a loner, or do you have a solid group of friends? Has anyone ever referred to you as a visionary?

Laurie Coombs
My Book Cover Has Been Released!

Letters from My Father's Murderer: A Journey of Forgiveness won't be released until June 27, 2015, but I wanted to take a moment to share the newly released cover with you!

Brett Wilson
We Think, Therefore We're Fearful

It's become a habit to drag, drop, cut and pasted the items on the twenty-five year-old checklist. The things we think we should have accomplished by now. And it's making what should be a joyful season a complete struggle.

Brett Wilson
4 Words that Will Change Your Life for the Better

I would say them to the girl standing on the scale. I'd utter them to everyone on the brink of a failed test. Romantic relationship. Frinedship fallen by the wayside.

Brett Wilson
To the Man Who Won't Sleep With Me

It wasn't a big deal. It was just sleeping beside someone. Until I met you.

Sarah Martin
Why I Put Pen To Paper

Engaging with Scripture

Christina Fox
What is Your Heart Chasing?

Do we follow Christ for who he is or what we think he can do for us?

#christian living #idols of the heart
April Motl
A Precious Possession

Sometimes what matters most is not the outcome of a thing, but how we worked at it

#women #Wisdom
Chelsea Cote
day fourteen : keep at it

no one really is an overnight success. even if it might seem so.

#young adults #20-somethings #persistence
Asheritah Ciuciu
Caring for Jesus

I should have expected it. Really. The rush to the ER. The trepidation of the unknown...

#serving #christian living
Wendy van Eyck
When you’re fighting (for) each other

It wasn’t love at first sight. By the time I met Xylon I had plans about who I was going to marry. He was going to be tall, dark and handsome. And Xylon is only two of those things...

Bonnie Gray
Me & the Military: How it Changed Me

Sometimes we ask for certainty, but God asks for our faith. To lead others to life-changing encounters with God, we must take life-changing risks ourselves.

Noelle Kirchner
My Live Sermon on "Family Matters"

Gain godly direction, insight, and the permission to slow down and capture quality time as a family!

#family #time #christian living


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