April Motl
Book Give-Away - Friday Fun Stuff

Give-Away for parenting book: Growing up Social

#giveaway #parenting
Laurie Coombs
Something Greater Than Resilience

What if the very thing we thought would destroy us is the thing intended to strengthen us and allow us to live more fully?

Asheritah Ciuciu
6 Simple Ways to Practice Stillness in God’s Presence

Feeling out of breath? These six simple steps will help you practice stillness in God's presence

Kelly Balarie
Why Christians Stay Blind and Struggling

Ever wondered why people can be Christians and still stay blind and struggling? You know they love Jesus, but something seems off. This is a big issue.

#hope #fear #worry
Jennifer Maggio
Planning a Single Mom's Event in Your Church

Learn how to plan a successful single moms event in your church.

Lisa Appelo
This is What a Mom Does

Never bring the forgotten lunch? Or 11th hour help? We all need grace ...and sometimes we step in to help because this is what a mom does.

#parenting #grace #motherhood
Kelly Balarie
When You Feel Unlovable & Unworthy

What do you do when you feel unlovable? Is it even possible for God to work in your heart? I felt this way. Learn the astounding thing God did.

#faith #grace #love
April Motl
Guarding the Heart of Your Home

5 Principles for Guarding Your Family Life

#marriage #family
Kelly Balarie
A Wake Up Call for the Jealous Girl (& 10 Tips)

Are you a jealous girl? Always sizing up your best to another's great. Do you feel defeated? Prideful at times? Learn 10 ways to squash jealousy.

#Jesus #Contentment #comparison
Renee Davis

While we recognized that we are in fact blessed that he has a job, I still wish there was something I could do to fix things. The only way I can help is by concentrating on the things I do have control over. So while we continue waiting and remaining faithful in the belief that God will work a miracle, here are: 5 Ways I Help My Stressed-Out Husband Cope

Christina Fox
When You Need Real Hope

Our hope isn't a wish or made up of good thoughts. It's a person, Jesus.

#hope #gospel #Jesus Christ
April Motl
Autumn Bible Verse Facebook Cover

Friday Fun Stuff

#fall #autumn #bible verses

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