Courtnaye Richard
What in the World is Happening?

So much is going on in the world around us. But how do we respond to is as Christian women? Find out in this week's post!

Kelly Balarie
The Small Action that Could Change So Much

Do you find your words get you in trouble? Do you speak without thinking of what you are going to say? Find out the incredible value in a small pause.

#faith #plans #purpose
Janelle Keith
Finding Joy in the Pruning

Pruning is part of the rest process and achieves what only God sees.

Lisa Appelo
When You Need to Be Brave

Got something you need bravery for? Here's encouragement to take that first step fo being brave.

Kelly Balarie
5 Verses to Reclaim Calm When the World Makes You Anxious

Do you even realize what is stressing you out? What is causing panic and fear? Uncover a hidden stressor and find out how to fix it.

#hope #fear #anxiety
Jennifer Camp
"marriage is no fairy tale"

She wore ivory, the same dress her mother wore decades before her. Her satin train melted onto the church aisle in ripples of lace delicate and sheer. She insisted her toenails be painted pale pink, her fingernails a lacquered shine.

Christina Fox
When You Grow Weary in Your Work

All work done for God's glory and in his name is never wasted.

#glorifying God #work
Kelly Balarie
Defeating Distraction with 2 Simple Words

Do Facebook, comments or words quickly throw you off track? There is a way to go about defeating distraction and discouragement with two words.

#faith #hope #fear
Jennifer Maggio
Successful Co-Parenting as a Single Parent

The lives of millions of children across the world are at stake when single parents can't learn to put their children's interests before their own hurt.

Kelly Balarie
8 Ways to Win Against the Devil

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Do you prepare to win against the devil? You should! He has a strategy to take you down. Do you know yours?

#hope #dreams #doubt
Courtnaye Richard
Building Strong Christian Relationships

Do you want to strengthen your current friendships, marriage, and family? If so, read this week's post!

Kelly Balarie
5 Ways to Bear Amazing Fruit

God tells us to go and bear fruit, but do you know how? Do you know tangibly how to produce fruit that brings peace, joy, healing and blessings? Learn

#hope #grace #Fruit of the Spirit

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