Jennifer Kostick
Never Look Back

Because it's not about demonstration from His Power, It's about transformation from His power.

#purpose #encouragement #powerofGod
Kelly Balarie
A Pep Rally For Those in a Bad Mood

Do you feel in a bad mood again? Is it another day of things going wrong? I understand. We all have those days. Find hope.

#fear #doubt #truth
Courtnaye Richard
Struggling with Procrastination?

Is procrastination an issue for you? If it is, then don't miss this week's post!

Anne Dahlhauser
describing words on the Word, indescribable | a poem

"In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." John 1

#Bible #glory #Jesus Christ
April Motl
He is Able - Scripture Card Download

Free Bible Verse Download

#freebies #bible verses
Anne Dahlhauser
go and gather // Exodus 3:16

God doesn't require of us beyond what He's poured into us.

#waiting on God #sovereignty #trusting God
Jennifer Kostick
Why I'm Learning to Fear God...

For when you're struggling with confusion over faith verses fear, and where love fits into all of it.

#purpose #fearofGod
Kelly Balarie
When You Don't Know What to Do

What do you do when you don't know what to do? How do you cope when there are no answers? How do you find your way through stress? Find new peace.

#faith #fear #doubt
Anne Dahlhauser
for the one who needs strength for the everyday

It's wonder that allows us to grasp divine promises and potential in one hand and grapple with everyday realities in the other, without losing a drop of hope. Wonder gives us the capacity to envision God's will on the dusty, regular streets of today. And, when we cease to delight, we lose our strength for everyday living.

#faith #God #delight
Kelly Balarie
Conforming to Christ When Change Terrifies You

Do you hate change? Do you resist it and fight it to the very end? Does the thought of it make you nervous? Gain 4 tips to make change less painful.

#faith #hope #fear
Renee Fisher
I am woman hear me war!

I am woman hear me war spells out a woman's place in the church whether single or married.

#women #ministry
Janelle Keith
If you are tired today - read this!

The enemy wants to tire you, but REST is a weapon.

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