Christina Fox
When Friendship is Hard

Yes, friendship is hard. But the Bride of Christ is worth the effort.

#friendship #community
Jennifer Kostick
Word for Your Weekend #4: The Sparkly Gold Shoes

This week Jennifer tells a story about desire and sparkly gold shoes. We discuss beauty in a new way!

#beauty #encouragement
Inside iBelieve
3 Words Which Absolutely Destroy Worry

Worry is the act of imagining a future without God. But Psalm 18:46 provides three words which destroy worry and fuel faith...

Inside iBelieve
Quiz: Which Bible Mom are You?

Whether you've given birth or not, the newest online quiz from is one you'll enjoy: Which Bible Mom are You?

Inside iBelieve
Quiz: Which C.S. Lewis Book Should You Read?

If you love C.S. Lewis' Narnia or Perelandra series, maybe it's time you venture further into his library! Soon you'll know which one to read next if you take Crosswalk's newest quiz: Which C.S. Lewis Book Should You Read?

Kelly Balarie
Don't Let Your Heart Get Hacked

Have you ever felt under attack? Like you were getting led away from God? Fight back.

#pain #heart #suffering
Jennifer Camp
Let Us Worship in the Place With No Walls

I collect these stories, and they become my songs, too. When sisters share how they hear and see and yearn for God, I imagine heaven. I can hear that music playing loud and long, angels leaning close, the melody of daughters saying yes to their King.

Jennifer Camp
How to Write a Love Song With Our Lives

I will be that girl, Jesus, who sits at your feet, my tears not pure enough to fall. But they do, Jesus. My heart aching, tears blearing the image of your toes, my hair falling down, trying to hide my face.

Anne Dahlhauser
when Purpose is tucked into the mundane

When you need a change of scenery, or at least the promise of His good purpose in it all

#purpose #Believing God #acceptance
Courtney Stanford
Surrendering the Best of Our Plans

We plan, we iron out the details, and so much is invested...and then...God asks us to pause. How can we find the peace to be still and know that He is God when we find ourselves in a season of waiting?

#faith #plans #patience
Jennifer Kostick
A Letter to My Tween Daughter

Jennifer is introducing a friend today and also announcing an exciting giveaway! All you need to do is participate to receive two FREE books!

#giveaway #body image #beauty
Kelly Balarie
Grab God's Grace in the Midst of Disgrace

How do you find God's grace in the midst of disgrace? When guilt, shame or condemnation come where do you head? Find the light and truth to guide your path.

#grace #strength #trusting God

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