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Melanie Moore
Seems Like Jesus Had Alot to Say About Equality...

Seems Like Jesus Had Alot to Say About Equality...

Noelle Kirchner
The Gospel According to Little Boys

Learn how I journeyed from playground mortification to finding an Easter message that will enrich us ALL, courtesy of my little boy.

#children #Easter
Cleere Cherry
Quit Flintstonin', Start Invisionin'.

Sometimes people won't understand or support or believe in the vision you have for your life. But that's okay. They don't have to! It's your vision for a reason. Your hand holds the paintbrush and you are responsible for the canvas you create. Don't you want to be a person who is willing to sacrifice the opinion of the crowd in order to please the Master?

#success #story #talents
Laurie Coombs
Scripture to Combat Depression

Do you or someone you know struggle with depression? Go to God's word!!

Christina Fox
A Holy Fear

The fear of God is a good fear. A holy fear.

#fear #trust #fearofGod
Bonnie Gray
Beauty In Unexpected Places {Brokenness}

When you find it hard to accept the journey ahead... God treasures of faith in vulnerability.

Jennifer Maggio
Balancing a Busy Life

Learn to have fun, embrace the busyness, and quiet the noise, even in the midst of chaos.

Wendy van Eyck
Grace for the worst parts of me

A friend of mine recently started hanging out with homeless people. He isn’t just spending a few hours with them; he’s sleeping on the street with them. Once a week he takes a cardboard box and a sleeping bag and unrolls it on the streets to sleep with those who have no home.

April Motl
The Unengaged Marriage

Encouragement for those who feel emotionally disconnected from their spouse

#marriage #marriage communication
Julianna Morlet
She's Safest in Her Father's Arms

And then my mind did something I'm finding a little too familiar these days. It skipped passed the good parts to the bad parts. As beautiful as this world is, it will crush her someday. Or at least try to.

#Christians #fathers #family
Courtnaye Richard
How to Be Content Where You Are

Don't be anxious for anything. Instead let God be God while you learn how to be content in every state. Grow today in this area. Don't miss this week's post!

Kate Motaung
Shadowed by Grace - A Review

Review of the book, Shadowed by Grace, by Cara Putman

#book #Book Review
Brett Wilson
If You're a Dreamer This Post is For You

We all know this man named Joseph. We're living right beside him int he midst of big brothers, stolen chalices, revealing our true identity as our Father's favorite. We're dreamers. And we're all in colorful coats.

Renee Fisher
Let's Start a Negativity Fast

I have chosen to go on a negativity fast, and wanted to ask if you would join me?

Cleere Cherry
God. Is. Greater!

No matter what you've gone through, what you are going through or what you will face in the future, take heart and know- God is GREATER!

#faith #authority #Believing God


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