Christina Patterson
Understanding Your Identity in Christ

It's not about what we do for God, it's about who we are to God.

Jennifer Kostick
The Kingdom Building Call (Part One)

You might not realize this, but right now, at this very moment, you’re living with enormous opportunity to fulfill what you might not even recognize exists.

#Bible Study #kingdom of God #purpose
Jennifer Camp
Ten Things to Do To Get Yourself Closer to God

I spend the morning doing the usual last minute things you do when you and your husband are on your way out of town for the week and your mom is coming to keep the kids alive.

Courtnaye Richard
When Plans Fail

Ever been there before when all of a sudden your plan didn't work? Read more in this week's post...

Emily Massey
From Brokenness to Restoration

Transformation is a process and can often be painfully beautiful if we just yield to the Potter's hands.

#darkness #Christian Life #restoration
Christina Fox
Knowing God's Word

Not studying God's Word for ourselves can make us spiritually lazy. If we only know Scripture that has been regurgitated and spoon fed to us, we'll never know how to taste it on our own.

#Bible Study #God's word
Janelle Keith
When Joy Calls

Satan is keenly aware of the power of God in you

Jennifer Kostick
Kingdom Building through the Life of Jeremiah (And a Giveaway)

Because We are all trying to figure out what kingdom building and calling really means

#purpose #encouragement
Kelly Balarie
Confronting the Lie: There is Not Enough Time

Do you have a fear of time? Where time rush, pressures or stresses you out? Where you constantly feel there is not enough left? Find hope.

#hope #grace #fear
Jennifer Maggio
Encountering God

What a beautiful thing to learn to encounter God each and every day in all the big and small things.

Janelle Alberts
Two Ways “Hamilton” Rattled My Faith

Even Lin-Manuel Miranda has cut his ponytail and moved on. I’m only now obsessively memorizing the musical’s every word - several of which have surprised me by, oddly, confronting my perception of the Old Testament God.

Christina Patterson
We Are All One in Christ

Now more than ever race, class, and social status are the dividing lines that prevent unity and progress in our world. However, through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ unity, reconciliation, and healing is possible.

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