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Kate Motaung
Teaching Kids about the Providence of God

The importance of teaching children about God's providence in all circumstances

#children #parenting #big picture
Bonnie Gray
What Does It Mean To Really Forgive?

Does a broken relationship mean our stories aren't beautiful anymore? What the world needs isn't a pain-free version of our stories. It longs to see beauty in the broken.

Christina Fox
A Prayer For When You're Feeling Weak

There is hope for my weakness and for yours.

#prayer #weakness #Gospel Grace
Jennifer Maggio
Single Parenting 101

Learning to parent well as a single parent.

Brooke Cooney
It's Like Wearing A Bathing Suit

How blogging compares to a day at the beach.

Kristen Leigh Wetherell @ The Identity Project
In Response to Robin Williams

What will you do with the hope you have found?

Courtnaye Richard
Fighting the Good Fight of Faith...A Message On How to Finish Strong

You've got to finish this race strong, sis! Discover how to accomplish this by reading today's post!

Renee Fisher
Why Dreaming Together is Important

Dreaming together is important because we are designed, commanded, and encouraged into a loving relationship with God and each other.

Laurie Coombs
{A guest blog from Anthony, my dad's Murderer} The End is Where We Begin

Just because we've come to a pasture after being in the desert for a long time doesn't mean we let up.

Bonnie Gray
To Robin Williams: What I Know Now {A Letter To My Younger Self}

Soul-loneliness is our modern sad epidemic. Because we're all soul-hungry, nothing is more soul-filling than to be known.

Allison Vesterfelt
You Don't Always Have to Take the Advice of Others

Don’t dismiss the advice. Give it a try. But if the advice isn’t working, try something else.

Nicole Unice
The Thing About Boys

This summer I took my oldest boy on a trip. Just the two of us. And I learned a few things about boys.

#parenting #motherhood
Sarah Martin
Lean On

From the depths of our being to the outward physical extremities, we were created to rely on and experience His greatness.

Christina Fox
We Need Community

We need brothers and sisters in Christ who know our struggles and who are walking with us in the journey of faith.

#friendship #body of Christ #community
Renee Fisher
What is Your BIG DREAM?

What is your BIG DREAM? That is the question I asked at my Dream Devotional Book Launch this past weekend.


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