Jennifer Kostick
What the Heart's Spill Sounds Like...

Have you ever wandered what the contents of your heart sounds like to God?

#prayer #encouragement
Kelly Balarie
Kick Shame Out of Your House

What do you do when you feel hurt, embarrassed or left vulnerable? How do you feel good again? Kick shame out.

#self worth #self-care #shame
Laurie Coombs
Q&A with Laurie Coombs, author of Letters from My Father's Murderer: A Journey of Forgiveness

Join me to hear the answers to some of the questions I get asked most!

Wendy van Eyck
Why you don't need to be defined by your past

“Cancer comes only to steal and destroy but I have come to so that you can have life, real and eternal life, more and better life then you have ever dreamed of.”

Emily Massey
My Mind's On Jesus

Jesus gave us the great commission to go into all the world and be His witnesses, but are we too busy for that?

#evangelism #prayer, #love for people
Courtnaye Richard
Finding the Right Friends

Do you have the right friends around you? Make sure, by reading today's post!

Janelle Keith
How God healed me in my husband's cancer

All I could do is ask God why..

Inside iBelieve
The 2 Marks of a Truly Wicked Person

Psalm 10 may have been written long ago, but the marks of true wickedness haven’t changed a bit.

Bonnie Gray
Feeling Invisible? Let Encouragement In

Have you ever felt invisible? Maybe you're the one always encouraging other people but never feeling like you receive encouragement back. I believe that the spiritual gift of encouragement is no lesser just because it is hidden.

#friendship #self worth
April Motl
The God Who Waits

During our seasons of waiting, the Lord might be waiting just as much as we are...

#prayer #women #faith
Courtney Stanford
Does My Response to Sin Look Anything Like My Jesus?

How did Jesus respond to sin in the Bible and how does that compare to the way our current Christian culture reacts to sin?

#culture #Christian love
Christina Fox
On Weak Faith, Doubts, and the Object of our Faith

It's not about what I can do but about what God has already done through Jesus on my behalf. It's not the strength of my faith which saves me but the object of my faith, Jesus Christ.

#faith #doubt #Gospel Grace

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