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Laurie Coombs
Fail Fast and Forget about It

If God wanted us to be perfect, I think He would have made us perfect.

Christina Fox
Your Voice Is Important

Whatever our voice, loud or quiet, gentle or strong, academic or practical, God will use us to reach the heart's of his children.

#gospel #ministry #comparison
Brooke Cooney
Priscilla and Aquila: Models in Marriage and Ministry

A closer look at one of the dynamic duos in the New Testament.

April Motl
A Shield for Your Life

God told Abraham He was a shield to him. Have you allowed Him to be your shield too?

#women #names of
Wendy van Eyck
Does God speak through music?

For as long as I can remember I’ve allowed God to choose the songs when I press shuffle.

Kate Motaung
When You Don't Want to Go Home

When you don't want to go home

#eternity #heaven
Cara Joyner
Neglecting today in the name of tomorrow

Why do I so quickly allow the excitement of life's next thing to poison the goodness of life's current thing?

Renee Fisher
How Not to Run Ahead of God

Because I am a dream chaser and runner, I am constantly learning how not to run ahead of God.

Courtnaye Richard
Understanding Your Situation

Do you ever feel like you just don't quite understand what God is doing in your life? If so, then don't miss this week's post!

April Motl
The Fellowship of Faith - Summer Refreshment Series

Cultivating Relationships that Grow Your Faith

#women #Relationships #friendship
Renee Fisher
It's Time to Let Go of Bitterness

Recently, God showed me that it's time to let go of bitterness against the church.

Sarah Martin
Soul Care: Lavish

Our soul is delighted when we lavish Him

Jennifer Camp
What To Do When You Feel Trapped

Feeling trapped in the life God has given me–in the life Jesus died for, in the life of freedom He offers–doesn’t make much sense. We’re not meant to feel trapped. We’re not meant to feel overwhelmed. But we can feel that way, nevertheless.

Kate Motaung
Atlas Girl - A Review

Review of Emily Wierenga's new travel memoir, Atlas Girl

#cancer #body image #books
Wendy van Eyck
When it feels like God has left you

I stood in the wilderness place we’d picked for our holiday and I felt a bit like Jacob. I felt like someone who has been in the presence of God and never even recognized it.


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