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Brooke Cooney
Parting Words: Jesus to Judas Iscariot

Christ empathizes with us when we are betrayed by someone close.

Asheritah Ciuciu
When You Don’t Know What God’s Up To….

Jer 29:11 doesn't promise a pain-free life, but it points us to a God who's with us in the pain.

Anne Dahlhauser
Why we need each other

Finding God's comfort in community

#Christian women #Believing God #body of Christ
Wendy van Eyck
When Depression is Real

God was my bravery when I had to walk into a domestic violence situation and treat a wife quickly before the husband returned.

Inside iBelieve
Q&A with Hannah Anderson

We sat down with author and blogger Hannah Anderson to answer some common questions women have about their faith, lives and callings.

Bonnie Gray
Say Yes to Spring In You: 6 Whispers of God's Love For You

Lent is a time of renewal. It's time to say yes to spring with these 6 whispers of God's love for you.

Courtney Stanford
A Letter to My Child as You Follow Jesus

One day, you will look back and it may be hard to remember this big decision that you have made with your big heart...even while you were still so young. May my words remind you of your genuine decision to follow Jesus and may this letter encourage you in a deeper walk with our Savior.

#salvation #christian parenting #child
Emily Massey
An Engraved Heart

God wants to use you to help Him engrave His mercy and kindness upon someone else's heart that will stand the test of time.

#discipleship #encouragement #enjoy God
Jennifer Kostick
Today is His Birthday... (My Letter to Dominic)

Facing the birthday of a loved one who is in heaven...

Asheritah Ciuciu
12 “Bible Verse of the Day” Resources You Need to Know

If you're a busy woman who loves God, a Bible verse of the day can help you meditate on His Truth day and night, regardless of how busy your day gets.

#Bible Reading
Anne Dahlhauser
On becoming His masterpiece - a life resolution

May our life-canvas display the glory of the Creator

#Believing God #creativity #art
Noelle Kirchner

In the next 24 hours, you could register and win these four game-changing, faith-filled Easter basket items for your children, courtesy of Zonderkidz publishing.

#giveaway #Easter
Bronwyn Lea
Snuggling Always Helps

Lessons for tough times from a 5-year old

Courtney Stanford
God Puts the Team Together

God is at work in the big things, but also in the small. Are we in the practice of reflecting on His handiwork? Do we overlook His goodness and provision in our lives? As mission teams come together, I am reminded that He works all things to the good of those who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)

#missions #purpose #callings
Heather Nelson
why writers, ambiverts, and thoughtful living require both solitude and community

It's a myth that only introverts enjoy solitude, and only extroverts need community to be refreshed. I am learning this as I write my first book and grapple with a personality best described as "ambivert."

#writing #community #personality


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