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July Scripture Writing Guide

Our daily Scripture writing plan to walk you through the month of July.

Jennifer Kostick
What it Takes to Boldly Approach the Throne (Part Four)

Let’s just be honest and say that when life is hard, the last words we want to hear are a bunch of Christian cliché’s strung together to make us feel something we don’t.

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Christina Fox
When Hunger is a Grace

God lets us hunger and often makes us wait for the manna to fall. It humbles us and reminds us that we need his grace.

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Courtnaye Richard
How to Handle Your Struggles

Dealing with some tough times? Discover how to get through this season today. Read more...

Christina Patterson
Don't Give Up

We can rest assured that no matter how hard it is, we will see a harvest if we don't give up.

Jennifer Kostick
What It Takes to Boldly Approach the Throne (Part Three)

One of my favorite parts of reading anything from the apostle Paul is that we are essentially peeking into his mail...

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Kate Motaung
13 Summer Staycation Ideas for Families with Kids

You don't have to go somewhere awesome to have an awesome summer with your kids. Here are 13 fun, cheap staycation ideas for families of all sizes.

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Jennifer Maggio
The Truth about Lysa TerKeurst and Ministry

There is an ugly truth about the recent announcement about Lysa Terkeurst and we all need to hear it.

Jennifer Maggio
Establishing Boundaries for Your Kids

Your children thrive when they know what to expect. Establish healthy boundaries in your home.

Christina Fox
Praying for Our Children

All that our children are flows from their heart, so whatever it is we pray for them, may we never fail to pray for their hearts.

#prayer #parenting
Courtnaye Richard
Choosing to Be Better and Not Bitter

Life is all about making choices. Check out this week's blast from the past and get better TODAY!

Christina Patterson
Walk by the Spirit

Freedom in Christ does not mean freedom to sin; it means freedom from sin.

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