Courtnaye Richard
Don't Burn Yourself Out!

Do you have work to do this week? Me too!!!! Yet, in the midst of our busy schedules, we have to be careful not to burnout! Find rest in this week's post!

Christina Fox
Don't Waste Your In-between

We spend much of our lives waiting in the in-between. Let's not waste it.

#waiting on God #idols of the heart
Renee Fisher
19 Reasons to Read the Bible

Today, I want to share with you 19 reasons on why you should read the Bible.

Kelly Balarie
20 Ways to Practically Imitate Christ

Ever wondered how to imitate Christ in an applicable and practical way? How do grab hold of this in reality without it feeling overwhelming? Learn 20 ways.

#faith #hope #love
Anne Dahlhauser
As it turns out, parenting is tough (& why being foster parents is good for us)

Parenting now is less about their correction and more about our connection.

#family #children #adoption
Jennifer Kostick
Why You Need to Make Praise Your Purpose

How praise can bring hope and turn negative situations positive

#purpose #praise
Anne Dahlhauser
Phase Two (part 1)| The Horror of Actually Changing | Interrupted Book Journey

blogging through the book Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker

#Bible #Christian #Christian beliefs
Janelle Keith
How to Count It ALL Joy

Love generates joy!

Emily Massey
When God Changes Your Desires

Have you ever found yourself bored doing the things you used to love? Have you found your relationship with God distant? Maybe God is hinting to some things that need to change in your heart.

#grace #heart #surrender
Courtnaye Richard
Personal Reflection…What Do You See?

This is something I think we all need to be reminded of! See what I mean when I make this statement in this week's fresh new post!

Kelly Balarie
How to Overcome Temptation: 4 Ways

I was tempted. I was tempted to look at something online that I knew was very, very bad for me to look at. I wanted to look so badly. I wanted to see. It wa

#Contentment #temptation #belief
Anne Dahlhauser
Phase One: Breaking Down | Interrupted Book Journey

"Our perspective is limited, and our church culture is so consumer-oriented that we're blinded to our responsibility to see God's kingdom come to 'all nations,' as He was so fond of saying in His Word."

#Bible #Christianity #Christian Life

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