Kelly Balarie
When People Are Disgusting

What do you do when people are disgusting? Sometimes they just are. They revolt a stomach and make you want to run. How do you still love?

#hope #grace #love
Wendy van Eyck
Lame bible readers of the world unite

Hello, my name is Wendy and I am a lame Bible reader. This might surprise you since I write a blog called, I Love Devotionals. I even contributed six devotionals to The NIV Bible for Women.

Kelly Balarie
5 Ways to Keep your Eyes on God

There are demands and pressures all around. They divert our eyes from God. Do you know the 5 ways to keep your eyes on God so that you stand firm in love?

#hope #love #peace
Katie M. Reid
Go Deep in God's Word with this Simple Tool

Learn how to use this easy tool to dig deep into Scripture. Implementing this technique could revolutionize your quiet time.

#Bible Study #Bible, Bible Study, Bible interpretation
Jennifer Maggio
Mother's Day and Single Moms

Celebrate the joy of the Lord this Mother's Day, single moms!

Christina Fox
Our Source of Strength

In reading, studying, and dwelling on God's word, we find the Word, Immanuel, and in him is the source of all our hope and strength.

#hope #Bible Reading #strength
Courtnaye Richard
Overcoming Self-Condemnation

Have you ever felt so low because you did something that you knew was wrong? If so, read this week's post and be encouraged.

Kelly Balarie
Are You Missing Your Calling?

We all have a calling - kids, spouse, a job, a mission. What is yours? Are you missing the true heart of it? God's real intention for it? Find out.

#hope #love for God #love for people
Wendy van Eyck
A prayer for those who long for more of God

We are afraid of not having a home, of not having clothes, of not having a job. But have we ever been afraid of not having you?

Jennifer Kostick
Teaching Our Daughters to Fight

Why we need to prepare them for battle...

Inside iBelieve
Stories Around the Web - April 29

Here are just a few of the encouraging stories, beautiful images and yes, even the occasional cat videos our editor is loving this week.

Kelly Balarie
Purity Restoration Prayer

Do you feel far from God? Let God restore purity so that you can walk with clarity, communion and connection with him. Pray in new life.

#purity #fear #purpose

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