When You Want to Give Up - Beloved Women - October 30, 2019

Published: Oct 30, 2019

When You Want to Give Up – Beloved Women – October 30, 2019


“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” (2 Timothy 1:7 ESV)


“How far would you go for what you want?” the speaker asked. Someone shouted, “I will do anything”.

I’ve often heard similar statements at motivational events. People, revved up by the words of the speaker, believe anything is possible. But soon enough, reality sets in and their dreams never come to fruition. And the question we often ask is “why?” We’re left wondering why someone so committed would give up and stop trying.

There are two common culprits: fear and lack of discipline. Fear often stops us from trying and a lack of discipline stops us from following through even when we start. Perhaps, this is also your story. You have many God-given dreams you are afraid to pursue because of your fear of failure, of people’s opinions, and of rejection. You tell yourself someday you will do it, when you feel ready, but will that someday ever come? Our Lord is reminding us that He has given us the Holy Spirit to empower and help us to finish what we start.


Holy Father, I lay my life once again on Your heavenly altar. Lord, I need Your strength and wisdom to know what I should do at each point in my life. Help me to pursue all those dreams You have placed in my heart. In Jesus Christ’s Name, I pray. Amen.


What are the God-given dreams God has placed on your heart?


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Originally published Wednesday, 30 October 2019.