Dad And 3 Sons Inspire With Britain's Got Talent Singing Audition

Father and sons sing at Britian's Got Talent

The Neales’ are a talented family, and they all decided to come onto Britain’s Got Talent to audition together. But it was a rocky road that led them here in the first place.

“10 years ago, our dad had a heart attack,” shares the youngest son of the group. “And that made him realize he needed to change the way he lived his life, pursue the thing that he loved, and that’s singing. And the three of us are here because we realized the reason that he had that heart attack was cause he had run himself into the ground trying to provide for us.”

The son then goes on to share about how it did take a little while for all of the sons to be on board. “So, you would have thought that when he asked us to come on Britain’s Got Talent to try and help him achieve his dream of being a singer, we would have said yes. But it took him three years of pestering,” he says as the crowd laughs. “But we’re here now.”

The Neales men are known to sing a few songs together every time they are with one another during holidays and family events. But this is their first public performance!

“Just to be on that stage with my three sons…they know it means a lot to me, and it does. I couldn’t be more proud,” says the father. “When we sing together, it is a magical moment. I just think we’ve found something that you only find in times of adversity.”

When the group starts singing on the BGT stage, they sound incredible together! And their harmonies are so wonderful.

At the end of their performance, they receive a standing ovation from the audience! And the father is getting emotional on stage sharing this special moment with his sons.

“You know what, I absolutely loved that audition,” says Simon. “Just to see you supporting each other and this fantastic bond, it was just amazing.”

Such a touching audition! And what an incredible moment for this father to go after his dream and perform with his family.


CREDIT: The Neales

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