7 Male Celebrities Who Publicly Embrace Their Faith in Jesus

Vivian Bricker

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Published May 07, 2024
7 Male Celebrities Who Publicly Embrace Their Faith in Jesus

There are many male celebrities who openly follow Jesus within Hollywood. Despite Hollywood being a hard place for a Christian to blossom and bloom, there are many male celebrities who are not afraid to follow Jesus.

While none of us can personally know everything that these men do on a daily basis, each of them has openly talked about Jesus, their dedication to Him, and how they are following Him.

In the modern day and age, it is extremely hard to find Christian celebrities. With the corruption in movies, television, and music, sometimes it can feel as though there are no followers of Jesus.

Oftentimes, Christian celebrities keep their life private and choose to stay away from the sinful practices of the world.

By being celebrities, they probably have had times where they were involved in drugs, alcohol, or other immoral behaviors, but through knowing Jesus, they have turned away from this lifestyle. God does not want any of His children to be living a life of sin because it will only cause us harm.

Although it can be hard to openly follow Jesus in a secular world, there are many Christian celebrities who choose to do so every day. At any point, they could easily back out of following Jesus, yet these men never have. They don’t renounce the Lord, nor do they talk badly of Him.

They are honest in their struggles with faith, but they never walk away from Him. Through these men’s lives, we can learn many great things, including the importance of choosing Jesus above all things.

Oftentimes, when a celebrity comes out as being a Christian, they do not get as many roles anymore, or their record company might drop them.

Despite these things, many male celebrities continue to follow Jesus rather than listen to the world. This is something that we can take solace in because we know that even within celebrity culture, there are still people who follow Jesus.

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1. David Henrie

Most of us are aware of David playing Justin Russo on the Disney hit show, “Wizards of Waverly Place,” but not many individuals are aware that he is a Christian. 

David is open in his faithfulness to following Jesus and often speaks out about his faith. He has mentioned that his faith in Jesus has helped him in filmmaking and acting.

Due to his faith in the Lord, he chooses movies, films, and television shows that honor God. He doesn’t agree to be in any film or television show that has inappropriate scenes or foul language. Those who are a fan of David’s can rest in the assurance that he will only be in television shows and films that are good and wholesome stories.

This is something that we need more of in the world today. Even though David most likely took a pay cut by choosing to stay away from these projects, he has more joy in following Jesus. 

When it comes to true Christians, it doesn’t matter how much a person will pay us to do something unethical. We will never accept it because our first priority will always be Jesus, and this is certainly true for David’s life.

Keep on the lookout for newer projects by David, as we can count on him to create family-friendly films and clean content.

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John Schneider, Schneider talks leaning on his faith following his wife's death

2. John Schneider

While many of us know John from the long-term television show “Smallville,” he has also been in numerous films and other television shows. He is also a musician and enjoys making music to glorify God. A popular song that all people should hear by him is “Thank you, Jesus,” the acoustic version. This song attests to the love that John has for Jesus.

After the passing of his wife, John has been vocal about how much Jesus has helped him in his time of need. Losing a loved one is terrible, especially losing a spouse. Most of us can only imagine how much pain John has gone through.

He could have resorted to unhealthy coping mechanisms, but instead, he chose to lean on Jesus. As believers, we can follow his example and choose to lean on Jesus no matter what we are facing.

Whatever you are facing today, know that Jesus is with you just as he is with John. John is not in streamlined films or television shows anymore, but he has more important things on his mind. He is faithful in following Jesus, and he trusts the Lord with the rest of his life.

John will be ready to see Jesus when he passes away and to be reunited with his wife. All of us have the promise of seeing Jesus when we pass because we have placed faith in our glorious Lord and Savior.

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Hillsong United, UNITED wrote songs for the pandemic before the pandemic

3. Benjamin Hastings

Benjamin Hastings is a Christian artist who recently released his first album, Benjamin William Hastings.” Even though Benjamin is not a mainstream artist you hear on the radio, he is still a celebrity and is part of Hillsong United.

Hillsong Church has faced much ridicule and allegations, which Benjamin addresses in his song, “Cathedrals Of The Nelder Grove.” He also is vulnerable in his struggles with faith and is not afraid of being honest with his feelings.

Through his music, we see Benjamin struggle with the work-life balance that comes from being in Hillsong United. In his song, “While I’m in the Wind,” he discusses how he has missed his daughter's birthdays and hopes he isn’t the one who fuels her therapy when she is older.

He laments, “Did I build you a house when you wanted a home?” Through this, we can see how much Benjamin regrets not being with his children and how much he misses them when he is gone.

He sacrifices all of this because he hopes his music will help point more people to Jesus. This is one of the main sacrifices Christian celebrities have to give up because in order to make their art, they normally have to leave loved ones behind.

Despite Benjamin not wanting to be away from his family for such long times, he knows he is doing great things for the Kingdom and pointing more people to Jesus, strengthening their faith, and helping them not feel so alone in their struggles.

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4. Montelle Lemon

Montelle Lemon’s current stage name is “Monty!” and previously went by “Montythehokage.” Monty is a rapper, musician, and artist, as well as a co-founder of the CMPND. Monty is a personal friend of mine as I went to college with him. 

I can personally attest to how he chooses to follow Jesus every day and allows his music to be an expression of his love for the Lord. 

Throughout Monty’s career and in his personal life, he chooses to focus on Jesus. From humble starts, he has now grown to celebrity status and many people across the world listen to his music. 

He has had collaborations with other Christian artists to form lyrical masterpieces. When we listen to Monty’s music, we will quickly learn that music is his lifeline. He is passionate about conveying various stories through his music, including his love for Jesus. 

Within the music genres of rap and hip-hop, it can be hard to find music that is Christian-based and clean. With Monty, we don’t have to worry about either of these things. His music is clean, and his faith comes through in his music. 

If you need a new artist to listen to, check Monty out. He is available on streaming, Spotify, YouTube, and other platforms. Monty is a kind, generous, and true friend, who wants to help everyone learn about Jesus. He is definitely someone worth supporting within the music scene.  

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Mark Wahlberg, Wahlberg to star in his first faith-based film

5. Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg is known for numerous movies and films, but did you know he is also a Christian? Mark has been outspoken about his faith and never shys away when someone asks him about Jesus. 

In fact, Mark has said, “I will not hide the fact that I love the Lord.” The love Mark has for Jesus is genuine and true. 

While many actors try to play the side of religion in order to get more fans from a certain demographic group, Mark does not do this. He is open about his faith in Jesus because he truly loves the Lord. 

Within Hollywood, being a Christian is not popular. It is actually looked down upon. Even though this is how many people view Christianity in Hollywood, Mark is not afraid to share his faith with the world.

This is yet again, another great example that we can learn from. Instead of going along with the world or even being ashamed of the gospel, we should stand firm for Christ and be glad that we belong to the family of God. 

Just as Mark is not afraid to talk about Jesus on public television or in interviews, we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about Jesus with our co-workers, our neighbors, or our unbelieving friends. We should never be ashamed of the Name that has saved us. 

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Heavy metal artists, Group starts church that combines heavy metal music and Christianity

6. Josh Farro

Josh Farro was a former member of the band Paramore. In fact, he was one of the founding members of Paramore, but left after the third album, “Brand New Eyes.”

His brother, Zac Farro, also left Paramore at this time but returned for their fifth album, “After Laughter,” and has remained ever since. Josh; however, has not returned and has created a solo project called “Farro.”

Josh left the band after his views were not aligning with his band mates. Despite everyone in the band claiming to be Christians, they were not living in accordance with this claim.

Many members of the band were advocating for immoral stances on things that God had already condemned. Many fans and critics have said terrible things about Josh because of his faith in Jesus and his decision to stay true to the Lord.

Farro is not seen as much on the music scene anymore, but rather, chooses to spend time with his wife and children. Farro’s social media platforms have since become private, noting the importance of keeping his life private from the rest of the world.

It is unfortunate that Josh had to leave Paramore and his joy of writing music, but he chose to follow Jesus because he knew the Lord was greater than anything else.

We can learn from Josh’s life that we need to be ready to stand up for Jesus even if that means losing something we love.

Without a doubt, Josh is a talented musician, singer, and lyricist, and hopefully, one day, he will consider making music to reflect his faith in Jesus. Until then, Josh is living his life with his family and staying true to following Jesus.

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Kirk Cameron, Cameron encourages people to turn to God amid the upcoming election in new series

7. Kirk Cameron

Prior to doing Christian films and productions, Kirk was involved in the secular Hollywood scene. He was known to be a teenage star in “Growing Pains,” but has now evolved to being in wholesome films, such as his most recent film, “Lifemark.” Kirk is very vocal about his faith in Jesus and wants to help others come to know Him through his films and productions.

Most people know about Kirk’s sister, Candace Cameron Bure, who is a popular Christian celebrity, but individuals do not need to overlook Kirk.

Both of these siblings love the Lord and desire to serve Him in everything they do. Instead of making or being in films that surround immoral behaviors, they choose to do things that honor God.

Kirk is someone who follows Jesus wholeheartedly. He isn’t afraid of what other people say or think. Kirk knows the truth that Jesus loves him and died for his sins. This is yet again, another great lesson we can learn from a male celebrity’s life and apply it into our own.

We need to follow Jesus wholeheartedly even if that means being looked down upon by others. At the end of the day, we know Jesus is the One we are serving and He is the only One we need to please.

There are many male celebrities who openly follow Jesus. A few of these include David Henrie, John Schneider, Benjamin Hastings, Montelle Lemon, Mark Wahlberg, Josh Farro, and Kirk Cameron.

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Originally published Tuesday, 07 May 2024.