10 Hacks to Get Organized This Spring

Carrie Lowrance

Crosswalk Contributor
Updated Apr 23, 2024
10 Hacks to Get Organized This Spring

Spring is finally here! The weather is getting nicer and we can open our windows and let some fresh air in. However, with spring comes spring cleaning and getting organized.

It always amazes me how much “stuff” and “junk” we accumulate. I had this experience recently when we hired a junk company to come and pick up some things that we couldn’t put in the dumpster. We had quite a bit of old electronics and other odds and ends. After the junk company took it away, I felt a weight being lifted off me. Clutter can bog you down. I felt like I had a much clearer mindset after it was gone.

Do you need to clear some clutter and organize some things in your home? 

Here are some tips to get you started:

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1. Get Rid of the Junk

Have everyone in your home go through the things that you can’t take to the trash. Things like old electronics, small appliances, broken-down computer chairs, old cell phones, etc. 

Once you have everything gathered up, you can call a local junk removal company and have them come and pick it up. In our case, they came and looked at it to determine how much space it would take up in the truck, and that is how they figured out how much it would cost. However, different companies do things differently. You can also see if your city has a “junk day” where they will come and pick up whatever people leave at the curb.

Another option would be if you have electronics that still work but are outdated, you could sell them for some cash.

2. Check Your Medicine Cabinet

This is something I do twice a year, in the spring and in the fall. I go through our medicine cabinet and see what over-the-counter medicines have expired and get rid of them. I also check the non-expired medicines to see their expiration dates and determine if we need to restock anything. The last thing I want is to not have Pepto Bismol for an upset stomach or heartburn or to run out of allergy meds in the spring. 

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3. Look at Your Entertainment

We live in a world where we have a plethora of entertainment, but how much do we need? Go through your bookshelf and see which books you haven’t read or are collecting dust. Put them in a pile to be donated and then organize the rest of your shelf the way you like it. The same goes with your other entertainment items like DVDs, blue rays, and yes, for you old schoolers out there, CDs. Decide what you are going to donate and then organize each of these items as you like.

Also, look at your digital entertainment and see how much it’s costing you. Do you need to pay for 10+ streaming services? Pick the ones that you watch the most and then let go of the others. Not only will you have a more organized TV screen, but your budget will thank you. Also, you can find great free streaming services for entertainment. The same goes for other online subscriptions that you have. Choose what you use the most and let the other ones go. 

4. Organize Your Closet

Go through your closet at least twice a year and take inventory of your clothing. What’s worn out and needs to go? What haven’t you worn at all or in ages? How many pairs of shoes do you need? Then you can either donate these items or post them online to sell.

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5. Organize Your Cleaning Supplies

Go through your cleaning supplies and see what needs to be thrown out. Before doing so, I would make a list of all the supplies you have. Next, go online and see how long they will last. For example, multi-surface sprays last around two years, and dish detergent about a year. When you are going through things, don’t forget to add disposable gloves, sponges, etc.

6. Organize Your Spices

This is big if you cook a lot. There is nothing more aggravating than finding out you’re out of a spice you need when you are in the middle of making dinner. I know this has happened to me. There is nothing like making chili and finding out you’re out of chili powder. No joke. Go through your spices and see what you need to replace. I got us some spice racks for our cabinets, which is a big help to see things at a glance. 

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7. Organize Your Makeup/Beauty Products

Go through your makeup and see what has expired and get rid of it. Using old products can cause skin and eye issues. If your makeup is unopened and sealed, it should last 2-3 years. Go online and see how long each opened product you have should last and go from there. As for skincare products, they should have an expiration date on them.

8. Organize Your Pantry

Go through your pantry and make a list of everything you have. Then, check if any of the items are expired or if you need to buy more of something. It’s very easy for pantries to get overcrowded and chances are you may find one or two more food items that you forgot about. If you find several items that aren’t expired but you don’t want, donate them to a local food pantry. For future reference, keep a primary list of everything in your pantry and how much of each thing you have. Then mark it off as you use it. You can also buy a small whiteboard to keep track so it’s easier to subtract and add items.

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9. Organize Your Computer Files and Downloads

This can be a big one too. As a writer and an author, I find it easy to download this free checklist or guide and before I know it, I have clogged up my computer with files and downloads that I may or may not use. I think this happens to all of us. Sit down and look at your files and downloads to see what you need to delete and what you can keep. Be honest with yourself, and if you don’t think you’ll use it or look at it, delete it. The last thing you want is to run out of space when you need it for something important.

10. Organize Important Papers

There is nothing like needing an important paper like a birth certificate or social security card and not knowing where it is. Having a bunch of old receipts and pay stubs you don’t need anymore isn’t good either. Take some time and go through those boxes of papers that you have in junk drawers and file boxes and get them organized. You could even color code your folders via topics like blue for insurance papers, yellow for personal papers (birth certificates, marriage licenses, etc), and orange for receipts from companies you currently use, like the phone company or electric company. 

Spring is a great time to get organized before the chaos of summer hits. Then you can relax and have some peace of mind because you know where everything is and are prepared for whatever comes your way.

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Originally published Tuesday, 23 April 2024.