3 Reasons You Should Never Settle

Ryan and Amanda Leak

Updated May 13, 2015
3 Reasons You Should Never Settle
Most people settle because they believe this is what’s left over for people like them. Don't believe that lie. You can do nothing about your past, but you can do a whole lot about your future.

Can you think of one person in your life currently who you would classify as somebody who is ‘settling’? It’s amazing that we know exactly what settling looks like on other people, but it’s incredibly difficult to recognize it in the mirror. When a person spends a majority of their time rationalizing why they are with the person they are with, they are suffering from an extreme case of settling. Most people settle because they believe this is what’s left over for people like them. If you’re a single parent, divorced, or ‘getting up there in age,’ you feel like you have to take whatever you can get. Don’t believe that lie. You can do nothing about your past, but you can do a whole lot about your future.

Here are 3 reasons why you should never settle:

1. You’ll miss your complete destiny.

Whether you believe it or not, God has a plan and strategy with your name written on it. And inside that plan is a person God has tailor-made for you. Why would you want to miss out on meeting that person? Would you say that meeting the one whom God designed you to be with isn’t worth waiting a little longer? Wouldn’t you rather wait 5 more years to meet the one whom you’re suppose to be with than to spend 5 years in regret? Settling not only makes you miss out on whom you could have been with, but also the person you could’ve become. You’re the best you when you’re walking confidently the decisions you’ve made. Your destiny is too great to settle for second-best.

2. It creates tension with your friends & family.

When you settle, all of your friends & family are pressured to pretend like you made a great decision. You do not want a relationship where you have to make excuses for the person you ‘love’ when you’re telling your world about them. We’ve all nodded our heads at our friends when they’re talking about someone they love so much when inside we are screaming, “NOOOOOOOO. Run!!!” You want to be in a relationship where when you brag about him or her, and those in your life affirm that you’ve made a good decision.

3. It makes you trust God less in everything else.

Settling is one of the worst statements you can give God without saying one word. Settling tells God, “I’ll take matters into my own heart considering these are the only options I have in front of me.” The worst place in the world you can be is a place where you don’t trust God to give you His best. Settling in the most important area of your life will only bleed into the other areas of your life. Creating a habit of taking matters into your own hands is a great way to make life miserable. You’re better than that, and your God is better than you think He is.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. One of the greatest questions you can ask yourself when it comes to settling is, “How does God see and understand who I am and where I’m going?” If you consistently make decisions based off what you can see, you will consistently live a limited life. God has a huge plan and destiny for your future relationships. Trust that plan and see it through.

It is better to feel the temporary sting of loneliness than the lifetime anguish of regret. 

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