Prayers for the Unreached People Groups

Alicia Searl

Contributing Writer
Published Nov 09, 2023
Prayers for the Unreached People Groups

... the notion that many don’t have any direction or hope should break our hearts. 

A few years ago, we had a guest speaker come and share his story and mission work with our Bible study class. Let me just say that his testimony was eye-opening and inspiring. His mission was to go out and spread the gospel to the unreached people groups all around the world. He had taken mission trips all over India, parts of Africa, and even South America. Many places were not even heard of as these people groups lived in such remote areas, that many don’t even know exist.

At the time of his visit, there were well over three billion people around the globe who had never even heard about the good news! That means they had never heard the name of Jesus! Can you imagine living with no hope or life beyond this one? This is how these people lived and raised their children. Life was merely something to just survive.

In knowing that all life is invaluable to our God and that He created and breathed into our lungs and desires for each of us to live abundantly and with purpose, the notion that many don’t have any direction or hope should break our hearts. From the very beginning, God’s heart was for all to be saved and to proclaim His name. Ultimately, His heart is for the nations and to reach the lost. 

Friend, we must realize that the Great Commission is not something we should take lightly. While we may not be called to go out and be missionaries, our mission is still very clear – to pray for those who don’t know Christ! Jesus actually commanded us to do so when he told His disciples to take the Gospel to all the nations (Mark 16:15-18). This can be done through the power of our prayers!

Consequently, the harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few (Matthew 9:37), meaning there are so many who still need to know Christ, but very few answer the call to spread the gospel. So, will join me today and answer the call to pray for those that need to hear the good news? Let’s pray for our Lord’s name to be fully known and lean into the promise that once all nations have heard of the kingdom of God and proclaim His holy name, the return of Jesus is imminent (Matthew 24:14). That is worth rejoicing!

A Prayer for Understanding

Father, we are grateful that You are God of intentionality and give us meaning in this life. As we lift up Your people who have yet to know Your name, we ask that You give clarity to the delivery and execution of Your faithful and humble mission-hearted servants. If there are any language barriers, questions, or concerns, please bring forth those who can translate Your Word, shine a light, and create a way to make Your glorious name known. We ask this in Your Holy name. Amen.

A Prayer for Soft Hearts

O Lord, we desperately need You to soften our hearts for those who do not know You, and place strong convictions on us to be used for Your will. Help us yearn for the lost as You do, Lord, and allow our hearts to ache for those who need to hear the gospel that so graciously extends us salvation. As You faithfully send the “workers” into the fields to harvest, may the seeds fall upon soft and fertile soil. We graciously ask that You open the unreached people’s minds and soften their hearts as they receive the good news. In Your time, please chart a way for these beloved people to become disciples who spread Your name among their communities. We humbly ask this in Your precious name. Amen.

A Prayer for Missionaries

Faithful God, we are so humbled and honored to be used to do good works in Your name. We ask that You be with the missionaries You have called to lead the Great Commission and to spread Your Word among the nations. We ask that when missionaries proclaim, teach, share, and read Your Word, the people they come in contact with will come into a relationship with You. We pray that the interaction be beneficial. Bless them with hope as You change lives and instill healthy goals to dig deeper into Your Word. Thank you for Your divine intervention. Amen. 

A Prayer for Resources and Support

Lord Jesus, as we earnestly pray for those who don’t know You and have little to no knowledge of Your precious name, we ask that You bring forth the needs in the means of supplies and resources to support the unreached people. Soften the hearts of Your church body to help spread the gospel by giving and donating Bibles and other essential materials. We know You are faithful and will provide the strength and endurance for those who are carrying out Your mission, producing a plentiful harvest, but we ask for You to show us how to support them. Grant us ways to bless them and their mission from afar. We are so thankful that You are a Faithful Father. Amen.

A Prayer for Spiritual Growth

Gracious God, thank you for the gift of faith and for allowing us to come into such a beautiful relationship with You. We know many do not know the greatness and depths of Your incredible love. We pray as unreached people are shown Your amazing grace that seeds are planted that will bear deep roots. Father, please provide the means along with faithful pastors and leaders to plant biblically sound churches that will continue to build community and fellowship for spiritual growth. We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

A Prayer for Protection

Father God, as we come to you with hearts longing to see Your Word spread among the nations, we also know that there is an enemy lurking around the corner waiting to destroy this mission. We ask that You please keep Your people safe and free from harm, as many missionaries and unreached people experience extreme and detrimental sufferings from violence, poverty, famine, and human trafficking. As Your Word is spread among these regions, may it be a light to the darkness and a bold declaration that You are a God that gives new life and that You are good, just, and merciful. We are so grateful for Your sovereignty, Lord. Amen.

A Prayer to Remain Faithful

Lord, help us as Your followers to remain steadfast and faithful in the mission to spread Your Word. Give us soft hearts and open minds that long to see every nation reached, eager to glorify Your Holy name! Help us remain faithful as we surrender all and place our trust in You, O God. We know that in carrying out heartfelt prayers for the lost and unreached, we will be a prime target for the enemy. Please shield us from evil and his malicious schemes, placing our sights on You alone. Give us the wisdom to follow Your will and help us be faithful stewards. Amen.

Praying for the unreached people groups may feel like a daunting task, and you may even be unsure of how to pray specific prayers for certain regions and nations. If you need more insight on certain areas that could really use your prayers, please be sure to check out Operation World, a prayer guide for every nation by Jason Mandryk, for further information.

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