The One Secret to Enduring a Tough Season - Girlfriends in God - February 15, 2019

Published: Feb 15, 2019

February 15, 2019
The One Secret to Enduring a Tough Season
Michele Cushatt

Today’s Truth

Therefore, do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble (Matthew 6:34, ESV).

Friend to Friend

A quick look at my upcoming calendar nearly launched me in an enthusiastic episode of hyperventilation. Paper bag? Anyone have a paper bag?! As I scanned Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and every day following for several weeks, any free time and possibility of rest were swallowed up by commitments and responsibility. Once again, I’d said “yes” to too many appointments, meetings and projects. I knew better, had been here before. And yet, once again, I found myself in a wrestling match between promises made and potential meltdown.

The more I looked at the never-ending stretch of days, the more I felt buried under the weight of it. And with the weight came frustration, irritation, and anger. Even panic. How would I get it all done? It felt impossible. Worse, I knew if I didn’t get my emotions under control, it was only a matter of time before they spilled out on those around me, namely my husband and children.

I needed to get a grip. Fast. And that’s when I remembered eight of Jesus’ words:

“Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” (Matt. 6:34)

In other words, you and I have more than enough to handle today. Today requires nothing less than our full attention. As for tomorrow and the next day and the many days yet to come years from now? We’ll have what we need for those days the moment we wake up to them, and not a moment before. Today takes up all the space our hands can hold. So why reach for days that haven’t yet come to pass?

Rather than looking at the calendar—or circumstances—months and years, it’s best to tackle life one day at a time. There was no way I’d get through this full season by panicking at the magnitude of it. Instead, I needed to take one day at a time, trusting God’s provision and presence to be sufficient for each one.

And, yes, it was also time I learned how to say “no” so I didn’t end up in this predicament again. Jesus could help me with that, too.

If you find yourself in an overwhelmed season, friend, I get it. Sometimes life IS more than we can handle. So, don’t try to tackle all of life in one 24-hour block. Instead of panicking at all your tomorrows, take a deep breath and pray your way through today. Let tomorrow’s troubles rest on tomorrow’s shelf, and keep your hands (and heart and mind) free to handle what is right in front of you.

Then, with an exhale, trust that the One who holds all of time in His able Hands will walk with you through whatever tomorrow may bring. Just as He did for you today.

Let’s Pray

Dear Lord, I spend far too much time worrying about things I cannot control. But today I’m choosing to trust You with all of it. I put all my tomorrows in your hands, and I trust You’ll give me the strength needed when those tomorrows come. For now, let’s You and I walk through today, together. Thank You for your patience and presence.

In Jesus’ Name,


Now It’s Your Turn 

What future worry are you wrestling with today? Say it aloud or perhaps write it on a piece of paper. Then, fold the paper in half and tuck it into your Bible with the words, “God, I trust you with my tomorrows. I put them all in your hands.”

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Originally published Friday, 15 February 2019.