Naked and Unashamed - Encouragement for Today - June 5, 2018

Jessica Thompson

June 5, 2018
Naked and Unashamed

“Both the man and his wife were naked, yet felt no shame.” Genesis 2:25 (CSB)

What are you like when you meet someone for the first time?

If you’re like me, you try to be kind, personable, funny, wise and caring — to put your best self forward.

I don’t share that I yelled at my kids that morning or that the inside of my car looks likes a tornado went through it or that I ate something very unhealthy for breakfast.

What about the people you’re closest to? How do you treat those who know the majority of your issues, yet choose to stick around?

The people who see your dirty car, unhealthy food addiction and impatience with your family. They may know a lot about you, but they still don’t know it all.

We hide the petty reason we got angry, the insecurities we feel and the sin we’re sure they won’t understand. We’re ashamed of our true selves and sure no one will love us after they see that part of us.

In direct contrast, Genesis 2:25b says Adam and Eve “were naked, yet felt no shame.” These six words describe what true relationship looked like before sin entered the picture.

They were not only naked physically but also naked emotionally. They had nothing to hide. No sin to cover. No parts of their body they felt wouldn’t measure up. No parts of their personality they despised.

Things deteriorated rapidly when Adam and Eve did the one thing God commanded them not to do. With that bite, all of creation changed forever.

As a result, shame entered the world and continues its ugly work in every single one of our lives. Shame assaults us daily, sometimes even hourly. Just as Adam and Eve immediately covered themselves and hid from God, we’ve been hiding ourselves ever since.

But then came Jesus. Jesus takes all our shame — sexual, emotional, physical — and tells us we are loved and accepted.

By His sacrifice on the cross, He takes us back to the Garden. He takes us back to “naked, yet felt no shame.” He took all our shame upon Himself as He hung on the cross.

He took our shame on the cross, and He gave us the record of His unashamed life.

Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, when God looks at us, He sees the work and life of Jesus in us.

While we will only experience limited freedom from our shame on earth, one day we will experience it fully. One day we will feel no pain or sadness as we look on our past. One day every tear produced by shame will be wiped away by the hand of our God.

Until then, we press into the forgiveness we’ve received. Right now, we do the hard work by believing that we are truly loved, accepted and forgiven. Right now, we share that good news with others. We speak love, forgiveness and acceptance. And, by the work of the Holy Spirit, we trust that those very words have been spoken over us.

Heavenly Father, for too long shame has kept me in the dark and prevented me from being the person You desire me to be. Thank You for taking my shame on the cross so I can walk in freedom. Help me speak and extend the love, forgiveness and acceptance You’ve given me to others.

Romans 8:1-2, “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus, because the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and death.” (CSB)

Psalm 103:3-5, “He forgives all your iniquity; he heals all your diseases. He redeems your life from the Pit; he crowns you with faithful love and compassion. He satisfies you with good things; your youth is renewed like the eagle.” (CSB)

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What area of your life have you been hiding in shame? Is there a trusted counselor or friend you could share it with?

How does knowing that Jesus loves, forgives and accepts you give you freedom to talk to others about the shame-filled areas in your life?

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Originally published Tuesday, 05 June 2018.