A Lone Target at a Turkey Shoot - Encouragement Café - December 15, 2015

A Lone Target at a Turkey Shoot

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Today’s Special is:  Moments That Scar

Carefully prepared just for you by your friend, Luann Prater

Main Ingredient

Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.

Matthew 5:7 NIV


I'm not sure I will ever forget the day.  There are some moments destined to leave a mark.  It may be a scar or the brand of a turning point.

An emergency meeting was called requiring everyone to stop what they were doing and get to the office.  The typical murmuring ensued, all guessing the reason we were called to appear.

The boss pulled up a chair at the head of the table.  Talk had gotten back to him that people were gossiping about someone and he came to give everyone a chance to speak their mind and clear the air.  He then announced the topic... Luann.  You could have scooped my jaw off the floor.  I had no idea!

For the next several hours everyone took turns airing their concerns.  I'm not sure what I was suppose to feel, but the term Turkey Shoot kept flashing in my head.  In the olden days, people would gather for a Turkey Shoot where live turkeys were tied down in a pen and shot from 25-35 yards.  If the turkey died, the shooter received it as a prize.

Between bouts of disbelief and the urge to gobble, I prayed.  I didn't understand this rather odd ritual, but I knew God allowed it for a reason.  When it was my turn to speak, I sincerely wanted to make it right.  God whispered, "My grace covers you.  Apply it."  I apologized.

The boss stood and declared that I had been doing everything they had asked me to do and they couldn't be happier with my performance.  He then took the heat for not communicating my job description to the team, so they were left to wonder if I was pulling my weight.

Words whispered in secret instantly erased through the words of my boss.  An answer to prayer.

Isn't that just like God?  At that very moment He demonstrated, He's always got my back.  That was the prize.

Being a lone target that day left a mark, a turning point. 

Turn to the only One who knows the Truth.

Take Out:

If we are honest with one another, we have all felt this pain many times in our lives.  We have two choices... to believe them or believe God.  If you don't know your Creator, spend some time in His Word and here is a good place to start.


Heavenly Father, You are our Creator and Sustainer.  When we are being attacked, You are right there with us.  You have always got our back, but we must turn to You and Your Word.  May we continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge of who we are in You.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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Originally published Tuesday, 15 December 2015.