Reviving My Hope - Daughters of Promise - June 21

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So she called the name of the Lord who spoke to her, “You are a God of seeing,” for she said, “Truly here I have seen him who looks after me.” Genesis 16:13

Jesus revealed His true identity to the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well. God revealed His true identity to Hagar at a well in the middle of the wilderness somewhere on the way to Egypt. The well was a stopping place, a resting place. It was there that, in the lives of these two women, divine encounters occurred. They were so powerful that it changed the courses of their lives.

 I read of their stories and I can long to be in their shoes for those few moments. But wait! I can be. Weary children of God can still stop by a well, dip their cup, and experience God.

Who can’t relate to Hagar at some point in their life? Maybe you’re there now. Sinned against, singled out as the object of someone’s anger, you are fragile as an eggshell. You can’t conceive of how you might go on and ever trust again. You can feel your heart shriveling, closing off, and becoming cynical. This abuse has happened so many times that it appears this is to be your way of life. Why doesn’t God stop it? Does He see you or are you a forgotten child?

Run to the well. Jesus is Living Water and the scriptures are the point of encounter. Rest there. Bring your aching heart and will it to hope once more in the God who sees. El Roi. Hagar named the Lord “The One who sees me.” In the deafening silence of her wilderness, there was One who saw, One who spoke, One who made outrageous promises.

God loves to be experienced. He promises that, for any who search, He will be found. Today, I make the scriptures my resting place and I won’t stop drinking until my thirst is quenched. This has never been, nor will ever be, a futile endeavor.

You made the sands upon which I walk. The earth is Yours and I am never alone. Even when I see nothing but sand, You see nothing but me. Amen.

For more from Christine Wyrtzen and Jaime Wyrtzen Lauze, please visit

For more from Christine Wyrtzen and Jaime Wyrtzen Lauze, please visit

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Originally published Monday, 21 June 2021.