I Have a Soft Place To Fall - Daughters of Promise - March 8, 2019


I Have a Soft Place To Fall

The name of the LORD is a fortified tower; the righteous run to it and are safe. Prov. 18:10

When a child is scared at night, she runs to her parent’s room. When she is angry, she looks for someone to hear what has upset her. But when she has no one to turn to, a spiritual orphan is formed. She learns that no one is going to be there for her. If she is going to be safe, she’ll need to take care of herself. Self-protecting becomes her way of life and it’s terrifying for her to think of taking down the walls for anyone, even God. Coming to grips with the fact that He could have prevented everyone from hurting her nails distrust in place.

Faith must begin to chip away at her fearful heart. Understanding why God watched His Son suffer without rescuing Him ushers in the beginning of a new understanding about God’s love and sovereignty. No one would doubt that He loved His Son. If Jesus had a path of redemption to walk, then so must I. Eventually, armed with scriptures, faith is built and becomes more instinctive. The distrustful, small person inside can finally entertain that God’s arms are a soft place to fall. We can, and should, run there for so many reasons.

Let me personalize.

  • When life is chaotic and there is tension beyond the likes of which I can cope, I run home to Jehovah Shalom ~ the Father of Peace. His promises calm the beating of my heart until I can breathe normally again.
  • When my heart has been broken again by unloving people, I run home to Jehovah Rapha, the Father who heals. He soothes my heart and smooths the ragged edges of my agitation. Once composed, He speaks words of healing from His own Word that bring promise and perspective to all that I have suffered.
  • When the enemy presses in on all sides and defeat seems inevitable, I run home to Jehovah Nissi, the Father who waves His banner of victory over my life. Only He holds my future in His hands and He surrounds me with protection and destines me for glory.
  • When my life is void of comforters and agents of mercy and it feels like I am absolutely alone, I will refuse to believe it and run straight home to El Roi, my Father who sees. Not one injustice has gone unnoticed. Not one insult has slipped by Him. He heard it all and saw it all and His plan for my life is not thwarted in the least by those who wished to harm me. Like Hagar in the wilderness, God was with her when she reached a point of despair and revealed His love with His presence and His provision.

In certain situations, there are usually only a few people I can turn to. But with God, there is absolutely nothing that would keep me from His invitation to run home. Always, in every situation imaginable, I have a soft place to fall.

When I fall, You will catch me. Amen

Originally published Friday, 08 March 2019.