He Paid for My Ultimate Enjoyment - Daughters of Promise - July 4


Their leaves will not wither, nor will their fruit fail. Every month they will bear fruit, because the water from the sanctuary flows to them.  Ezekiel 47:12 

The holy of holies ~ the place where God’s Spirit lived.  A priest could only enter one day a year and if he hadn’t atoned for his sins by making a sacrifice, he would be dead when he stepped through the curtain.  For that reason, tassels were tied around his feet so that if he died, he could be dragged back out without others entering and risking their lives.  It was the sanctuary of God. 

Through His death, Jesus tore the curtain that separated us from the holy of holies.  He paid for our sin, became our sacrifice, so that we never need fear approaching Him.  Instead of God’s Spirit dwelling in the holy of holies, He now dwells in the hearts of mankind if they have made Him their Savior and Lord.  I am the new temple.  Inside of me, in my spirit, is the holy of holies where God’s Spirit finds His home.  From that sanctuary inside, Living Water flows freely and changes the internal landscape of my life.  Greenery is not threatened by hard times.  Persecution can not mar the beauty.  Deprivation, scorn, sickness…these are not a menace to my internal Eden.  The Spirit of God lives there.  How our forefathers in the Old Testament would have yearned for such a reality.  They could not fathom that Yahweh could come to live inside man. 

If ever I should enjoy something phenomenal, should it not be this?  Should I not be so humbled and incredulous that I get to be God’s temple, that I make my highest aspiration to enjoy the privilege?  I want to fully invest in the most important relationship I’ll ever have, to get to know God better than I know any earthly person.  The result?  Listen.  Can you hear the river? It promises to flow to every cracked and barren place that desperately needs to see the promise of Spring.  In the days ahead, join me.  Let’s stand in the flow.  Let’s learn to enjoy what only those on the narrow way are offered.

I receive with meekness the implanted Word, which is able to save my soul (James 1:21).  Amen. 

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Originally published Thursday, 04 July 2019.