Can I Really Grasp It? - Daughters of Promise - December 31, 2018


Christine Wyrtzen

Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD has risen upon you. Isaiah 60:1

         My sister related a quote to me the other day. Ideology is peaceful but history is violent. The darkness of this world, starting with the fall of man, has been overwhelming. No matter where we study history, there are stories of unspeakable cruelty.  Our lasting shred of innocence has been shattered by what we see on the evening news.  Never did we think we would see such savagery come to pass in my lifetime.

         The differences between the darkness of evil and the light of the glory of God are so stark that I simply can not comprehend them.  Within the limitations of my mortality, I don't understand the full extent of God's holiness nor Satan's villainous nature.  I also don't grasp the evil of my own heart nor the power of what it means to be created in the image of God. If I knew what it really meant to have His Spirit inside, wouldn't I live as a blazing fire?  Wouldn't my passion drive out all vestiges of a numbed out existence?  As it is, there are still days I taste the latter.

         The Light of the world entered our violent world humbly and quietly. His light was only visible to some but for those who had spiritual eyesight, the darkness was eclipsed by the glory of the Son of Man.  Oh, what darkness was resident within the rule of the Roman Empire.  It was a corrupt and vicious dictatorship.  The nation of Israel had been suffering in the shadows of evil and were languishing for their Messiah to come and deliver them. His birth was preceded by 400 years of silence, a deafening and interminable silence. Never was the light more life saving than when Jesus came to show the world the Father’s face but most didn't see Him as the answer to their prayers.  The miracle they, and their ancestors, had been crying out for had arrived but they couldn't celebrate.

         God's brilliance is all around me because God loves to show off His glory. Am I receptive? Can I see it?  And how much more so at Christmastime is the wonder of heaven revealed! How do the angelic hosts of heaven celebrate the birthday of Jesus? Someday I’ll know but I want to begin to take part in the celebration now. I’m asking God to open my spirit wide so that I can feel the impact of heaven and earth colliding. The re-telling of His birth, captured by the musicians of heaven, has to be stunning.

Let me hear the music. In Jesus name, Amen

Originally published Monday, 31 December 2018.