Am I Lazy, and What Is the Cost? - Daughters of Promise - October 2

Published: Oct 02, 2023

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The way of the sluggard is as a hedge of thorns.  Proverbs 15:19

Life happens to the lazy man as opposed to being shaped by him.  He will see challenges come but, because of his slothfulness, he will not massage each one with prayer and problem solving.  He will sit and let his problems slowly overwhelm him.  One challenge is then joined by another, and sooner or later, he is beset by a hedge of thorns too numerous to tackle.  At this point, he usually throws up his hands in defeat.  Inevitably, he lives overwhelmed and with a sense of futility.  He will often give a martyr's speech.  "I just can't win!  Nothing good ever happens to me.” 

The way out of such a mindset is a heart change.  Laziness is a spiritual problem, not a mere character flaw.  The one who is lazy fails to answer Christ’s call to discipleship.  A follower of Jesus redeems the time for he knows the days are evil.  Each moment wasted is time and opportunity lost.  Never do we read that Jesus was prompted by His Father, only to respond, "I don't feel like doing that today."  Not that He never rested.  He did.  Not that He was never led into solitude for restoration.  He was.  The point is that rest is for those who work.  Restoration is for those who are poured out for others.  Rest is for those who are weary in obedience.  

Like you, today has some challenges.  I can distract myself and put off the right response.  But it is not time to retreat.  It is time to pray, then dig in and trust God for one resolution at a time.  Kingdom work is always cooperative and even when it’s difficult, I live in awe of the privilege.   

Now I know from personal experience, that many of you will read this and believe you are lazy when you’re not.  Workaholics usually believe they should do more, not less.  That is also a spiritual problem; one to be addressed in another devotional perhaps.  I identify with working too long, too hard; believing that my high standards are equivalent to God’s work ethic.  It has everything to do with self, not God. 

Help me with balance, Lord.  I am often moving at fast speeds when I should be still.  I’m often lazy when I should be moving.  Only You can cure my distorted thinking. In Jesus' name, Amen

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Originally published Monday, 02 October 2023.