Spirit Lead Me - Beloved Women - January 11, 2019

Published: Jan 11, 2019

Spirit Lead Me – Beloved Women – January 11, 2019


The steps of a man are established by the Lord, when he delights in his way - Psalm 37:23 ESV


I love to plan, whether it’s a trip, an event or my day; planning gives me joy. In my faith walk, I have seen this skill as both a blessing and a struggle. The blessing is that I can use this skill to bring organization to a chaotic environment. The struggle is that in my faith walk, I am encouraged to give up control and relinquish it over to God.

Today’s verse reminds me of the importance of reading and obeying God’s Word and trusting His Spirit to lead me in the way that I should go. It is a learning process for me to truly surrender to God’s plan for my life and not pick back up what I’ve already laid down to Him.

If you are a planner like me and struggle with not having complete control, I want to encourage you to trust that He knows far better than us the steps we need to take to bring glory to His name.


Father, I thank You that You have already ordered my steps. I surrender my desire to want to help make your plans great for me and trust that You already have it figured out. Please help me in this area so that I can use my gift to bring glory to your name but not to ever get in your way. In Jesus Christ’s Name, I pray. Amen.


Are you allowing the Spirit to lead you or are you getting ahead of God’s plan for your life?


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Originally published Friday, 11 January 2019.