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God Knows Us Intimately - Beloved Women - April 29, 2019

God Knows Us Intimately – Beloved Women - April 29, 2019


I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. - Psalm 139: 14 NIV


On any given day the combination of my mind, will, and emotions may look chaotic, but God is not hesitant to delve inside.   He is not repelled by the complexity of our soul. When we see a jumbled mess, He sees His “fearfully and wonderfully made” daughters.  (Psalms 139: 14 NIV)

When we see confusion, He sees brilliance.

When we see fear, He sees courage.

When we see despair, He sees hope.

It’s not that God is oblivious to our faults; on the contrary.  He sees the sum total of who we are. His view encompasses that humiliating middle school experience, our family function - or lack thereof, personality quirks, life purpose, deeply ingrained fears,  bad habits, and HORMONES (need I say more). With infinite wisdom He gets us.

Amid internal and external pandemonium God understands who we are deeply.    Taking the good with the bad, He continues to pursue us in spite of what He knows.   Amazing - only God would do that! We do not shock or deter Him.

Before time, He made a conscious decision to create, know, and love his daughters with unconditional love. A woman immersed in the chaos of life finds satisfying serenity in being known by God.  He chooses to dwell in the disorder of our lives while understanding us completely.


Dear Heavenly Father, Thank You for choosing to know me and accepting me.  Help me to find peace in being known by You. In Jesus’ Name, I pray. Amen.


How can you rejoice in being known by God?


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Originally published Monday, 29 April 2019.