7 Things to Do When You Feel Offended

7 Things to Do When You Feel Offended

All it takes is a one hot minute of scrolling through social media and you’ll find it. Someone is offended or being offensive. They spew words of harm or gripe about what someone else is doing. We live in a polarized society where hot topics are often reduced to this or that debates and we demand someone else see the error of his or her ways. There is a tendency to say things in a virtual world we might not say in the real one. Of course, it’s not just social media either.

We all wrestle with healthy, productive responses when others don’t think like us, act us like us, or feel as passionate as we do about something. Whatever the case may be, perceived or actual harm, what can we do?

We can start by asking a few questions to promote self-reflection and help us step into growth with God. And if we are brave, we could ask them of someone trustworthy. Do they see us doing these things? If they know us well, they will be able to give insight we can’t see on our own.

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1. Am I expecting the other person to do and say what I think they should do and say?

What others say and do is not in my control, it is God’s. It’s not my job to get others to live the way I think is right. It’s not my responsibility to own what other people say, do, or feel. I am responsible for responding faithfully to God’s work in my life.

I don’t know about you, but living with offense and grumbling is exhausting! I don’t want to live that way. I have enough of my own sin to deal with without carrying the weight of others’ imperfections.

When we are confident in who we are as image bearers of God, and when we can experience more of the wholeness of Christ in our lives, we are less likely to be detoured by offenses. Again, it’s a journey. We start where we are.

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