10 Goals for the Woman Who Doesn’t Know What Her Goals Should Be

10 Goals for the Woman Who Doesn’t Know What Her Goals Should Be

Too often we make the mistake of setting goals for one or a few areas of our lives and neglecting others. We have these big ideas about how we want to succeed, make money and provide for our families but we neglect to set goals that actually ensure we’re giving our loved ones the best of us.

We have clear targets for the work we want to accomplish and how long we want to spend working, but fail to account for our health and vitality that is so crucial to our ability to accomplish those career goals.

But there are also those times when we are tired, overwhelmed and unable to set one more goal. We might feel a sense of shame at our failure to meet past goals or even an overwhelming sense that nothing matters anyway. We think, Why bother, since the world is in such a mess?

But the truth is that we have a future, and a hope created especially for us by our God and Father in heaven. We have the opportunity to do life with the ones we love and make the best of every moment. We also have a responsibility to nurture our bodies, maximize our God-given time and gifts in order to achieve His purpose.

So, if you’re not sure what your goals should be here are 10 that should give you a sense of direction.

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1. A goal for your unique purpose:

Have you discovered what makes you unique? Have you explored your skills, interests, and dreams? Knowing yourself and who God has made you to be will open up a whole world of possibilities.

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