The Struggles of the Past in the Present - iBelieve Christian Devotional for Women

struggles of past in present, ibelieve video devotionals for women
Posted by 'Jolene Underwood'

After a wild weather week in Texas, I thought about what happens in our bodies after high-stress situations. Sometimes our present struggles are exacerbated by past events that built up over time.

We may not notice that unwanted reactions are strengthened by past hurts, stresses, and belief systems.

We may pretend we're not affected by past events and choose to just move forward. Time passes by, then we say, "Oh, that's in the past." As if the past no longer matters.

Sometimes our reactions to life stresses are indicators that the past isn't in the past. We need to pay attention to these signals. God wants to help us heal from the past so it doesn't keep us from experiencing good in the present.

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