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3 Psalms to Read When You Can't Sleep

Updated Oct 08, 2023

One of my favorite moments in the day is the few minutes of quiet right before I fall asleep for the night. The house is still and I finally have some time to process my thoughts and feelings in the cool dark of my bedroom. I wait for my muscles to relax as I drift into dreamland, well, until I don't.

Some nights I'm left looking at my ceiling or my iPhone wondering why I can't seem to go to sleep. I'm left counting the hours left until I have to get up. My mom always told me that when I can't go to sleep, I shouldn't fight it by trying to pressure or force myself into sleep. She's right. Trying to force sleep only makes me tenser. I have, however, found ways to help myself relax, making it easier to fall asleep. One of which is to read the Bible, specifically the Psalms. The beautiful poetry of the Psalms mixed with the power of God's Word almost always puts my nerves to rest so I can get some shuteye. If you’re like me and sometimes need help getting to sleep, I want to share with you my favorite psalms to read to help me surrender to rest.

Based on the iBelieve.com article, "3 Psalms to Read When You Can't Sleep" by Christina Patterson
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