HILARIOUS Valentine's Day Video! Must See! Make the Most of Being Single

Posted by 'Godtube.com'

Download this and 37,000 other worship media templates at ShareFaith.com. A funny and creative Valentine's Day movie satire, portraying the single life of many young Christian believers. In their time of being single, they have many opportunities to study their Bibles, spend time in selfless prayer, reach out to the needy and participate in many God-honoring activities. Instead, they cleverly use those opportunities to fall in love. This Valentine's Day sermon video illustration is the ideal tool for your upcoming Valentine's Day message, or any sermon on the topic of singleness, love, dating or courting. Subscribe to Sharefaith and get the full, non watermark version of this video and hundreds of other quality worship video backgrounds, motion video loops, countdown timers and more. Visit: sharefaith.com.

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