Do Eclipses Have Spiritual Significance?

Do Eclipses Have Spiritual Significance?
Posted by 'Dr. Michael Guillen'

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You know, the Bible mentions eclipses, and it mentions eclipses, especially in connection with the end times, so one needs to acknowledge that, that somehow, God has chosen to communicate things to us through the heavens, and there's a specific passage that says, "The heavens declare the Glory of the Lord." And so, that's not surprising.

But there's one thing about a solar eclipse that I find especially interesting that I think has enormous spiritual significance, and that's this. The moon happens to be just the right size and at just the right distance from us so when it comes between us and the sun on occasion, it perfectly, perfectly, not too big, not too small, blots out the face of the sun.

This happens nowhere else in the solar system. On no other planet, are there total solar eclipses. This is a phenomenon that is unique to planet earth.

That's even more significant. That's significant enough already. Why should it just be perfect size, perfect distance for it to blot out the face of the sun. But it's even more significant, more miraculous, if you want to use that word, when you consider that the going theory right now is that the moon happened by accident. The theory is that early on in the earth's history, about four and a half billion years ago, when it was forming, an astronomical body came along, just kind of randomly came along, smashed into the earth, and the result of that collision, that head on collision was that it spit out this blob that became our moon.

So, wait a minute. You have to ask yourself. Okay, so if indeed that's true, that the moon just happened by this accident, then you're telling me that this accident resulted in a moon that was just the right size and ended up at just the right place to create a total solar eclipse, this phenomenon where the sun's face is blotted out just perfectly.

So I think when I see a total solar eclipse, it reminds me of just how finely tuned and finely crafted this world of our is, and as a Christian, and as a scientist, it gives me a glimpse into the genius of God, and I have to also believe, and I'm just speculating here, that this is no accident. This is a little clue that God has placed in the heavens to say, "This is no accident. This is no accident. It happened by design to remind that there is a creator."

WATCH: Dr. Michael Guillen Explains the Spiritual Significance of Eclipses

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