Author Andy Dooley Talks About His New Family Devotional

Updated Nov 04, 2022
Author Andy Dooley Talks About His New Family Devotional

New Family-Focused Devotional, Building A Family of Faith, by Andy Dooley Ensures Family Connection While Having Fun and Growing Closer to God

New Family-Focused Devotional, Building A Family of Faith, by Andy Dooley Ensures Family Connection While Having Fun and Growing Closer to God

Families are struggling to connect and grow together. Social media influencer (1.7 million combined social media followers) and father of four, Andy Dooley, wants to change that. His new book, Building a Family of Faith: Simple and Fun Devotions to Draw You Close to Each Other and Nearer to God (Zondervan, November 1, 2022, $18.99), provides 52 family-focused, interactive, and fun devotions to help create intentional family time each week. There is no doubt everyone in the family will look forward to their time building a family of faith.

Each devotional has five sections designed to help families pray together, foster intentional conversations, and develop shared experiences. Whether families have been doing devotionals together for years or this is the first time introducing this discipline, Building a Family of Faith is easy to implement and will help your family connect, grow in faith, and have some fun!

Let's break down each section!

“Let’s Think About It” provides a few introductory questions to guide conversations of discovery and provide space for families to get to know more about each other’s thoughts, opinions, and experiences. Questions like:

Are you a cup-half-full or a cup-half-empty type of person? 

Kids, do you ever wish you could spend more time with your parents? 

How does everyone in the family feel about the use of technology in your home?

"Let's Learn" serves as the weekly devotional which always includes a relatable story, teaching, and learning portion.

"Let's Talk About It" offers one additional question that encourages action and application. These questions can be answered immediately or saved for car conversations or dinner topics to keep the discussion going all week long! Examples like:

What things hold you back from allowing God to use you?

Is there anyone in your life you need to forgive?

Can you share an example from your own life where you acted with integrity?

“Let’s Pray” is a short family prayer which serves as a great starting point to encourage family prayer time.

“Let’s Act” suggests activities families can do together to strengthen lessons learned in the devotion. Andy encourages choosing one or two activities to do throughout the week! Activities including:

Look up some famous quotes about being humble and not being proud. Find one that your family likes a lot and create some artwork that you can display in your home.

Kids, do you sometimes need some alone time? Talk to your parents about setting up a space where you can be by yourself to play with your toys, read, watch TV, play outside, or cuddle a pet.

As a family, think of some ways you can make your home a more welcoming place, so everyone feels cozy and comfortable and accepted.

Andy Dooley is committed to empowering today's families as a passionate leader, pastor, and fitness professional. He has been working with young people and families for over eighteen years through sports, fitness, and ministry. He is a Men's Health contributor, and he holds multiple fitness certifications with International Sports Sciences Association. He is the author of Walk in Faith: 5-Minute Devotions for Teen Guys. He is happily married to Tiffany, and they have four gorgeous children, Hope, Skylee, Andy II, and Ava, and live in Seattle, Washington.

**This press release, both written and video content, was provided by Zondervan Books. 

Photo Credit: Andy Dooley

Originally published Monday, 31 October 2022.