5 Sweet Reasons Bluey Is for Both Parents and Kids

Amanda Idleman

Contributing Writer
Updated May 03, 2024
5 Sweet Reasons Bluey Is for Both Parents and Kids

If you don't have young kids you may have missed out on the joy of Bluey but I am here to report that this show is made for both kids and adults! In our home, we have five kids ranging in age from 11 to 3 years old, and Bluey is one of the very few shows that captures the whole family's attention. We love it so much that my youngest kid currently calls himself Bluey.

In case you don't know, Bluey is a heartwarming cartoon with short episodes that capture small snapshots of Bluey and this Heeler dog family's life. Bluey and her sister Bingo are well loved by Dad Bandit and Mum Chili. Bandit is highlighted in most episodes as a playmate and caretaker of his beloved doggy daughters. Every episode subtly teaches a lesson about family life that everyone can benefit from.

In a world where media is focused on portraying broken relationships, Bluey is a breath of fresh air as it shows the joy and challenges of parenting in a two-parent home. Each episode is engaging as it nods to the reality of parenthood as well as the simple joy that we all share when we engage with our kids. You've got to check it out!

Here are some reasons your whole family will love this show:

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1. Bluey Tells a Story through Play

The great thing about Bluey is that even though the lessons being taught are for the whole family, they are communicated in a way that we all can be entertained through. It's really fun watching their family learn through playtime and family games. There are so many "games" my kids play now that come from an episode of Bluey.

Some of their favorites are "Keepy Uppy," which is keeping up a balloon; "Rug Island," where the rug becomes their home; and "Cubby," where the girls make a massive fort across the entire house! Watching these pups play inspires family fun in our home and is a great reminder to us parents that we have to pause from time to time and embrace our inner child in order to connect with our kids.

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2. Bluey Portrays a Realistic Family Life

So many kids shows are out of touch with what real modern family life looks like! Either the messages are too dumbed down, cheesy, or too grown up for families to really connect with most shows. Bluey does a great job capturing the essence of real modern family life making it a show we can all connect with.

One of my favorites is "Takeaway," where Bandit runs out to pick up their Chinese food with Bluey and Bingo. This comedic episode shows how everything that could go wrong while waiting for their order to be completed did go wrong. My kids laugh as they watch all the blunders they make and I feel seen as I watch Bandit have to roll with the punches as he sees their dinner plans go awry.

"Omelette" is another episode that comically captures the reality of parenthood. Chili decides to make Bandit a special breakfast in bed for his birthday and Bingo wants to assist mom in this task. We watch as Bingo attempts to make an omelet but fails over and over. Bandit gets increasingly hungry, but Chili remains calm, helping Bingo master this new skill. All of us parents can relate to watching our kids make a mess in the kitchen.

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3. Bluey's Episodes Are Wholesome and Heartwarming

Bluey speaks to our hearts in almost every episode! This kind of TV resonates so much more than the simple cartoons that we see on TV that have no real thought put into the script. There is definitely a void of quality shows being made for families, and Bluey has become incredibly popular because people are hungry for thoughtful scripts that they all can relate to and that are appropriate for the whole family.

The most recent episode, "The Sign," really pulled hard at the heartstrings as we watched the Heeler family contemplate selling their house. Hearing the anxieties, sadness, and struggles the family expresses as they handle a season of change is something all of us can resonate with. Bluey is like a mix of This is Us writing, but at a kid-friendly and entertaining level. Everyone is emotionally invested and pulled into the ups and downs that this family experiences.

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4. Bluey Includes the Parents and Kids in Every Episode

One big reason why parents enjoy sitting down to watch Bluey with their kids is because they can see themselves in the show. It's not just about the kids; it's about family life as a whole. It shows how the kids question the parents, need guidance, make messes, and have fun with their family. Everyone in the family has someone they can connect with. Not to mention, there is humor geared towards parents embedded in each show. The kids love watching the imaginative play that Bingo and Bluey enjoy, and the parents stick around for the jokes.

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5. Bluey Is Well-Composed

Bluey stands out not only because of the great writing but also because the music and animation are top notch. The Bluey theme song is subtle and catchy. It doesn't scream at you like some other kid friendly shows tend to do. The animation is wonderful using brought but pleasing colors and landscapes. Every episode, I fall more in love with the Heeler's house. We all wish our kids' rooms were as adorable as theirs!

The team that creates Bluey puts in a great deal of time and effort to ensure the production quality is well done. Each episode takes several months to create by a team of 50 to 60 people. This show isn't just thrown together, and it's apparent.

I for one hope that the overwhelming success of this animated series sparks other creators to follow the Bluey model. There is a void of family-friendly and engaging shows for the whole family. It's clear that as millions have fallen in love with Bluey, there is a demand for quality, wholesome entertainment. We all truly can't get enough of this lovable show and the adorable Heeler family.

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Originally published Friday, 03 May 2024.