Lysa TerKeurst Celebrates Second Marriage after 'Painful' Divorce

Milton Quintanilla

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Published Jan 23, 2024
Lysa TerKeurst Celebrates Second Marriage after 'Painful' Divorce

"I want to invite you in to share a new chapter in my life," Lysa TerKeurst captioned in a post about her remarriage on Instagram on Thursday...

Best-selling author and Proverbs 31 Ministries founder Lysa TerKeurst has announced that she has remarried two years after her divorce from her husband, Art TerKeurst, after 29 years of marriage.

“I want to invite you in to share a new chapter in my life,” TerKeurst captioned in a post on Instagram on Thursday.

According to The Christian Post, the post included several photos from her wedding to her new husband, Chaz.

“In January of 2023, I met Chaz. And as the pages kept turning last year, we knew what we’d found in each other was love. A beautiful love that requires work like love always does. But a togetherness that is safe, honest, fun, funny and surrendered to the sacred way God tells us to love and care for each other.”

“We got engaged last fall, which I decided to hold private so I could tell as many people as possible face to face. I got to tell many of you when we saw each other at stores and airports and coffee shops and dinners and FaceTimes. Those were sweet conversations I treasure."

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“And then last week, surrounded by our family and some beautiful mountains, Chaz and I exchanged our vows. As soon as we were announced husband and wife, some fun music started playing. I invited our kids and grandkids to join in as we all danced in the gently falling snow.”

In January 2022, Terkeurst announced she had filed for divorce from Art in 2021 due to infidelity. While she initially wanted to divorce her husband in 2017 because of infidelity and addiction, the couple renewed their vows a year later after restoring their marriage.

However, she sought for divorce a second time after Art broke the renewed vows. A subsequent court filing found that Art spent more than $118,000 on an extramarital affair with a woman he met on

“Over the past several years, I have fought really hard to not just save my marriage, but to survive the devastation of what consistent deception of one spouse does to the other,” she wrote at the time. “It’s brutal and heart crushing to constantly fear the hurtful choices of someone you love. I’ve had to learn the hard way there’s a big difference between mistakes (which we all make) and chosen patterns of behavior that dishonor God and the biblical covenant of marriage.”

With Art, the couple have five adult children together.

Lysa TerKeurst Opens Up about Finding Love Again following Her Divorce
'Brutal and Heartcrushing': Christian Author Lysa TerKeurst Announces  Divorce from Husband of 29 Years

In her recent post, TerKeurst pointed to God’s faithfulness amid her seasons of hardship.

“God is kind. God is faithful. When life begs me to believe otherwise, I remind myself that God’s not done yet. There’s more to be revealed. We’ll see,” she wrote.

“And though I sometimes still feel pricks of pain over some really hard stuff in the past, I’m so grateful I didn’t stay stuck trying to make things happen my way and in my timing. In my stubbornness, I thought I knew what was best. It was God’s grace all those times He told me ‘no,’” TerKeurst continued.

“God helped me learn to lean on Him in the midst of my biggest disappointments and how to sit alone and be okay. He helped me fight battles that are still going on, not with one great big miraculous intervention, but instead with daily provisions and assurances.”

TerKeurst, who leads Proverbs 31 Ministries, has authored several New York Times bestselling books, including It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way and Forgiving What You Can’t Forget.

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