13 Hopes I Have for All Christian Men

Published: Feb 20, 2015
13 Hopes I Have for All Christian Men
Here are 13 hopes I have for all Christian men. I want them to know how appreciated, loved and cared for they are.

There are millions of posts around the web from men to men, from women to women, and there are just as many posts written by one sex to the other. Some are well done, most are not. Our hope is to inspire, challenge, and invite each other to be who we are supposed to be.

Men, I hope you appreciate the many ways you’ve been gifted, called, and blessed.

I hope you equally appreciate the beautifully different giftings, callings, and blessings of the women around you.

Men, I hope you love well.

I hope you love in words and in actions. I hope you love in tender touches from your strong hands and in big bear hugs and in letting your chest be a pillow. I hope you love in big ways and in small, knowing that expressing your love makes you more of a man, not less.

Men, I hope you show emotion.

I hope you know it’s okay to cry, to be sensitive, to show that you don’t always have it all together. I hope you get ridiculously stoked when your team scores, and just as excited when your daughter takes her first steps or your girlfriend says yes to your big question.

Men, I hope you take leadership seriously.

I hope you realize your role is important and how you fill it matters. I hope you show integrity in all that you do and say, never taking the easy way out or cutting corners just to get ahead. I hope you realize others are looking to you, and that you feel the weight of that in a way that challenges you to rise to the occasion honorably.

Men, I hope you fall madly in love with your Creator and Savior.

I hope that you let Him be Lord of your life, even though that means giving up your driver’s seat to let Him steer and guide you. I hope you worship Him endlessly and follow Him wholeheartedly. I hope you never keep your faith hidden or quiet, but live it out as doers of the Word.

Men, I hope you always have a heart for adventure.

I hope you always explore with a unquenchable curiosity, knowing this world is full of goodness and treasures to be discovered around every corner.

Men, I hope you work toward equality in all that you do.

I hope you humbly acknowledge that your gender or your color or your heritage does not make you any more or any less than the ones standing next to you. I hope you hold fast to acting justly and fairly in everything.

Men, I hope you know that you are appreciated.

I hope you know that you are loved. I hope you know that our world needs you and wouldn’t run like it does without you. I hope you know that you have changed history with your bravery and you can continue to change this world for the better with your boldness.

Men, I hope you know your worth and refuse to settle for anything less.

There will be girls that are easy to get, easy to woo, easy to have. But there are women that are waiting, holding out for the good ones like you, and I hope you have the willpower to resist what is easy and tempting to pursue what is lovely and worth it.

Men, I hope you always show respect.

Honest, gracious, humble, radical respect.

Men, I hope you find a balance between work and rest.

I know how hard you work and I know that those in your life are grateful for the ways you dedicate yourself to your livelihood or your career or your job. I also know that you need to take time off, take time away from it all, take time to just be still, rest, and relax. You will be better at what you do as a result.

Men, I hope you always hold on to hope.

When disaster strikes and tragedy hits home and the world seems to be falling apart before your eyes, I hope that you never lose hope.

Men, I hope you see the bright side and seek the good, even when the bad and the evil and the mess seems to take over.

I hope you find joy in every trial, the sun through the storm, and promises of new life even in the face of death.

I can’t speak for all women, but I can tell you what I think, and that is this:

Men, I am grateful for you.

I’m thankful for all that you do for this world that I know I could never do. I’m thankful for your hearts and your work and your art and your ideas and your passion. I’m thankful that even though I’m so very different from you, I get to live and work alongside you as we journey onward.

Let’s always be teammates and partners, knowing women and men are far better together in harmony than we ever could be on our own. Men, you’ve shaped society in more ways than I could ever fully know, and I am so excited for the ways you’ll continue to change this world. May it always be for good and to the glory of God.

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