Encouragement for the Homeschool Mom

Marie Osborne

Marie Osborne
Updated Apr 10, 2024
Encouragement for the Homeschool Mom

Everyone gets behind on assignments or wastes money on the wrong curriculum. It’s okay. Just do your best and trust God to fill in the gaps.

When I started homeschooling eight years ago, I had no idea what I was doing. I had a five-year-old son and toddler twins, and homeschooling wasn’t really on my radar until then, but once we decided that it was best for our family, I suddenly found myself in a world that I was completely unfamiliar with.

I had not grown up as a homeschooler. I had gone to traditional private and public schools growing up, so this was all new to me. The homeschoolers I knew when I was growing up were very different from the ones I met as an adult. 

As I continued on my homeschool journey, I realized that there are a number of things that are unique to homeschooling moms and some encouragement that we really need to remember.

Don’t Forget Your "Why"

As a homeschooler, you have made this decision thoughtfully and prayerfully. You are approaching this for a variety of reasons. Make sure those reasons are solidified in your head. Be certain of why you are doing this and why this is the right choice for you and your family in this season. You need to constantly remind yourself of your “why.” I even recommend sitting down and writing out your “why” so you can refer to it on the difficult days when you feel discouraged and want to quit.

You Are Qualified

We do not get our qualifications from education or experience, no matter what the world tells us. We are qualified because we are called. When God gives you a job, you are qualified for it, no matter what. Friend, you are qualified to educate your children. You are qualified because you know them best and can meet their very unique needs because you are their mother. You are qualified because this is what God has called you to do. No matter what your education or experience has been in the past, never question whether or not you are qualified. 

God Is with You

I want to remind you that God is with you. He’s encouraging and equipping you. He is going to stand in the gap. He’s going to provide for you in miraculous ways. You’ve taken a step of obedience. Know that He is going to honor that obedience, and He is going to walk you through this. You don’t have to worry about whether or not you’ve made the wrong decision. If this is something that you have prayed about, you don’t need to worry about your lack of qualifications because that never mattered to God in the first place. He does miraculous things with unqualified people, so step forward in obedience, and know that God is with you.

You Aren’t Doing This Alone

I also want to encourage you that you will find your people. If you continue on this path and you continue to pray, God will bring you people who will encourage and support you. You will find a community of homeschoolers that you can rely upon, that you can work with, that can help educate your children, that you can create a village with. One of the most beautiful things in our homeschooling journey has been the families and the children we have walked with. I know that as you continue to walk this journey with your own family you will find your people, too.

It’s Okay to Change Your Mind

You might change your mind, and that’s okay. You might decide to do something different, to switch co-ops, to send your kids to traditional school for a period of time, or for the rest of their education. That doesn’t mean that homeschooling was or is a bad choice. Hold onto this decision loosely so that it does not become an idol in your life. The Lord has led you to do this for your family in this season, but be open to hearing from Him if He leads you in a different way. 

If there’s another curriculum, there’s another charter, if there’s another co-op, if there’s another approach, if there’s another school, be willing to change your mind. Each child may have different needs, so be ready to change your mind to meet those needs. 

Take Care of Yourself

As long as you’re homeschooling, make sure you care for yourself. Make sure that you are in the Word. Make sure that you are making friendships just for you that aren’t based on homeschooling. Make sure that you are learning things that you are interested in, not just for your children’s curriculum. Make sure you are pursuing your own hobbies and interests and spending time with your husband. Make sure that you are mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy. 

One of the most difficult things about homeschooling is that you are home all the time with your kids. You could be constantly educating them, constantly working on your home, and really have very little room to care for yourself—unless you make room. Your children need a mom who is well-rested. They need a teacher who is emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy, so make sure that you care for yourself in order to take better care of your kids

Everyone Makes Mistakes

The homeschool moms online or in your co-op might look like they have it all together, but they don’t. Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone gets frustrated and loses their temper. Everyone gets behind on assignments or wastes money on the wrong curriculum. It’s okay. Just do your best and trust God to fill in the gaps.

Homeschooling is incredibly hard but also incredibly rewarding. When we first started on our homeschooling journey, I had no idea what I was doing. We had very specific reasons for choosing this path, but I often felt like I was missing the mark. 

I had to constantly remember my “why” to keep me on the right track when I was feeling defeated. I had to constantly remind myself that I am qualified to teach my children, regardless of my education or experience outside the home. I have to constantly pray and trust that God is with me, especially when I feel weak and incapable when I don’t know what to choose or how to proceed. He is my Guide and my Comforter. I have had to find a community to walk this journey with me, to lighten my load, and to bring joy to the process. I have changed my mind about a million different things, and I’ve had to give myself permission to do that. I have made tons of mistakes, and I have had to ask for forgiveness and let myself off the hook. I have had to prioritize taking care of myself to persevere and do this well.

Homeschooling has grown me in so many ways... maybe even more than it has grown my kids. I would not trade our eight years of homeschooling for anything. I hope that you can say the same eight years from now. Remember why you are doing this. Remember God is with you. Take care of yourself. Find your people. Be flexible. Forgive yourself for making mistakes. If you do all that, you will be just fine. In fact, you will be better than fine. You will thrive, and so will your kids.

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