What a Mighty God! - Wholly Loved - Dec. 22

Published: Dec 22, 2018


What a Mighty God!
By Dawn Tolbert

“I know that You can do all things; no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.” Job 42:2

Whatever you’re facing or feel called to do, rest in this truth: God can do anything.

I’m often reminded of this when the kids at church sing, “Our God is so big, so strong, and so mighty. There’s nothing our God cannot do.” As loudly as they can, swinging their arms to act out the words, the boys and girls wholeheartedly proclaim God’s power.

We use words like “almighty” and “all-powerful” to try and describe the vastness of God, but when was the last time we let those truths really sink in? Do we remember them when life becomes hard or we feel afraid?

God is the greatest power throughout all creation.

He’s in control because He is sovereign. God has the absolute right to rule over His creation. This includes us, our bosses, national leaders, and those who might come against us. He holds the supreme power.

Today’s verse comes at the end of a difficult journey. Job, the author, had suffered much loss and experienced great pain. He’d been judged and chastised by his friends, and finally, after he’d lost almost everything, God spoke. But He didn’t explain why Job suffered. Instead, he presented a series of questions that reminded Job of His vast power and His work as Creator. As a result, Job turned his eyes from his suffering and onto the Almighty, All-powerful God.

He was left in awe. In the middle of his pain, Job experienced God personally, and in that moment, that was enough. He had no doubt that God could do anything and that He alone was worthy of worship and praise.

Focusing on God’s strength should inspire that same awe in us. We should be amazed at His love. He can do and achieve anything, yet He created us. Though strong enough to control us, if He chose, He invites us into a relationship with Him. He wants us to love Him in return.

Today, celebrate the awesome power of God, sing loudly and proudly of His greatness, and thank Him for inviting you into His family.

Dawn Tolbert is a contributor to Wholly Loved Ministries Daily Devotional, a Christ-follower who writes to honor God, thank Him for His goodness, and encourage readers by sharing her faith journey. She works in higher education public relations and is writing her first novel and her first book-length Bible study. She has earned a B.A. in Communication Studies and English (Gardner-Webb College), a M.A. in Professional Writing (Kennesaw State University), and an Ed.D. in Higher Education Leadership (Union University). She and her husband, Larry, live in Cedartown, Georgia, and serve actively in their church. Dawn blogs at dawntolbert.com.

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Originally published Saturday, 22 December 2018.