When We Don’t Have the Answers - Wholly Loved - October 25

Published: Oct 25, 2022

When We Don’t Have the Answers
By Tara Johnson

"The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things revealed belong to us and to our sons forever, that we may observe all the words of this law.” Deuteronomy 29:29

I was sitting on a rumbling plane in Chicago, waiting for the pilot to push us back from the gate. No one seemed to be in a hurry. Not the airline nor the stewards.

Everyone seemed sluggish…except for the four-year-old boy seated behind me in 22 F.

The squirming tyke was chattering nonstop, peppering his Dad with question after question.

“Why are dese seats so big?”

“Will we get ice cream on dis plane?”

“Will we be flying into outer space?”

I found myself smiling at his Junior Asparagus style voice and contagious enthusiasm. I set down the book I was trying to read as God impressed a directive into my heart.


The boy must’ve pressed his face against the window, for his voice sounded muffled. “Why are dose men waving deir arms?”

“They signal the pilot and other workers where to go,” his father patiently replied. “The plane is big and there’s a lot going on. The men help the pilot see all around him so we don’t bump into anything.”

The boy squirmed. “What are dose trucks for?”

“They bring different things to the plane.” I heard a smile in the father’s voice. “Some bring fuel. Others carry our suitcases.”

“That’s cool.”

The boy grew silent for a moment when another vehicle must have caught his eye. “What about that one, Daddy? What's that truck for?”

The father looked at the open-air truck carrying spiked pallets. “I’m sorry, buddy. I have no idea.”

The boy was quiet.

The father leaned in. “I wish I could tell you the answer. Are you upset I don’t know?”

The little boy giggled. “Don’t be silly. I don’t need all the answers. I just like asking you questions and having fun with you!”

May we all approach God with that same childlike faith and contentment.

Tara Johnson is an author, speaker and singer from Alexander, AR.  A passionate lover of stories, she loves to travel to churches, ladies retreats and prisons to share how God led her into freedom after spending years living shackled as a people-pleasing preacher's kid. Her debut novel Engraved on the Heart will be released by Tyndale House Publishers in 2018. She and her husband Todd have been married for twenty-one years and the Lord has blessed them with five children, two of whom are with Jesus. Visit her online at www.TaraJohnsonStories.com.

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Visit WhollyLoved.com for more inspirational messages or to book them for your next women's event

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Originally published Tuesday, 25 October 2022.