I’m Held by God - Wholly Loved - June 8

Published: Jun 08, 2023

I’m Held by God

By Julie Holmquist

“I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of My hand.” John 10:28

Partying pulled me from my faith for a season. It promised much but delivered little. As I drew closer to Christ, that which initially felt fun and exciting left me empty and sad. The Holy Spirit within tugged me toward a better life.

The life befitting a daughter of Christ.

I was His, sealed, created anew. I am held secure by God Himself. He knows me. He calls me by name. I know Him and follow His voice.

If at any time, I start to wander, He finds me and leads me back into His arms. He doesn’t abandon me. He doesn’t forget about me.

Has sinful living started to entice you? Maybe you worry you’ve strayed too far, sinned too much, for God to ever welcome you back. But that’s simply not true. God’s grace is big enough and strong enough to cover your worst moral failings. Mine too. We are held secure by the One who holds all.

Julie Holmquist is a contributing writer to Wholly Loved Ministries’devotionals and for Devotableapp.com. She’s written and produced video devotionals as well. She graduated from Christ for the Nations Bible school in Dallas, TX and holds an associates degree in practical theology. She enjoys all things personality and has probably taken every personality test there is. You can find Julie online at Stuff of Heaven, follow her on Instagram at Stuff of Heaven and at Twitter at Stuff of Heaven, and connect with her on Facebook at Stuff of Heaven (Julie Holmquist)

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Originally published Thursday, 08 June 2023.