Have You Asked Someone for Help Today? - Warrior Mom Wisdom - Week of August 22

Published: Aug 22, 2017

Warrior Mom Wisdom Devotional


A demanding two weeks with many deadlines and two sick children swirled around me like the locusts in Pharaoh’s time. I was on my knees in equal measure and typing my way to the deadlines. I felt beat-up and desperate, but I had to keep going. Right at the end of the finish line as the clock ticked like a rat scratching its way through a wall, an audio file of a therapy session that I had to turn in with a huge, final spring project got replaced with BABY LULLABY MUSIC! Now, do I just happen to have baby lullaby music downloaded on my computer? No! I’ve never heard that music in my life. I could hear the devil laughing hysterically at me while I stood in utter amazement at the computer screen. My husband was at the driver’s seat of my laptop at this juncture because I had called in a 911 and got him out of bed early to help me. As the music played and my husband said, “What?!” I immediately got on my knees. I’ve never done this in front of my husband, but I got on my knees with both hands lifted in the air and I started praising God out loud, casting evil out, and claiming God’s sovereign victory over His will for my life, over this project, over this file, over my husband, and over our children in the Mighty Name of Jesus I said, “Amen!”

The file was fixed as quickly as it was corrupted and my husband said, “That was weird! How did that happen? Where did that music come from? What did you just do?”

I said, “Oh, no I don’t think it’s strange, and I didn’t do anything except praise God and focus on Him rather than focus on the enemy.”

My daughter was recovering on the couch from three days of a high temperature. I knew I wouldn’t have time to go to the store and get her Gatorade as I’d planned. “I’ll call some Warrior Moms, Faith. I’ll ask them for help. What kind do you want?” I asked. “No, don’t do that, Mom! Don’t call them,” she protested. “I’m calling them, Faith. I need help, you need fluids, and I need to get to Atlanta by 9 am.” I called and texted six battle ready Warrior Moms. They all responded. Two brought enough Gatorade for a week and left it on our front porch like warrior angels on a secret mission!

While that’s amazing, there’s so much more to this story: God has been working mightily regarding my past hurts: He’s freed me from fearing women. Now, I depend on women and I love them dearly. Over the years, however, my daughter, Faith, has seen the part of me that feared women due to my childhood of growing up in an environment of addictions and abuse. As a result, she saw me stay away from women while making fear-filled statements about how females in my family can’t be trusted.

These statements became generalized to encompass “all women” for me and for her.  I taught Faith my bad ways. As a result, she’s shied away from girls because of what she’s learned from me. Since the Warrior Ministry started in 2007, however, God has healed me of fearing women. He healed my wounds deep within me. At 16, Faith is beginning to see the redemptive healing God has done in my life, and He is doing it for her too. Faith was soo touched by the Warrior Moms bringing her Fierce Grape Gatorade. Faith “just couldn’t believe the Warrior Moms would do that for” her.

As a result, God made a way for her to receive a text from me into the very inner core of her heart, “God and girlfriends are priceless and so so needed!” I texted.

“You are right, Mom!” she texted back. I thanked God for His ability to prepare a way – to prepare a path to my daughter’s heart and heal it in places that my wounding had wounded her. God is way fiercer than grape Gatorade. He is a fierce lover of your heart. Ask someone for help today and watch the wondrous love of God pour forth. And even better than that, give someone help in some way that you know they need it – without them even asking.

Kristina Seymour loves to encourage and equip women through the Word and through community. She is the author of The Warrior Mom Handbook, The Warrior Mom Leadership Manual, and The Warrior Wife Handbook; they are available at Amazon.com. Kristina's Bible studies are for women who desire to live by faith in the midst of their everyday lives. She has learned that women can't survive on caffeine and animal crackers alone; women in the Word and in community are united and able to stand firm. To learn more about Kristina, please visit her recently founded Share & Company Publishing House  http://seymourkristina.wix.com/shareandcopublishingto. God loves to share His story of love and grace through us all, and Kristina believes that everyone has a story to tell.

Originally published Tuesday, 22 August 2017.