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"And it was so, that when (Saul) had turned his back to go from Sanuel, God gave him another heart…." 
I Samuel 10: 9, King James Version


"A God-Given Heart"

"The right kind of heart is a kind heart like God's." 
Author Unknown

Have I asked God to give me a heart like His?

"See that your chief study be about your heart, that there God's image may be planted, and His interest advanced, and the interest of the world and flesh subdued, and the love of every sin cast out, and the love of holiness succeed." 
Richard Baxter


"If calm does not reign over that inner lake within the soul which feeds the rivers of our life, the rivers themselves will always be in storm…Let us remember that the only way to keep our life peaceful and happy is to keep the heart at rest." 
C. H. Spurgeon

When Samuel came to Saul to anoint him, this faithful priest and prophet told Saul that when God's Spirit came upon him, his life would not be the same.  In fact, we are told the difference was dramatic for God gave Saul, "another heart."  The Hebrew for the phrase "another heart" indicates that God gave Saul a willing and kind heart.  A tender heart ready and able to do whatever God asked him to do next.

The reason it is so critical we take a look at this text today and the change God's spirit made in the life of Saul has to do with the fact that when God calls us to service and then empowers us, a change takes place in our lives.  A change we may not completely understand but will feel and recognize.

What Saul had been before answering God's call, he no longer was.  He had a heavenly heart transplant and what a difference it made.

This is such an important point for us to take note of in Saul's life because a point came, when of his own free will, Saul rejected his heavenly Father's gift of a new heart and the Bible tells us that an evil spirit replaced the heavenly spirit.  The void in King Saul's empty heart had to be filled with something. 

Thankfully, when we ask God to take our sin-filled heart and replace it with His purity-filled heart, He gladly answers our request.  After watching the decline of Saul up close and personal, David, who witnessed the result of the evil spirit that filled Saul's life, asked God to replace his own heart, which was stained and broken, with a heart that was emptied of earthly desires and filled with heavenly longing. 

It would do us well to remember God's ability to give us a new heart is one we should embrace with great joy and appreciation for in the life of Saul, we see it is by the rejection of God's spirit one falls under the control, as Saul did, of an evil spirit which turned his life upside down.

In his book, "Confessions," St. Augustine writes of his experience, turning his back on the sacred and pursuing a life of hedonistic debauchery and realizing the futility of his path. There are some historians, who feel Augustine suffered a great deal in his life from his earlier mistakes even though he allowed God to give him a "new heart."

May we never turn our backs on heaven's desire to "create a clean heart and renew a right spirit within us" (Psalm 51).

"I beg You to come into my heart, for by inspiring it to long for You, You make it ready to receive You." 
St. Augustine


My Heart

"There are times when I've cried out, ‘God, give me back my heart of stone and a ladder so that I can climb up to my head and live there with doors and windows shut on feeling.  God, God, I'm tired of the hurt.'  Then I remember what it's like to exist with a heart of stone. How cold and dead I felt inside, and how divided the world was when viewed without love in my heart.

Remembering, I pour myself before God and whisper into His waiting, ‘My God, there is no going back. It has to be a soft heart, one that is always vulnerable to the love and wounding which is life, which is growth, which is You.'

Keep within me, my God, the heart of flesh." 
Joy Cowley 
Aotearoa Psalms

Your friend, 
Dorothy Valcàrcel, Author 
When A Woman Meets Jesus

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