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Pearls of Grace - March 18

Published: Mar 18, 2022

March 18

The Great Commander

"For Who is a God besides the LORD? And Who is a rock, besides our God?"

II Samuel 22:32

July 21, 1861 the First Battle of Bull Run occurred. It was the first real major conflict of the American Civil War. A Union army, consisting of 28,000 men, fought 33,000 Confederates. The Union army, under pressure to crush the rebellion in the South, marched towards Richmond, but met the Confederate forces coming from the North. At the beginning of this five hour battle, the soldiers had the confederates on the run except for one brigade led by General Thomas Jonathan Jackson. Jackson was known for his stubbornness and resilience to stand against any opposition. One man from another division saw Jackson mounted on his horse with such fierce boldness he yelled out, "There stands Jackson like stone wall…rally behind him", hence the nickname, "Stonewall Jackson".

Although the enemy’s shots were soaring all around them, they saw Jackson standing before them as an impregnable wall of stone. Hearts of fear and bewilderment turned upward soaring with unwavering courage and newfound hope for victory. That day, in the heat of battle, Jackson was a symbol of valor for the Confederate soldiers. His banner of strength ascended above the plains of the battle field as a symbol of immoveable bravery for his men. Even in the face of the raging tempest of war they were anchored with a confidence that no enemy could stand in the face of. It was the banner of one man’s life standing in the position of victory that made the difference upon the battle field. Fighting under the shadow and safety of Jackson’s stance, the enemy’s power to prevail diminished and trepidation took flight. All we need at times in the battle is one act of valiance anchored in the truth of victory for us to make it! The battle of life was never meant for us to fight!

Today, there is a banner flying high above our life mounted in the Heavens and it stands for victory for each and every one of us. This banner is a symbol of hope and courage. Every foe, every impending circumstance, all fear, every pain, suffering, struggle or strife exists under the shadow of this Holy Banner. It never lowers itself from above your life, not even in the darkness will it seek to rest from its purpose; to soar above you as a symbol of hope all the days of your life. It is this Holy Banner that will fly over your life no matter what assails it, until the day you die. God is an ever present help and a steadfast commander we can follow no matter where He leads.


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Originally published Friday, 18 March 2022.