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Pearls of Grace - January 16

Published: Jan 16, 2022

January 16

Does Your Offering Move God’s Heart?

"And David built there an altar to the LORD, and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings. Thus the LORD was moved…"

II Samuel 24:25

God sits high, but He looks low! Where have you erected your altars? Have you built them in those places of disagreement between you and God? Are your altars standing upon ground that was a source of contention between you and God; a place where He demanded of you something you did not want to surrender to Him? There are those battles that we choose to fight and end up losing. And then there are those battles that we end up losing because we chose not to fight. We are told that "David built there an altar to the LORD…" It’s the word, "there" that captures my eye. It’s specific to the place where the altar was built. But it’s what David offers upon this altar that sheds light on his heart. David offered up burnt offerings and peace offerings unto God on behalf of the people of Israel because of the plague and judgment of God upon the land. And David’s offering moved the heart of God!

Why was the heart of God moved? I believe it’s because of the place where David offered and why he offered. This place reveals the need for mercy and the why reveals the submission to God. David’s offerings were offerings of choice not force. When we choose to surrender to God without Him having to ask for it, this pleases His heart and it also impacts His heart. God desires the whole of us to be offered up to the whole of Him. The choice to make the offering is what moved the heart of God! God’s heart is moved by voluntary worship, surrender and whole hearted devotion.

He is pleased when we give Him our all asking for nothing in return. Would your offering appease the heart of God? Do you offer up only what God has demanded or do you freely give Him all things? Although God does want His children to know that we need Him, there is nothing more meaningful to Him that when His child wants Him. This is what makes the heart of God smile I believe and in the delight of the moment, He moves to act on His child’s behalf.

My freedom I surrender to God’s chains.

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Originally published Sunday, 16 January 2022.