Power Walk - God's Love at Work - Week of March 24

Power Walk

By Margaret D. Mitchell
Week of March 24, 2024

One morning, Holy Spirit gave me a revelation that His anointing, which is His power working through His people, is rooted in a cycle of sacrifice. I had never thought of it quite this way. 

The cycle involves Jesus sacrificing His life for us to receive new life. And then us sacrificing our ways to His. This costly cycle of sacrifice can empower an unstoppable overflow into other people’s lives that delivers them from evil in a unique way.

Soon after receiving this revelation, I went to see one of Apostle Kathryn Krick’s Revival Now events. At this event, God’s anointing worked through her to deliver people from demonization.

It was a modern-day Luke 10:17 demonstration of Acts 8:7 (Luke 4:35-36).

And the enemy hated it because it displaced his grip. 

To be clear, the anointing comes from Holy Spirit through yielding to His holy ways and according to the measure He desires to offer. As we become increasingly selfless and receive more of what’s most precious into our souls, which is Glorious Jesus as our Treasure, He enables us to receive His anointing in order to serve in our divine callings and assignments. 

And anything He offers us from this exchange is gold. 

Precious & Costly

Holy Spirit highlighted Isaiah 43:4 TPT, which says, “Since you are cherished and precious in my eyes, and because I love you dearly and want to honor you, I willingly give up nations in exchange for you.”

The Word “precious” in this verse means “dear, costly, of great price” (TPT study note). The Word “honor” here means “glory” (TPT study note). So, knowing Jesus is our glorious Pearl of Great Price, you can see how cyclical this process is.

The anointing invites us to know Him as the God of gracious sacrifice, full of power and overflow of new life. In fact, the way to true abundance is to sacrificially abide in The One, who owns it all.

So, sacrifice is the price—both for Him, when He laid down His life for us, and for us as we die to every form of selfishness for Him to live through us in increasing measure (John 14:12).

Pride or Power

The enemy is so afraid of this yoke-breaking power that he works overtime to try to keep people in darkness by his lies and fears that oppose God’s truth, faith, and love. 

Knowing all of this, we can see how the enemy is jealous of us and that God is jealous for us.

Where the enemy tries to rob us of God’s fullness by his dis-grace through the pride of self-idolatry Father God ransomed His Son to save us (Isaiah 42:17, 44:9). We would be otherwise hopeless.

God empowers us to reap a true harvest beyond harassment and holy discernment beyond discouragement.

We do this by making wise decisions based on the wisdom of God and by sticking to a Godly strategy in our missions, like Jesus, no matter what the sacrifice. 

We can remember that, although suffering comes in the sacrifice, it’s only for a little while to serve a high, holy purpose (1 Peter 5:10-11 AMPC).


This brings me to another key factor in all this, which is authority—both natural and supernatural. Holy Spirit revealed to me, during quiet time, that He’s now releasing more authority to His tested and tried ones—the ones who proved faithful in their new nature by Him. 

This is not to say they were or are perfect but they have been perfected by Him to walk in greater authority with Him. In this new level, they will walk out what Holy Spirit revealed to them in advance (Isaiah 42:9).

And in His kindness, Holy Spirit has made them well-able. He has been growing them behind the scenes for a long time, causing them to yield to Him little-by-little over many years so they would not be shaken beyond what they can now handle with Him. 

God trained them to behold Him and His promises in greater measure and now they are ready to realize the fruit of what they’ve beheld.

Imperfect Vessels

If you think God doesn’t bless the imperfect to glorify Himself, you can read Isaiah 43 to see a different story (about Jacob and his descendants). Verse 7 TPT says, “Bring me everyone who is called by my name, the ones I created to experience my glory. I myself formed them to be who they are and made them for my glory.”

Therefore, "You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of men" (1 Corinthians 7:23).

It’s a new day for those who are willing and able to walk authoritatively in the powerful anointing of God. So, put God first, receive what is most precious and powerful and pour out alongside the gracious One of sacrifice. Because, in this season, gone is the unholiness that caused frustration and delayed victory.

In Jesus’ Mighty Name, 


Margaret D. Mitchell is the Founder of God's Love at Work, a marketplace outreach purposed to share God's greatest power source - the love of Christ.

Originally published Sunday, 24 March 2024.