Girlfriends in God - Feb. 9, 2007

  February 9, 2007
Secrets of the Heart
Angela L. Craig  

Today’s Truth
Psalm 44:21: “He knows the secrets of your heart.”

Friend to Friend
Throughout the Bible we are taught the truth that God knows the inner parts of our hearts better than anyone; even ourselves. He knows when we are honest and transparent and He knows when we hide behind a make-believe persona.

Think of your innermost parts as rooms in a house. What are you hiding in these rooms? Is there fear in the kitchen or shame in the bedroom? What about anger, revenge, self-doubt, fear, pride, abuse or addiction?

In this world, we are accepted by other people’s perceptions of us. We are accepted when we are pretty enough, thin enough, talented enough, and rich enough. Being judged by the world’s standards leaves us feeling inadequate and alone. Worldly judgment isolates us from authentic relationships with other people and the truth of God’s word.

But God has a different perception of you and of me. We are His masterpiece, designed for a purpose! We were made to be loved by God and to share in authentic and loving relationships with Him and other people.

God wants the places of your heart to be filled with Him! He is waiting for you to reach for His hand, allowing Him to lead you through each secret place, proclaiming His Name and His power as ruler over the things you are hiding. He wants you to know that He is guarding and protecting you on this journey as He commands the darkness to leave and the light to return. He wants you to feel the freedom of a bird let loose from its cage.

He is waiting…

Waiting for you.

Reach for His hand, my friend. You can do it!

Let’s Pray
Father, I need you. I proclaim in the Name of Jesus Christ that you are ruler of my heart. Lord, free me from those things I have tried to hide and open my eyes to areas where I still need to overcome. Give me wings of an eagle to fly and free me from isolation and feelings of inadequacies. For You are with me Lord; You will not forsake me or leave me. For this, I am so grateful.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Now it is Your Turn
1)     What are the rooms of your heart filled with? Take some time to explore the good and the bad.

2)     Find an old magazine you can cut up. Find one picture of where you feel you are right now and one picture of where you think God wants you to be. Journal your thoughts about these pictures.

3)     Write an affirming Bible verse on the second picture (where you think God wants you to be) and tape it to your bathroom mirror.  

For more on this topic, read Sharon Jaynes' book, Ultimate Makeover.



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Originally published Friday, 09 February 2007.