Girlfriends in God - Dec. 26, 2008

December 26, 2008 
Does Time Really Heal Everything? 
Angela L. Craig

We hope you are enjoying the Girlfriends in God daily devotions.  We (Mary, Sharon, and Gwen) would like to introduce you to some of our special friends.  From time-to-time, the Friday devotions will be written by one of our friends in ministry.  We call them our "Friday Friends."  So grab your Bible and a fresh cup of coffee and drink in the words from our "Friday Friend", Angela Craig. 

Today’s Truth
“Jesus said, “’The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of the sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor.’”  Luke 4:18 -19 (NIV)

Friend to Friend 
You have heard it said, “Time heals everything.” I have two questions for you. First, who said that? Second, does time really heal everything? It boggles my mind to think of all the times that I have believed something because “they said it,” not even knowing if “they” are a reliable source! I would like to believe that time does heal everything but I have come to realize the truth that time really does not heal everything. What about you, has time healed your wounds?

Think about the first boy who broke your heart or the husband that walked out on you. Did time heal that wound? What about the parent that disappointed you time after time or the boss who never saw your full potential? Did time heal your disappointment or make you believe that you had worth?

For me, time only puts a band-aid on the injury. All it takes is a memory of an offense or hurt to replace the band-aid with a dagger that goes straight through my heart.

What pain have you hoped time would heal? Is it fear, worry, anger or the inability to forgive? Are you trying to cover a broken heart of rejection or grief?

Have you been inspired or determined to change, only to find yourself living the same way, walking the same painful road, or feeling the same destructive emotions? If this describes how you feel, you are not alone! I have walked in those shoes and so has practically every other woman who is reading this devotional today.

I have discovered a significant truth in life. There is a huge difference between an “inspirational moment” and a “defining moment.” An inspirational moment is when we feel motivated to change. A defining moment is when we actually do change. The difference between the two is enormous.

With best intentions and a willing heart, many of us have had inspired moments that failed to develop into defining ones. Our best human effort left us feeling defeated and doubtful that our lives would ever change for the better. That is why we need Jesus!

The birth of Jesus was a defining moment that changed the course of history for this world, but more importantly, it was a defining moment for you. Jesus came to earth not only to give you eternal life, but to give you freedom (Galatians 5:1) and the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome the things that hold you back from having the life for which you were created. The same power that God used to raise Jesus from the dead is available to you to break down ANY stronghold or hurt in your life (2 Corinthians 10:4). All you have to do is ask God to help you.

During this Christmas season, I pray that every time you are reminded of the birth of Christ, you will be reminded of the message that Jesus came to earth for you! He came to unchain you, to set you free so you could fly, and to open your eyes to your incredible worth! Jesus has special Christmas gift for you this year, a defining moment wrapped and waiting for you.  Will you receive it?

Let’s Pray 
Dear Heavenly Father, I need a defining moment in my life. I don’t want to stay the same anymore. I accept the gift You have given me to overcome the strongholds and hurts in my life by the power of Your Holy Spirit. I specifically give __________________ to You with confidence and eager expectation that my life will change! I believe that Your plan for my life is the best one possible and I thank You for walking with me every day as I take the steps to heal!

In Jesus’ Name, 

Now It Is Your Turn 

  1. Looking back at Luke 4:18-19, ask God to reveal to you any areas where you need freedom from bondage, clearer vision or release from oppression. 
  2. Have you had any “inspirational moments” lately?  Through the power of the Holy Spirit, how could those moments be turned into “defining moments” in your life? 
  3. What steps will you take to make sure you slow down enough during this Christmas season to recognize the defining moment Christ has waiting for you? 

More from the Girls 
You may be surrounded by family and friends, are you may be alone today.  Either way, God is with you.  Take some time today to seek Him and to listen for His voice above all others.  Don’t allow the “things” of Christmas to divert your heart gaze from that tiny baby, lying in a manger, come to earth for you.  Gwen, Sharon and I pray that your defining moment with Jesus Christ will come today.  Blessings! 

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Originally published Friday, 26 December 2008.