Mother's Day - Encouragement Café - May 5

Mother's Day
By Dawn Mast

Greet Rufus, chosen in the Lord, and his mother, who has been a mother to me, too.  Romans 16:13 NIV

It happens every year. The second Sunday in May is Mother's Day and many of us will receive flowers, breakfast in bed (complete with sweet, sticky kisses!), and precious hand-drawn cards. But, for some, it can seem like any other day. If you are longing for children, you might walk through the day in pain and hopelessness watching other mamas being loved and lauded and it can increase the ache and anger. Or you might be so exhausted from being a mom that the day just seems like another blurry moment of littles and laundry. Still, you may have an empty heart from unmet love from your earthly mom and you just don't know how to reach out, be compassionate and be loving. Maybe your amazing earthly mom is gone on to Heaven (or more painful, you didn't know your mom) and you just feel lost, lonely, and need someone to lean into on this day.

Waiting on motherhood is very hard. Being a mama can be difficult and tiring. Working through issues with wayward children or our earthly mothers is sometimes painful and humbling. But the Lord sees all of this and knows our hearts. He can open barren wombs (1 Samuel 1:20; Luke 1:36), give strength to the weary (Isaiah 40:29), bring the prodigals home (Luke 15:11-32 NIV), heal relationships (John 4:9), and soften hearts (Luke 19:3-5). As women, we can't do all these things without Jesus. 

Mother's Day is just a day and it's gone, but there is One who will be there long after today. Jesus knows your needs from yesterday, today, and the future. The need for a mom is innate and strong, but the need for a Savior is even stronger.  That's why we hurt for someONE, long for love and hope for a Healer. A good mom can fulfill those roles, but she will get tired, maybe grumpy and someday, leave this earth. Only Jesus can care for us as we need Him to and not leave or forsake us. 

If Mother's Day brings you more hurt than happy, ask Jesus to show you how to use your mama skills today. How can you bless, inspire and encourage someone who needs care and compassion? You have gifts to share that moms often do (caring for the needy, baking something yummy, spending time with someone who is ill, holding a crying baby, or helping those who are unable to help themselves.) Your gift will bless someone today! Happy Mother's Day! 

Father God, You are the best One to comfort and care for us in our times of need. But we thank You for mothers and how they can be an extended arm of Your grace, love and mercy. Please help me to be a mama who loves like You do so my children and those around me see Christ in me. For those who are hurting today, for whatever the reason, please love them beyond what an earthly mother can give so they will feel wholly loved and completely Yours. In Jesus’ Name, Amen! 

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Originally published Friday, 05 May 2023.