One Load Wonder - Encouragement Café - April 3, 2018

One Load Wonder
By Luann Prater

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28 NIV

I can do it! 

Women were just here, in my home, sharing life.  We all agreed that life is often hard, but Jesus is enough.  He is our portion.  We have Him and one another. 

Let’s gather ‘round and sing Kumbaya. Now before you toss your lunch or a shoe at this devotion, hear the rest of the story.

I saw the variety of tea boxes, maybe a dozen, on my counter. In my normal mode of operation, I stacked them high in my arms because clearly I wasn’t going to make TWO trips to the pantry that was 8 steps away.  This could and should be done in one mighty sweep of my arm. 

The cellophane wrapped boxes slid merrily from my grip and onto the floor.  Instead of two easy trips I was now on hands and knees picking up the mass of tea bags.

Lesson learned?  Not by a long shot.  Six girls stayed at my house so there were sheets to strip, towels to gather, laundry to wash, and beds to make.  I tripped up and down the stairs, more times than I care to admit, trying to carry impossible arm loads. Why? 

Why, is exactly what God was whispering with every bruised shin. Why do you take on more than necessary? Why do you not see the excitement in just the next step?  How many times must you fall before you learn, Luann?

Because I HAVE carried large loads, I believe I MUST. 

Can you relate?  Have you lost the circulation in your fingers trying to carry in EVERY bag from the store?  You too may suffer from the One Load Wonder Disease.

In my quest to be strong, I show just how weak I am.

It’s not just around the house, but throughout my life, I’ve tried to carry the load.  I’ve even told God, I’ve got this!  I can do it!  I made this mess, I can clean it up! 

No God, I don’t need anyone to help and I certainly don’t want to bother You!  You have the whole world to deal with, I’ve got this little detail covered.  I’ll let You know if it gets to be too much, but trust me, I’m good.

As I sat on the floor picking up and throwing away tea bags, God whispered, ‘This is you. You race. Piling it on. Refusing assistance. Will you let me help now? I specialize in steps.  One at a time. Side by side. And by the way, I’m trustworthy.’Ouch!

Hey fellow One Load Wanderer, let’s give God our burden, rest, then take the next step with Him.

Dear Lord, Thank You for not only taking my load but teaching me how to live in THIS step of obedience. May every heart who reads this allow You to be their burden bearer and trust You for the next step in their life.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

© 2018 by Luann Prater.  All rights reserved.

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Originally published Tuesday, 03 April 2018.