Who Wrote It And Under What Circumstances? - Daughters of Promise - January 9, 2019

“I am writing these things to you so that . . .”  I John

If I went and grabbed an old journal and decided to share a page with you, after reading it, you would probably ask this question. “When did you write this?  And what was happening in your life at the time?”  You’d ask because context is everything.

While the whole bible is inspired and infallible, God used the pens of men to compose it. They are from different places, different times, and possess different personalities and stories. To fully appreciate and connect with what they are writing, it helps to know each one better.

Meditation skill #2:  Investigate the author and know his story.

I am to wonder who authored my meditation. Was he a type-A personality or a contemplative?  Was he in a good period of his life or under great duress?  Was he young or old?  Knowing the answers (if they are available) means that I can feel comforted when I am experiencing the same circumstances as the author. His words will mean more because of shared experiences ~ even though we are many centuries apart. I won’t consider the Bible just a history book. The authors can be embraced as spiritual family members. Their lives and stories are my personal history.

Oftentimes, hints are given in the very passage I’m reading. John, in his epistles, tells his readers why he is writing. I get an instant picture of motive, of passion, and why he felt the words were imperative. Application is much simpler when intent is revealed and love is the driving force.

Truth is always meant to be a heart thing. Meditation feeds the mind but fortifies the heart. Over time, I feel a bond with the one who wrote the words. When reading the Psalms, for example, I often ask God to tell David how grateful I am for his songs and laments.

Scripture is not abstract poetry and historical storytelling. Personalize it with the breath of Your Spirit. Amen  

Originally published Wednesday, 09 January 2019.