Ways to Generate Spiritual Fuel - Daughters of Promise - June 24


I will remember the deeds of the LORD; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds. Psalm 77:12-12

An interesting thing happens when we become adults.  We are driven to give people what we needed but never got; what would have altered the course of our lives for the good had we experienced it.  We know in great detail what it was like to live void of it, whether it’s love, protection, innocence, a stable home, or the opportunity to reach our potential without obstructions. If you are in ministry as I am, we each have the privilege of teaching others about what we suffered and how we are healing.  While on the journey, we experience unexpected encounters where God meets us at Bethel--as He did Jacob.  We mark the spot, call it holy, and know the benefits of revisiting these hallowed places.    

God, Himself, gave His children specific instructions for how to keep faith alive. He knows how small and feeble we can be, how fragile our faith is when we’re tempted to fear, and how frail our faith can be when set against the backdrop of a trial. He named this prescription and repeated it many times throughout the Old Testament: Remember and Review.

God didn’t just encourage the Israelites to remember the stories of His faithfulness, He commanded it. He didn’t require such a thing for His good, but for their good.  Faith is contagious and by keeping stories alive, He knew they’d find new strength. They became the storytellers of the ages, the ones who built monuments and altars as markers. Their culture centered around commemoration feasts. All these things had this in common; they provided spiritual fuel that spanned generations.    

Remembering and reviewing is critical for me for the same reasons. It gives me three things; strength, supernatural energy, and courage.  If my faith is weak and fear has overtaken me, I know it’s time to get out my journals. The greater my need, the more comprehensively I review my Bethels.  After I re-visit my holy moments, I move on to review my spiritual ancestor’ stories, the ones whose lives were fueled by the Spirit. God is the same today as He was yesterday.  Who He was to them, He is to me.  What He did for them, He often does for me. God personalizes their stories in just the way I need to hear them.

Tomorrow, I’d love to highlight a few of my favorite biblical characters; the ones who burned brightly because the fire of the Spirit was behind them.  

If we had no scriptures, we’d not be able to trace Your fingerprints. Take us back, stir our memories, and make it manna all over again.

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Originally published Monday, 24 June 2019.