Three Favorite Stories - Daughters of Promise - July 10


Be careful that you do not forget the LORD, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery. In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind. Deuteronomy 6:12-13

Think of your three favorite Old Testament Bible stories.  Has anyone ever asked you what they were? Maybe you know your very favorite but what about your second or third choice? It might take some reminiscing. That will be enjoyable, I suspect. When you come up with three, this is what I want you to do. (Make notes about each one…answering these questions. And yes, if we were together ~ this is what I would ask you and also happily share my own choices with you!)

What about each story thrills you in such a way that it made it one of your three choices?
What did the story reveal about God that, when you heard it, left you astonished? What do your choice of these stories reveal about you and your story? There’s something about your own history that made these stories stand out. Can you figure it out?  If God were to act today in your life as He did in the stories you chose, what is it you’d like to ask Him to do?

Finish each of these sentences out loud to God. ~ “God, I can’t believe that you ___________.” “You could so easily have ________________.” “I always feared that You might be a God who _________________ but this story proves me wrong.” “What I love about you the most in this story is ________________.” “What I enjoy most as I remember this story today is _________________.”

  • Here are two of my favorite stories. You knew I had to tell you, didn’t you? Elisha laid over the deceased and only son of the Shunamite woman. He once prophesied that she would have the son she had been praying for and now, at 12, her son was dead. Elisha prayed in an unpredictable and shocking way and God brought about a resurrection.
  • Hannah gave up her toddler forever to the priest, Eli, in the temple. Samuel was also the son she had been waiting for. Through much travail, God answered her prayers. She gave her son back to God as soon as he was weaned. How she sacrificed but oh, how she also praised and worshiped.

In each story, God’s children showed great faith unlike any contemporary. They each challenge me to not just play it safe but to live with abandon on an edge that can be lonely.

Let the stories of Your power and glory live in us. Amen

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Originally published Wednesday, 10 July 2019.