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Published: Sep 21, 2023

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And he said to them, “Therefore every scribe who has been trained for the kingdom of heaven is like a master of a house, who brings out of his treasure what is new and what is old.”   Matt. 13:52

A scribe was more than just someone who took dictation.   He held a prestigious position within the Jewish community.  An expert in the knowledge of scripture, he wrote it down and delivered it to the people.   Jesus’ message here was this ~ A scribe/teacher has the authority and mandate to bring what is old, and what is new, out of his storehouse of knowledge and bring it to the people.

The role of the teacher is a critical one.   In high school, my toughest subject was science.  I thought I was just bad at understanding the concepts but when I look back, the teacher who taught it was checked out.  He didn’t convey that he cared about his subject.  He imparted information and I struggled to concentrate.  As an adult, I’ve discovered that I like exploring the science of things.  Naturally, I’m a curious person and love to learn.

Every teacher is a storyteller who brings life to what is important.  Jesus did that by telling parables.  He took old truths [about what the kingdom of God is like] and gave them new life by re-framing them in parable-like stories.  He gave His people history and context as well as the New Covenant.   There was never a more passionate teacher when He gave His life to defend it.

Where are the teachers who care to bring the whole counsel of scripture?  Where are the teachers who tremble with the Word of God in their hands and feel like a horse at the starting gate on Sunday morning?  I have been crying out to God this morning, “Lord, if they don’t care, the people won’t care!  We won’t know our history, our legacy, and won’t embrace our spiritual treasures.”

It is the sign of the times to see churches fall away.   It is the sign of the times to see men of God lose the fire of their calling.  It is the sign of the times to see the people languish for lack of knowledge.   It is the sign of the times to see the Bible judged as irrelevant and boring.  If the teacher doesn’t care, the student loses his way.

What do I do if I lack a Bible teacher?  I engage the One who is resident inside of me.  I make spending time with my inner Rabbi my first priority.  Taking responsibility to feed myself and not rely on my local pastor is the ‘norm’ of far too many people.  Yet, it is the only mode for their survival.  Though our teachers fall away, this reality need not dictate my fate.

Inside my spirit today resides the best teacher who ever lived.  He knows the whole story, is passionate about it, and loves to be engaged to pass on what He knows.  He unveils the mystery with insight, enthusiasm, and a well-chosen language formed just for my ears.

I will not starve with You inside.  Thank you for teaching me and keeping my faith alive.   In Jesus' name, Amen

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Originally published Thursday, 21 September 2023.