Marital Dissonance - Daughters of Promise - August 13


Has not the LORD made them one? And why one? Because He was seeking godly offspring. Malachi 2:15

To try to alter what God has put in place is always disastrous. If we had the power to change certain elements of creation, would we dare? Would we tamper with a tree and change its growing cycle? Would we try to make it shed leaves in the spring instead of fall? To do so would unravel the rhythms of the earth.

Malachi comments on God’s institution of marriage. He made a husband and wife one because their offspring would prosper by having one set of parents. No wonder so many children flounder. One cause for it is the reckless way we have altered God’s order by ripping apart what He blessed.

When God joins a man and a woman in matrimony, the union is set in stone – just as the creation of a tree. It can’t be undone without tearing, destroying, and rendering mortal harm. I think about the phrases I’ve heard from men and women who are living through the pain of separation and divorce. “Our home is being torn apart.” “The children don’t know who to trust.” “My security has been shaken to the core.”

There is an ache in my heart as I write this morning. Because of the many notes I’ve received the past few weeks, I have peeked into your lives. Many of you are on the other side of divorce. Others of you are in union with ungodly Christian mates. Marriage feels more like a trap than a blessing. This is not what God had in mind. In Eden, God joined together two people; each of whom loved Him and walked with Him in perfect fellowship. This is what made the union perfect! If I love God more than I love myself and my life is an expression of His Spirit (and the same is true of my husband), then our marriage will bring us both joy.  We feel God’s heart beating, declaring what He has spoken since His initial days of creation.  ‘It is good.’

How do we pray for an ailing marriage? That each of us would live with a childlike spirit in the presence of God so that we could be healed.

Dissonance with You brings disharmony in my marriage.  Draw my husband and me to Your embrace. Amen

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Originally published Tuesday, 13 August 2019.