I Can’t Find Enough Comfort In This World To Feel Better - Daughters of Promise - February 19, 2019

Published: Feb 19, 2019

Orphan Profile #10

Comfort. An embrace when I’m crying. A listening ear when I have to talk something out. A soothing gentle ballad when my anxious heart needs to calm. A soft blanket and a cup of tea when I’ve had a hard day. All of these do something wonderful for my heart but each one is earthbound. Though they are tangible, they are limited. They do not offer anything eternal.

God is Intangible. I am spirit and I must relate to Him in spirit and in truth. This takes more effort, discipline, and practice. Is it any surprise that I am prone to replace the “Comforter” with substitutes?  The latter only satisfy for a brief period before I need more from them. The ‘more’ is Abba Father. Friends return to their lives. Hugs last but for a moment.  Tea cups empty. Blankets are not people. Songs end and the noise of life returns. Only the Word of God abides forever in my heart. The Word is power, grace, strength, and comfort.

I must make hearing God’s voice my number one passion. I must make meditation a daily priority. If I neglect both, I will have no reservoir upon which to draw when the storms come.. That’s when I will run to whatever, and whomever, promises a dose of temporary relief.

The world is a brutal place to live. Comfort can be challenging to find. A child of God who knows how to bring God’s peace into a room will have a line out the door for those who wish to sit in their company. I must remember this ~ the best of God’s comforters only give what is temporary. It pales in comparison to what God does to put iron in my spirit.

Jesus knew our problem of reaching out for help but coming up empty. That’s why He said, “I’m sending you a Comforter.” The Holy Spirit brings what everything earthbound can not; permanent companionship, words of hope that are strategically spoken over my deepest pain, and a tangible infusion of enduring grace.

I count on You to do what You have promised. “Draw near to You and You will draw near to me.” James 4:8 You are the Eternal listener, companion, and speaker of the promises. Who is there but You? Amen

Originally published Tuesday, 19 February 2019.