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Does This Apply to Me? - Daughters of Promise - April 16, 2019


“And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14

This verse is widely quoted but tends to be applied to anyone who suddenly finds himself in a great place of leadership, as did Esther. I believe this certainly applies to Esther and others like her, but I would be careless if I failed to understand that this principle is for every child of God, whether they are in leadership or not.

My husband is a contract manager for a company that oversees the care of government facilities. He is in leadership over many people and bears his post with great skill and dignity. He is not blind to the fact that his influence commenced long before he was ever promoted to his current position.

Many years ago, he was a ‘tool sorter’, serving his present company at an entry-level position. He worked by himself in a massive dark warehouse along the riverfront of Cincinnati. The facility was unheated and month after month he made order of an acre full of nuts and bolts, wrenches and hammers, heating and air conditioning parts. During the winter, the building was damp and cold. During the summer, hot and oppressive. The truth was, he was brought to that position ‘for such a time as this.’ It was a test, not only for him but also for those in leadership who came to distinguish his sterling qualities. He was like a Joseph who was faithful in the small things, who ‘became acquainted with matters of state’ from the ground up, so that when it was God’s time for advancement, he would be fully prepared. Today he is a vice-president in that company.

Many work in a position they call a wasteland. Others struggle in a marriage that seems to go nowhere. Still others labor in a church that appears more dead than alive. It is critical for us to realize that there is no such thing as wasted time. If we are in contact with just one other person who watches us live our life, we must rise to the occasion and mark our days with faithfulness, gratitude, and humility. Living righteously in captivity yields the most powerful witness of all.

In many ways, I can be tempted to feel trapped. Help me discern opportunity instead of resigned defeat. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Originally published Tuesday, 16 April 2019.